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Ladies in the 1940 s vs females in the millianial

You might look at my title and say to yourself, women are identical yesterday, today, and tomorrow; strong, beautiful, feminine, and self-confident. You now are probably cheerful saying gowns me. Very well not so quickly. Although ladies in the 1940’s (Greatest Era also known as The Lucky Few) and women today (Generation Con also known as Millennial) have some commonalities, they also have their very own differences. This essay will be providing you with comparison about girls roles and expectations, job, money and recession inside the 1940’s and today and then you will observe what it means.

This era (1940’s) was a time of many tumultuous changes for area in general, such as World War 1 as well as the Great depression. Each of these factors drastically influenced could roles in both the along with the work pressure.

Expectations of ladies were higher and more settled in the 1940’s. Young girls then were expected to marry at a age, usually around 18 years of age.

Although you may feel that that was too youthful of a time to marry, i believe it retained women from running around with many kids and no father. By least they were a family. Females were supposed to work hard in factories and domestic providers. However , many women were having duties at home doing duties, babysitting, educating their children and run your house while the husband was not right now there. Society thought that doing these items would be a “successful women (Sophia Cassey, ) which they were somewhat right. If you look at these women, they became very successful industrious women, making money and still taking care of home and nothing has changed.

Women roles and expectations today are just regarding similar. Women’s roles today are still to clean, cook, operate, and take care of themselves. The only thing is they have help. The men in order to do the same thing and help away around the house. Women today knuckle down and are in school. The only difference between ladies today then is that we could vote, nevertheless we barely go get it done. In my opinion, we all work nevertheless we aren’t hard workers like those in the 1940’s. We sit down and have children but avoid want to work to manage family or perhaps ourselves. We sit and wait on a check instead of getting out here and employed by it. We now have a chance to fight in the battles and go help out yet we don’t. Instead we act like we could to very to obtain out and get filthy. Instead of get out and make something out of ourselves, all of us sit at house and look by television and worry about keeping our figure up and hair done instead of hanging out with along with doing tasks. We also don’t have to go to war to help the men although we can choose to.

Women in the 1940’s plus the women today work and many loved to work. Females in the 1940’s weren’t capable of work to begin with but then had the chance to. Only when an incredible number of men joined up with the military, women took on an lively role in World War II and got on a large number of paid careers that recently had been held by men ” just like bank teller, shoe sales rep or aeroplanes mechanic. Woman started working in factories ” this was known as the “Rosie the Riveter phenomenon. (Tomas) As a way to lure young ladies into the production facilities, advertisers showed women workers as exciting and even popular. They stated that women did not care very much about their overall look while at function, but that they were even now feminine beneath the dirt. (Gregory 32) Girls today work well at least some.

A lot of women have halted working as much or period so that they could stay home take care of kids and do chores. But many are just sluggish. They have got lazy with time. Although, the simple fact that women today don’t work as much and hard because women inside the 1940’s to enable them to be that house better half, is great. But many take advantage and lose themselves. Many women today are going after their occupations unlike girls did in the 1940’s. Girls today buy paid more than those in the 1940’s. We may get paid more but they got way more hours than we can easily get today. Women will still and do some help the most element of them. Given that you see the differences listed below are our similarities. When it comes down to the way we handle cash and our recession our company is very similar. Inside the 1940’s women believed in lowering costs.

Saving money and being “thrifty were considered virtues (ppt. Intro to the Six Generations). Money was spent on success at this time instead of luxury. Ladies (also men) spent their cash wisely taking care of the house, expenses, and issues of that nature. It wasn’t spent on autos, big houses and issues of that mother nature. Not stating they failed to buy clothing and shoes and issues they just weren’t worried about the brand as well as spending a lot of money on it. Women today they are really known as the “cheapest generation. Several don’t need to end up just like their parents and in financial debt they rather save their money and use it wisely, just because from the recession. Females today are not concerned about going out and purchasing fancy cars and homes even though the advertisements they show have you thinking it’s a best part to invest all of us aren’t foolish and we don’t want it.

Women in the 1940’s and women today are going through and have been by using a recession. Times are hard and always have been for women in the 1940’s being unable to function to start off and after that when they would they got low pay. We get larger pay today but not a large number of hours. We can barely find employment in our job along. We have no work, not much funds, and in order to choose from this day of time (as far while jobs in our career). Many of us are battling and have suffered trying to help to make a way to get ourselves and family. We all women are the stronghold in every area of your life, beautiful, clever, and good. And though women get their differences in their particular beliefs and expectations they likewise have their commonalities in economic depression and cash. Women will be yet not the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


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