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Leadership and steve careers essay

2010 Management Analysis Steve Jobs as opposed to Anita Roddick Mentor: Daniel Burns RMIT International School Vietnam Bachelor of Business Program JOB COVER WEBPAGE Your examination will not be recognized unless almost all fields here are completed Subject Code: | BUSM 3286| Subject Identity: | Leadership| Location where you study: | Hanoi Campus| Title of Assignment: | Leadership Analysis| File(s) Submitted | Dorrie Jobs and Anita Roddick_Leadership Analysis| Pupil name: | Nguyen Hong NhungNguyen Thuy HaTran Ngoc LinhVuong Thuy LinhLa Thi Huyen Nga| Student Email: | [emailprotected] edu. [emailprotected] du. [emailprotected] edu. [emailprotected] edu. [emailprotected] edu. vn| Learning Facilitator in charge: | Daniel Burns| Assignment due date: | next January, 2010| Date of Submission: | 4th January, 2010| Volume of pages including this one: | 26| Term Count: | 4, 341 words (Excluding Executive Summary, Contents, and References)| Business Summary Dorrie Jobs (CEO of Apple ” the world’s leading information technology company) and Anita Roddick (founder of the Body Shop) are extremely famous around the world as two revolutionary innovators, one of IT industry and one in the cosmetic market.

The differences in industries that they work in and their gender result in their interesting differences in management behavior and style, charismatic command and leadership powers. In term of leadership habit and style, Anita Roddick executes obviously a relationship-oriented. In comparison, Steve Jobs has equally relationship and task-oriented attitude. However , with Jobs, task-oriented attitude is usually stronger than relationship oriented. Both Charlie Jobs and Anita Roddick have related charismatic leadership’s characteristics to be great perspective, unconventional approach and capacity to create the trust.

However , they are opposite in term of Psychological expressiveness and private warmth and masterful conversation skills. Additionally , Anita A-rod is considered since transformational innovator only yet Steve Careers is both transactional and transformational innovator. Referring to leadership powers, they have some related powers that are legitimate electric power and personal power that are gain from location, knowledge and admiration. Nevertheless , because of big difference in management style, Jobs uses incentive power to lead followers. As opposed, uses strengthening practices to.

Through the command analysis, three valuable learning outcomes happen to be gained in order to improve leadership’s aspects. Firstly, most people admire participative market leaders more than autocratic leaders. Second, each type of power offers both benefits and drawbacks sides it is therefore not really essential to use all of them. Thirdly, the important thing is that leaders should select type of power that works with current situation. Articles 1 . Introduction5 1 . 1Reasons5 1 . 2Theories5 1 . 3Biography6 1 . three or more. 1Steve Jobs6 1 . several. 2Anita Roddick6 2 . Findings7 2 . 1Leadership behavior and styles7 2 . 1 . 1Steve Jobs7 2 .. 2Anita Roddick9 2 . 2Charismatic and Life changing Leadership10 2 . 2 . 1Steve Jobs10 installment payments on your 2 . 2Anita Roddick11 installment payments on your 3Power, Governmental policies and Effect Tactics of Leadership12 installment payments on your 3. 1Steve Jobs12 installment payments on your 3. 2Anita Roddick14 3. Discussion and Analysis14 three or more. 1Leadership behavior and styles14 3. 1 . 1Similarities14 a few. 1 . 2Differences15 3. 1 . 3Conclusion16 3. 2Charismatic and Transformational Leadership17 3. installment payments on your 1Similarities17 several. 2 . 2Differences18 3. 3Power, Politics and Influence Methods of Leadership19 3. a few. 1Similarities19 a few. 3. 2Differences20 3. three or more. 3Conclusion21 some. Key Learning Outcome21 a few. Reference24 1 . Introduction. 1 Reasons This kind of report examines the command styles of Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple ” the world’s leading information technology company) and Anita Roddick (founder of Body Shop). There are many reasons that we have chosen Steve Jobs to examine. They are regarded as two revolutionary innovators, one out of the THAT industry and one in the cosmetic market. They have equally brought successes to their businesses due to their successful leadership. As members in the third era, we really appreciate him for his well-known products just like Ipod, I phone and Macbook that creating a big affect on the youngsters.

