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Laptop information systems brief essay

The at present technology position of Kudler Fine Foods can be lacking tremendously. The current limited abilities result in a set-back to the potential the Kudler Organization is capable of reaching. Minimal shoppers happen to be reachable, record preparation can be time-consuming, and inventory control is not at its best. After identifying some of the downfalls of the current information program maintained by company, recommendations will be presented that will help enhance productivity along with customer satisfaction. Current System

Kudler Fine Foods appears currently to become partially manual company.

A large number of tasks which have been performed like a manual deal or admittance could be dealt with through program automation with the obligation computer hardware and software. Various possible collection backs exist because of the deficiency of an automated program. Manual record keeping may be costly because of the time it takes to manually document and reproduce business data. The requirement to constantly recreate data information for different reporting purposes does take time and manpower. Another down-fall of the current manual program in place is definitely the risk of human being error.

Common errors contain calculation errors and the transposing of statistics. Upgrade Choices A few choices exist pertaining to converting via a manual to a pc based. The reduced end of computer automation would be the usage of a general goal software application bundle. One example can be Microsoft Business office which is like the current bundle in place. This kind of package involves word digesting, spreadsheet, database software presentation graphics, and personal information management. The high end will be application specific programming.

These kinds of programs are designed for the specific reasons such as business accounting, transaction processing, client relationship management and useful resource planning (O’Brien and Marakas, 2008). Even now even more specific would be custom software, ready for the actual needs and desires of Kudler Food. Benefits of System Conversion At present all major business transactions outside of customer revenue and schooling classes are handled by one person. The fact that the one individual is definitely responsible currently for three places, with more to come shortly, is an even greater reason to look toward full system automation.

Using the right computer software will allow those activities of all three current spots as well as any kind of future spots to filtration system into one main database. Information gathered into the one database can then be intended for analysis, comparability, and confirming purposes without the need to physically go the various spots. There are also monetary and accounting benefits of continuing to move forward with system automation. Accounting packages obtainable offer computerized reporting of receivables, payable, expenses, and revenue. There is certainly even a useful gizmo of examine printing, documenting, and getting back together.

Through laptop interfacing with the financial institutions that Kudler keeps its financial accounts making up information may be transmitted electronically via safeguarded internet connections. The utilization of account and product rules would be an asset to the inventory capabilities of your automated program. Sales and also other transactions of each and every individual retail outlet location would have a unique designation code. 2 is supplied by each location would have merchandise codes. Each determined area of the locations may have and identifying department code, for example meat, produce, bakery, etc .

Info collection making use of the various options of coding permit the system to collectively record any essential information, or perhaps individually statement according to location, section, item, and so on as described by Kudler Fine Foods. An extra benefit of computer hardware and applications are mass communication capabilities both internally and externally. The application of groupware permits communicating to one or several individuals without the use of newspaper, pens, postage or other office items. Memorandums, spreadsheets, and other documents can be allocated through email, thus trimming office supply costs and information delivery time.

An example of groupware is Ms Outlook. By making use of the internet information is electronically transmitted to various specified places and users. Using the internet for some business ventures would allow to get product orders and promoting. Internet marketing and advertising permits Kudler to achieve a far greater human population than local advertising just like school advertisements. In addition to above mentioned offers, internet use for business could open the door for e-commerce. E-commerce provides potential customers outside the normal driving radius access to products of Kudler Gourmet.

Customers would have the ability to shop via the web, select items of choice, pay for the goods prior to Kudler shipping the item to a buyer specified area. Possible Risks of Change The use of the internet is a great instrument. Some benefits were mentioned before, but there are also some hazards. Threats just like viruses, spyware, sniffing, viruses and several even more exist whenever the internet is used. Each of the risks mentioned is usually an strike on the protection of the firm. There are various defense that can be used to safeguard against these types of threats.

Jointly with limiting employee access to the internet, different defenses incorporate firewalls, intrusion detection devices, value-added sites and proxy server servers (Bagranoff, 2008). These types of defense mechanisms help to fight off undesirable attacks and unauthorized use of company data. Security Protection Security dangers can be internal as well as exterior. This getting noted, there are also database management system software. This technology works extremely well for development, access, and maintenance of the database of Kudler (O’Brien and Marakas, 2008).

More specifically this type of application can identify what staff have access to certain locations within the computer system. It can determine if the access approved is read only or perhaps if the particular end-user features update functions. Conclusion In conclusion there are various available options to Kudler Fine Foods to get the advancement of its business and accounting methods. Evolving to a more scientific computer programming program opens the door to more proficient record keeping, more cost effective marketing and sales communications and financial reporting, and business enlargement.

Potential secureness threats exist, as with all kinds of systems, many people manual, semi-automated or entirely high tech motorisation. There are equipment available that make securing data just as strong a pressure as the posed risks. Kudler’s decision to move frontward with total automation might increase time management, info accuracy, customer population, and customer service.


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