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Key elements of education essay

1 . Learning to Find out “Learning to Know” is one of the four pillars of education. Pillar of education in fact means “the one that facilitates education”. The first one that helps education can be “learning to know”, the bit natural to answer the question “Why do we need to learn? “, so the many possible answer would be “to be able for people to know things”. While this is true, before understanding from what we should learn, we must develop first the skills which have been needed to figure out these things.

Therefore the first entender focuses on the well-known aspect of education which is the developing of intellectual expertise in particular.

Having these skills include the attentiveness, memory and the ability of the person to consider. Children really should have these skills as it will be their particular starting point or their basis to learn more complicated issues that our world is facing today. Learning is a ongoing process, therefore the more we learn issues, the more we will understand the world around us.

2 . Finding out how to Do The second pillar of education may be the “learning to do”. This means that we are learning to know (to develop intellectual skills), but we could also understanding how to do things out from the skills that we have developed.

Do not isolate these skills on yourself but all of us try to be more effective and productive by making use of the aprend� skills to produce personal skills, qualities, ordonnance and attitudes. Knowledge and skills will probably be put into spend if we do not utilize or apply it into real-life situations. The second pillar focuses on the effectiveness and productiveness of your person simply by developing and applying the skills/knowledge not just in manage a person’s life but also to achieve the ability to become cooperative for the other associates of the culture and also, intended for the society itself.

This kind of pillar of education educates us to adapt to the society’s requirements. So the more skills we have developed, the more opportunities are accessible/ readily available for us to utilize these skills if in work or perhaps in life. a few. Learning to Always be This quitar supports education in producing the total progress an individual. Whenever we say total development, will not only include the intellectual factor but likewise its physical, emotional, interpersonal, moral and spiritual which in turn an individual is made up of.

It targets the individual himself and his character; what are his attitudes, how exactly does he respond, his beliefs, his passions and so on. Therefore we do not just learn to find out or develop skills nor utilize these types of skill/knowledge yet we as well learn to be considered a better person not just intended for our family but for the culture as well. Children should be trained the qualities and ideals that we desire them to develop like being responsible, genuine, respectful and other traits which might be considered very good to develop all their personality because knowing your self first is vital to know others. 4.

Learning to Live Together “Learning to have together may be the last expoliar of education and is considered as the most essential one. Not necessarily only about expertise, the application of expertise or regarding the character but it may be the help of these kinds of three support beams that we could live well. This pillar does not simply refer to simple interaction and communication created by the users of the world because whether or not we have this communication, you may still find inevitable conflicts that could take place. Knowledge here refers to include information about every other’s history and culture.

We need to know and respect their very own beliefs, practices and values which in turn they are going to respect mine. In this way, it might create a good bond to comprehend each other’s differences. “Learning to Live Together refers approach prevent issues in the society. We are likewise taught to live together with people who have different personality, different morals, and customs and culture because we are not the only person nowadays; we have to get involved and cooperate to have peacefulness and a just society.


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