Therefore we wish to learn how he offers achieved success. Anita Roddick is not famous in Vietnam, nevertheless , after searching for information about her we have seen that she also has a great impact on not merely Western countries but several South East Asian countries. What differs from her of Steve Jobs is that she’s a woman and she is able to bring forwards a movement of guarding the environment, activate self esteem, end up being against animal testing and defend individual rights that are really impressive. This is something which really inspires us.

Though these two persons are working in totally different sectors, their impact could be found all over the world. 2 . 2 Hypotheses In order to appreciate more regarding the two leaders’ leadership models, three ideas are used. This can include firstly the leadership behaviours, attitudes and styles from Dubrin et ‘s (2003). This theory is utilized because it is the foundation for a head. This theory will give a review of the different leaders. The 2nd theory is charismatic and transformational head. According to Dubrin et al (2003) it is a valuable concept in understanding and exercising leadership.

It is also really important to take into consideration that not all frontrunners are charming leaders. The very last theory may be the power, politics and leadership. This approach is always to know the character of leaders’ power as well as the different ways they will acquire electricity and empower others. Then simply we could see how they use and control that power inside the organization. 2 . 3 Resource 2 . four. 1 Charlie Jobs Sam Jobs was developed in 1955 in A bunch of states. He decreased out from College and with his friend Wozniak started out in 1976 to sell personal computers that manufactured in the car port.

They called it Apple Computers which manufactured him a billionaire. After that, he was terminated in 1985 and started out another business called Subsequent but then Apple bought Next so he came back to Apple to become after some time CEO. At that moment he then came up with iMac, iPhone, etc . That makes him become the biggest shareholder in the company. Consequently, he is becoming one of the most influential leaders in the world and the richest men. 2 . four. 2 Anita Roddick Roddick was born in 1942 in Littlehampton. In 1976, the lady opened the first? Human body Shop` being a shop advertising green makeup products.

Then simply she moved a lot on her behalf campaign of values of? reducing environmental impact, saying no to animal assessment, promoting well-being and impacting social alterations. This is what built her products different from other folks. Even though, the entire body Shop was sold to L’Oreal in 2006 (Bio, 2007), this lady has made The entire body Shop string, one of the biggest cosmetic retailer string in the world and inspired millions of people due to eco friendly products. 2 . Findings 3. 4 Management behavior and styles 3. a few. 3 Steve Jobs Task related command: Hands on advice and reviews: ‘He often does personally checking the fine print on alliance agreements or perhaps calling reporters late in the evening to talk on important things in order to tell them whether there is something wrong with that’ (Businessweek, 2006) Adaptability for the situation: 5. After many years of not working to get Apple and coming back, he still could make Apple one of the most successful technology organization. After that also, he can get through the 2008 financial crisis by increasing the research and development budget so he can beat their competitors. Capability to ask hard questions: Careers makes the design and style process from start to finish. This individual always demands difficult questions and gives his own opinions in that case finally, unfailingly push Apple to create better products (Jon, 2005). Risk taking and a opinion for action: 5. Before setting up his organization of ‘Apple I’ this individual has to sell their most prized belongings to obtain capital , and without knowing really what Apple Let me become ‘ (Jon, 2005). Then this individual also noticed the idea of Apple TV fail, though he has taken the risk to invent. Powerful standards: * When he employs someone for just about any position, the sole thing he requests is proficiency.

