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Konios the blockchain reformation

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Konios can be described as utility token vested using a unique assignment— to usually the difficulties the cryptocurrency market is challenged with that can make it inaccessible to any or all and manifold. In carrying out this mission, in a put money to connect great number of tokens and coins collectively on one system so that copy is decentralized, quick, and secure, the necessity to operate a blockchain that embraces the initial challenge Konios intends to solve becomes indispensable, as blockchain solutions available presently may hardly be all you need.

Is actually worthy to note that each blockchain is birthed as a solution to a particular concern.

Konios is armed with a quest to reach the unreached therefore giving everyone with cash-in-hand secure and seamless access to the crypto market, when enforcing its one of a kind goals of providing rigid security steps, decentralized acceptance, legal requirements, and user-friendly operations that are specific to Konios.

The initial Challenge

Though cryptocurrency appear to be resonating significant vibes with millions of enthusiasts subscribed to just one form of crypto or another internationally, truth is, its effect in our day-to-day purchase is still incredibly insignificant.

This can quickly be linked to when you realize that most regional grocery store wouldn’t accept the Ethereum coin since payment for a tin of milk or any type of other household item, nor will the regional coffee shop settle for your Bitcoin as a money of exchange. The inaccessibility of the cryptocurrency is one particular major purpose its effects is still minimal in our globe today.

Most of the effective population whom are keen on like a part of the cryptocurrency community you do not have a system to operate in without the disturbance of a bank—this aborts the dream of many crave intended for the anonymity and openness, trading with cryptocurrency offers.

However , for the reason that cryptocurrency market has extremely huge potential—seeing how much impact it has produced already within our world today so much so which it has received the attention of the state authorities- which is a big progression to global popularity. As a result, strict policies emerge daily by authorities as a means of keeping the crypto community in-check.

Projecting that cryptocurrency will probably be the rave of the millennial, it becomes expedient to carry along the multitudes that probably are ill-informed of the cryptocurrency trend, shortage the platform to trade, and people who have difficulty in understanding the control.

The Konios System

The Konios platform gets the following functionalities that make it available and soft to everybody – beginner and advantages alike.

  • F2F – The industry face-to-face
  • Exchange – Can make the change of cryptocurrencies pairs feasible (crypto-to-crypto)
  • Market Place – Here you can actually make purchases or perhaps sell business goods/ providers and either pay with cash or perhaps crypto.
  • The Konios Forex trading platform

    That features very simple process with an analysis tool designed which gives the desired parameters on chart. This way newbies can easily predictions and visualize processes. Info relating to crypto currencies is additionally made available.

    The Konios Data

  • Statistics – Provision of anonymous info from the crypto domain is usually presented within the Konios blockchain for scientific analysis.
  • Behavior – Confidential data from F2F, Exchange, Marketplace, and Trading are made available
  • Geo – Provision of anonymous site to identify geographical concentrations and new make marketplaces.
  • Konios Blockchain Clever Contracts

    With the Konios blockchain, the various amount of users neglected from partaking in cryptocurrency due to the outrageous transaction charges exerted upon even a small amount are embraced—such that they can transact speedily including very minimal fees.

    Konios blockchain acts the purpose of decentralized validation of transaction in the platform and process controlling.

    Processing of transaction, whether F2F, Exchange, Marketplace or trading, are accomplished anonymously via the in-house Smart Contracts and executed employing unchangeable and decentralized conditions.


    Konios is loaded with claims that must deliver—by embracing the vast number of people who hardly determine what blockchain is approximately, is a task that when accomplished will launch Konios into the little league of champs. After all, basically that what having most people on your own team conform you?

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