To assess his workers he also asks for a horrible task such as creating a fresh version of Ipod application. Relationship focused leadership: Creating inspiration and visibility: 2. ‘He organizes regular meetings to ensure that effective communication and information happen to be established among all members inside the company’ (Ambler, 2008) Aligning and mobilizing people: 5. ‘ If a good idea comes, I distributed with other members in the organization, ask what people think and discuss with those to find best solutions’ ( Jobs, 2008) Concert building: I like getting different people collectively to explore different aspects of new items quietly’ (Jobs, 2008) 3. 5. four Anita Roddick Relationship-oriented command Aligning and mobilising persons * Anita looks for staff who present their fascination for what they are doing instead of their diploma for the position. She uses big people who have big considering and big tips. Employ people who will easily fit in (AMR Research, 2007) Make inspiration and visibility 2. In our connected with each other environment every member can easily contribute to or perhaps detract from your associations occurrence in the marketplace.

Make it possible for people to know how their contribution to the work program makes a positive big difference in the world and productivity will increase dramatically. 5. She travelled around several locations in most over the world where her Your body Shops seem (Jones, 1998) Satisfying higher-level needs 2. Anita A-rod said There is nothing more encouraging than providing staff, staff, and acquaintances the opportunity to express their own person influences. (Anita Roddick: A legend of Cosmetics Community, 2008) 5. Anita Roddick was the first-person to provide the for gay and lesbian (same sex) people who are doing work for company (romow. om, 2008) Promoting concepts and ideals * “If you invariably is an activist, you bring the movements of your life into the business, or perhaps if you love creative art, you may bring that in.  Anita take her personal ideal to spread it across business (Ehicalcorp. com, 2000) Supplying emotional support and encouragement: * You must believe in whatever you are doing and so strongly it might be a reality, stated Roddick who have inspired other folks to get involved with creating a better world (AnitaRoddick, 2004) a few. 5 Charismatic and Life changing Leadership a few. 6. a few Steve Careers

Transformational head: brings positive changes in a business on handling through the economic depression. He deemed the lay-off worker answer as not what for Apple Computer, yet he prepared to set aside amount of money inside their profit to get funding for research and development and marketing advertising budget (CNNmoney. com, 2008) Visionary: * He drew a perspective for individuals in 5 years forward when they can watch their favourite channel about Apple TV SET, basketball match via video’s blog or TV shows through Disney’s ESPN Inc (CNNmoney. om, 2008) Masterful communication skill: 2. In display, the motto of Dorrie jobs can be he not simply sell merchandise, but sell off the dream for target audience about the better community they are going to have as well. (Businessweek. com, 2008) Ability to motivate the trust: * Charlie Jobs made his staff to quest their fantasy by the estimate “most essential, have the bravery to follow the heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. The rest is supplementary.  (CNNmoney. com, 2008).

Able to produce members truly feel capable reward members or make members feel capable * Charlie Jobs thought to his employees in the corporation conference Theres no various other company that can make a MacBook Atmosphere and the cause is that in addition to we control the hardware, but all of us control the operating system (CNNmoney. com, 2008). Non-traditional strategies 2. Steve Jobs decided not to hire consultant or perhaps do researching the market. Apple only has a 10-year consultant company for analysing the competitor’s retail technique to avoid making the same problem (CNNmoney. com, 2008). Emotional expressiveness: express feeling openly When worker proposes him a not so good plan, the customarily quote he say to these people is “that’s shit. Yet , when they come back with the better one, he admits that “You worked hard. Very well done (CNNmoney. com, 2008) 3. 6. 6 Anita Roddick Transformational leader: When selecting source chain or perhaps manufacturing issues Anita never considers revenue, revenue or perhaps financial issues first, nevertheless environmental or perhaps ethic points of views (Anitaroddick. com, 2004) Experienced: * Anita saw that a company or perhaps organization that displays a commitment in term of getting this world better will gain a great deal, especially in times when globe has many adjustments.

From the start, Anita visionally would like to head The entire body Shop to “social and environmental change. From the beginning, Anita Roddick defined core ideals for the corporation in terms of banning on animal testing, having to worry about environmental issues (sourcing new eco-friendly materials when it comes to the effect on the community) and participating in cultural activities or perhaps protecting human rights (Jones, 1998). Non-traditional strategies: 5. Instead of depending on traditional marketing, Roddick forced organizational sales strategies via in-store brochures or by press conferences.

On the brochures or at press conferences, the lady always sets off the uniqueness of her company companies emphasize interpersonal activism which has been always put at the heart of business philosophy or business motto increase customer’s basic and stimulate customer’s curiosity on goods (Boyle, 2007). Action alignment: * Ahead of stepping-down in order to focus on her global worries, in a talk, Anita explained about her environment business philosophy “This is certainly not about one penny being spent in so-called cause-related marketing which is disingenuous.

This really is about having a passion to shout out and be powerful about what one does. (AnitaRoddick, 1999) * The girl made units with a range of issues and organizations all over the world, which produced her company synonymous to equality and activism (Jones, 1998) Capacity to create the trust 5. With the connected with each other environment activities, or environmentally safe business beliefs Anita aimed to make her employers and customer conscious of their contribution or presence to the confident changes in the community, and the better business, around the consequence (romow. om, 2008) Warmth 5. Anita made an appearance in every section of the organisation. The lady attended company meetings, traveled to factory flooring, and spoken to low-level workers. The girl gave the guide for employees to stretching their potential and fertilize their thoughts (Boyle, 2007) 3. 6th Power, Politics and Influence Tactics of Leadership a few. 7. 7 Steve Jobs Legitimate Electric power: * As the CEO of Apple, he has got the highest placement in the company and also offers about almost a half of the shares with the company.

In the research based upon employees’ income, satisfaction and experience manufactured by Gamet (2008), Apple’s workers have offered 91% approval rating to get Steve Jobs whereas Microsoft CEO provides only 55 per cent and Dell CEO 66%. Rewarding Power 2. According to Jade (2005), to increase the job culture amongst Apple price tag employees, Steve Jobs chose to offer free of charge ipod shuffles. Then he also offer promotional items if the targets will be met mainly because Apple’s retail salesperson’s operate does not foundation on commission rate. Informational Power As having over five million of shares in the company and because of his position, Jobs can entry to more information than any other people inside the company and he has also a great control of different info. He can opt to share with the employees or not. It really is determined by him. Personal Power 2. Expert Power: Looking at his biography, he has never really studied about this or any other related fields, this individual dropped out after senior high school and examined philosophy and foreign civilizations. However , when he was young he previously had an involvement in technology and he qualified prospects the manufacture f video gaming and then produces his very own computer. Meaning he features special THAT skills. 5. Referent Electricity: He has its own characteristics of the risk currently taking person. This individual also has a vision, an interest, enthusiasm as well as the courage. According to Jon (2005), Dorrie Jobs views Apple as his own responsibility. This is why he always tries his best to travel the organization to successes. One of the important success is that Dorrie Jobs has brought to Apple is that this individual has set up a very good structure inside the company.

Hillis (2008) has said that Charlie Jobs has established a group of people who also fully stick to him and his vision. Therefore , when Charlie Jobs would not work for the organization anymore his employees can be capable of executing on that for at least five years. 3. six. 8 Anita Roddick Legit power 2. Anita- the founder of Body Store, she was at the highest level- CEO of BodyShop for over 20 years (Ethicalcorp, 2004) Personal electric power * Anita has accumulated important organization success, therefore she is put in key CEO position because of her standing (romow. com, 2008) Empowering practice Link work activities to the target of organization: She journeys around the world, looking for natural beauty items that do certainly not harm environmental surroundings or pets in the developing process (Dubin, Dalglish, and Miller, 2003) * Present ample data: When finding a produce or supply base, Anita always will remind her personnel about environmentally friendly effect of your decision, besides the economic issues (Castle, 2001) 2. Allow group members to purchase method: Anita sets the direction intended for the company, or set the goals for business that needs to be carried out, and “let them get it done themselves (Roddick, 1990 mentioned in ethicalcorp. om, 2004 ) 2. Encourage self-leadership: “Individual staff are encouraged to venture out and help in the community (Roddick, 1989, mentioned in Allen, 2006) 3. Conversation and Examination 4. 7 Leadership tendencies and styles 5. 8. on the lookout for Similarities Through the findings in the previous part, the similarities inside the leadership behaviours and styles among Anita A-rod and Dorrie Jobs are incredibly few, nevertheless each innovator has distinct leadership designs. However you cannot find any clear idea to provide evidence that Anita Roddick has attribute of task-oriented attitudes.

First of all, they are both creating inspiration and visibility. Jobs (2008) say that he wants to create annual meetings to communicate well among staff and business employers. Anita communicate her awareness to the employees in a similar way to Steve Careers, she trips around to different locations in the world. Secondly, both leaders both promote intended for aligning and mobilizing people. Jobs want to speak to employees to find the best solutions, encourage them to come together and make them feel like they are really part of history (the interview with Jung, Chairman and CEO, Avon _ Lot of money 2009).

According to Beeston (2004), A-rod also is targeted on grouping similar people with same thinking and ideas jointly. 4. almost 8. 10 Dissimilarities Clearly, there are huge differences between Anita Roddick and Steve Job’s leadership behaviours and styles. Moreover, Steve Careers focuses more on operate while Anita Roddick is actually a humanist, a great environmentalist and an employee-centered person. Firstly, Steve Careers seems to have significant behaviours of task-related perceptions. As an effective leader, Jobs easily adapts himself for the situation. He can known as helping Apple dealing with hard times.

In 2000, Apple missed it is financial goal and Apple stock selling price keeps dropping (Lashinsky and Burke, 2009). By starting many programmes to push up sales including iTunes, Mac pc OSX main system and ipod device, Jobs will take actions which can be appropriate and suitable with the right time and he is referred to as lifesaver of Apple. A lot of sources describes the jobs of A-rod in growing The Body Shop. However , her role can be diminishing as there is a wait in immediate selling in 1990s due to the new management’s strategies (Cree, 2003). Additionally, Steve Task is known as anyone who stresses on the top rated standard.

In line with the interview with Andreessen, General Partner (Fortune, 2009), Careers always pieces the efficiency standards and ways. Careers never agree to no for virtually any answer and he provides high expectation for the item (the interview with Iger, Chairman and CEO of Disney _ Fortune, 2009). Secondly, the relationship-oriented thinking and behaviours are referred to as distinct design of Anita A-rod. Her functionality is supported by subordinates. The girl influences people by her values, honnête and perception of responsibility to the contemporary society, human, economy and the business (Pless, 2007).

Roddick promotes the feeling of patient by giving staff emotional support and reassurance. She causes them to be believe in the actual can carry out in the actuality (Roddick, 2004). Furthermore, unlike Steve Careers who is very hard to find information concerning what this individual has done to encourage his employees, Anita Roddicks encourages a variety of different beliefs in her company such as caring for the customers by learning their needs and caring for the communities by giving things as well as caring for the environment by protecting resources (Pless, 2007).

Compared to Steve Jobs, it can be easy to see that Anita Roddick has many evidences within the relationship-oriented behaviour while Sam Jobs would not really enter into relationship behaviors. Job’s attitudes and behaviours showed that Steve Jobs is more a task oriented head than romance related. This individual has indicated that he is more concerned with work, productivity than for people and interpersonal relations. According to the Management Grid manufactured by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton (1991), the CEO of Apple is considered to get the authoritarian style. That is because this individual looks on the performance and profits.

He also delegates difficult responsibilities to his employees and inquire them to do their best to create success for the company. It will also be considered that Sam Jobs in addition has the pioneeringup-and-coming leadership style. We could notice that he has different personalities that an pioneeringup-and-coming leader offers. In the results above, we have found out that Steve Careers is a risk taking leader then he has also eagerness and imagination because he gets the idea of revolutionary technology by simply creating the Ipod and the I phone. These two products have helped bring great successes to the business.

It could be noticed that this individual has a perspective and serves quickly when ever there is a chance. Like this individual could notice that there is a chance for the screen contact mobile phone, he immediately comes up with the Iphone then has also launched the Iphone 3Gs together with the emergence of 3G. According to University of Michigan Research, leadership actions are divided into two categories which have been employee-centered and job-centered (Draft, 2007). Job-centered leader is identified as goal-setting positioning, cost slicing, efficiency and emphasis on job facilitation (Draft, 2007).

Following the definition of job-centered leader, Careers is considered being a very job-centered leader since he helps bring about high performance standard, sets very clear goals intended for product strategies and function rules. Yet , Anita A-rod is rather a great employee-centered innovator since this kind of leader can be characterized by concentrating on the human requirements (Draft, 2007). It can be viewed that Anita Roddick can be an employee-centered leader because she is a humanist and through the work, the lady emphasizes upon relationship-oriented attitudes, giving people emotional support and support, and aiming, mobilizing them.

Although they both have a few behaviours of relationship-orientation, participative commanders have many forms such as consultative, joint decision and delegation (Yukl, 2006). Steve Jobs often join annual appointment, listen to other folks though he may be a final decision-maker. Hence, he has a part of consultative leadership style. In the opposite, Anita A-rod let others do what exactly they want (Roddick, 1990). Therefore , she actually is a delegating leader that will give the power to the staff (Yukl, 2006). 4. almost 8. 11 Conclusion The nature of Careers and Roddick’s leadership behaviors leads to right after between both of these leaders.

Whilst Anita is definitely described as a participative leader, Steve Careers is found to be an autocratic innovator. Having two different styles, they are successful in various ways. Careers has people’s admiration since he functions very hard and focuses on the performance of the work. In contrast, Roddick is usually admired by her morals, responsibility because of not only himself but as well the economy, world and environment. Both of them can be called as a very responsible head, one is dedicated to jobs and one values highly probe and relationships. 4. eight Charismatic and Transformational Management

Koontz, Weihrich (2008) hold that charismatic leaders are especially self-confident, extremely encouraged to derive and assert influence and have superb convictions for the moral correctness of their morals which are proven by a few essential characteristics. 4. on the lookout for. 12 Commonalities Vision Eye-sight is the initial common features between Charlie Jobs and Antia A-rod. Apple’s superb products have come up with the vision which will Jobs offers directed for Apple “Apple was designed to become a great consumer items company. Anita Roddick likewise had a superb vision to get the Body Shop.

Since Body Shop begun, Roddick got envisioned a greater purpose pertaining to the company ” social and environmental change, including education for personnel (Conger, Kanungo, 1998). Both equally leaders are visionary mainly because they have wonderful attractive dreams which bring an impressive picture which the businesses would achieve. (Durbin, ain al 2006) Unconventional Approach In order to create the difference for Apple, Steve Jobs has worked out some unusual strategy to attain the goal. For example , Apple has no market research, instead only focuses on superb products (see part Obtaining above).

This means Steve Careers treasured raise the risk but this kind of unusual strategy can motivate innovation intended for greater items ” one particular significant target. Roddick designed unconventional strategy when she traveled around the globe to find out natural beauty products that were friendly to environment and not test items on pets or animals (Durbin, Dalglish, Miller, 2006). At present, this is certainly becoming more popular although at that time, Roddick was the first-person to implement it and made Body Shop a sample of natural items. Ability to make trust Charlie Jobs is likewise well known for his capacity to create trust.

For example , the moment Apple can determine to invest on Macintosh computer system, the product creation group was out of sync, nevertheless , Steve Jobs is successful in directing all of them toward a groundbreaking end by creating total trust (Harkins, 2005). In this case, Careers has created the trust for making followers willing to risk their very own career in search of the goal. As talked about above, in Body Store, employees are viewed as as an important element in her long term eye-sight. To A-rod, there is a standard idea that corporations have a responsibility with their people in addition to the society.

The moment employees really believe in this kind of fundamental theory of the firm, they will wish to remain as a part of company Bruce, Pepitone (1999), it means Roddick had came up with the trust for all Body Shop people. some. 9. 13 Differences Psychological expressiveness and private warmth ” masterful connection skills Sam Jobs offers ability to exhibit his feelings openly if he evaluates quality of his employees’ jobs. Expressing feelings openly is likewise demonstrated in his presentation abilities when he shows his emotions about the brand new products incredibly impressively which persuade consumers effectively.

Additionally it is a part of Jobs’ masterful interaction skill. This individual not only provides the greater product but also gives a desire better world. Besides that, Steve Jobs knows how to encourage risk choosing, with all fresh great goods such as Macintosh, i-phone, Jobs has made other folks admire this kind of courage (Galo, 2009). Although Roddick hadn’t shown her ability to exhibit feelings obviously, instead, everyone can see her personal warmth by visiting and talking to personnel on factory floor which has made all people feel they are parts of the organization (Roddick, 2007). Transformational leadership ” transactional leadership

Happen to be Steve Careers and Anita Roddick life changing leaders? In accordance to Yulk (2006), within transformational leadership, followers achieve trust, admiration, loyalty, admiration to the market leaders, they are also motivated to achieve more than expected. Especially, transformational commanders are the leaders who associated with positive changes in organizations. Therefore , it can be concluded that both Sam Jobs and Anita A-rod are transformational leaders. Nevertheless , in general, the charismatic characteristics in Jobs have shown more impressively than Roddick. Jobs also has shown masterful connection skills, encourage risk acquiring.

However , Jobs also has transactional leadership. Because discussed above, Jobs’ behaviors focus on task related romance. He usually clarifies requirement and expect high performance common and provide returns for that high performance (see the comparison of behavior). In contrast, A-rod only features relationship focused relationship, consequently Roddick does not have transactional management. 4. 9. 14 Summary In conclusion, Careers and A-rod has some prevalent and also distinct characteristics but both of them work leaders who may have made wonderful changes for his or her organizations.

Even though sharing some common features, they express them in different ways, however , the important level is that all those characteristics operate very properly. Specifically, both equally leaders you don’t have all qualities of charming leadership nonetheless they have significant elements to create successes as well as the key point of such successes is transformational command. 4. 9 Power, National politics and Impact Tactics of Leadership four. 10. 15 Similarities The two Steve Jobs and Anita Roddick have personal power type.

In accordance to Yukl 2006, personal power type includes referent and expert power that are gained via admiration, esteem and knowledge respectively. Yet , the common interesting thing of these two market leaders is that all their knowledge did not come from educational training yet from their very own experience. This kind of seems to enhance their personal electricity as they acquired unique knowledge of how to perform their careers well (Hickson et ing., 1971). In addition , both commanders are transformational leaders (Scott. E 2003). Dubrin ainsi que al., late 1960s assert that transformational commanders have effect on other folks through being respected and admired.

As a result, both Charlie Jobs and Anita A-rod have referent power. some. 10. 18 Differences Though, both Anita Roddick and Steve Jobs have comparable source of power that is reputable power that commanders have right to make a decision (Zand 1997). However , there are differences in the way they gain these types of powers. Anita Roddick is definitely founder of Body Shop so it is clear that the girl got the full right to generate decision in term of Bodyshop’s organization. However , Sam Jobs is just one of Apple’s founders. Consequently , his directly to make decision might have to be shared with additional founders.

In accordance to Finklstein 1992, how strong electrical power is related to amount of cash that head invests in the corporation. Steve Jobs has approximately 50% of Apple’s talk about (Mintz 2009). In addition , he is also CEO of Apple so he got top right to come to a decision. Steve Careers and Anita Roddick employ different other powers to acquire their employees. Steve Careers uses praise power to enhance culture among Apple’s retail employees. According to Bubrin et al., 1968, transactional leader often use returns and consequence to control behaviours. In addition , Jeff (2003) reckons that Sam Jobs is usually both transactional and ransformational leader. These types of might clarify why Careers uses advantages power to business lead his employees. In contrast, Anita Roddick procedures empowerment to lead her staff. Empowerment identifies realizing the skills and human potential that lies in the knowledge, experience and internal inspiration of the persons in the corporation and liberating the power (Lussier and Achua 2007). Anita Roddick’s command style is participative as her focus on relationship with follower. This might be certainly one of reasons that why she practices empowerment in order to talk about power with qualified employees.

In addition , through empowering methods, Anita Roddick also can build good marriage with her employees. 4. 10. 18 Conclusion Although Anita Roddick and Charlie jobs operate different industrial sectors, they have a few similar forces that are gained from position, knowledge and admiration. However , because of big difference in command style, Roddick and Jobs use some various kinds of power. Jobs are also transactional leader so he make use of reward capacity to lead fans. In contrast, A-rod has relationship oriented and so she uses empowering practices to share electric power in order to increase tasks’ efficiency.. Key Learning Outcome a few. 10 Learning Outcome one particular Participative innovator is usually admired by the bulk. Through the results, discussion and analysis beneath the topic of leadership behaviors and styles, it is usually inferred a leader with mainly autocratic style like Steve Jobs is usually admired by his performance. Nevertheless , he is not close to his employees in fact it is difficult for him to influence people nicely. In respect to Draft 2007, autocratic leaders can have top rated since they used to set high standards for the functionality. However , this is correct with Dorrie Jobs.

In comparison, a leader with democratic (participative) styles just like Anita Roddick performs well and also will get the engagement of every group member under your own accord. 5. 14 Learning Outcome 2 Each kind of electricity has both advantages and disadvantages edges. Each type of power provides both advantages and disadvantages. For example , employing empowering techniques might help frontrunners have good relationship with employees and minimize stress and increase productivity and success as showing power to generate new idea, solution by followers. Nevertheless , it can generate conflict between employees as.

In term of prize power, market leaders can encourage and power employees that will put effort to their tasks. Yet , according to Arthur G. Sharp 2009, reward power might not job if personnel do not consider they will be compensated for their work or the benefit of rewards are not pleased by employees as they believe they can gain more value of rewards than that for effort. Therefore , effective and power leaders do not signify they have and use every type of capacity to lead follower. Effective and power market leaders are people who can figure out current situation to determine suitable electricity.

In addition , higher level of power does not absolutely depend on which in turn gender innovator is, how many and high level leader accomplish. The crucial component is what you really gain by real knowledge, how very well leaders utilized his expertise and conduct their job. To demonstrate, Steve Jobs did not gain any THIS degree via university although he can generate computers on his own. Now this individual has good power in Apple. Steve Jobs even offers strong impact on a large number of people around the world not only in his company. 5. 12 Learning Outcome 2 Either transactional or transformational leadership could make effective frontrunners.

As mentioned above, Jobs has some characteristics of transactional leadership. This individual understands his employees well, knows how to encourage the whole group and gives these people deserved rewards for top rated standard. Nevertheless , what makes Charlie Jobs and Anita A-rod great commanders is transformational leadership. If Jobs just applied transactional leadership, this individual probably would not create Apple’s fame which will wins the admiration within the last decade. Since transformational leaders motivate their particular followers to adopt ownership of company’s eye-sight, pursue the higher needs, conduct more than expectation (Daft, 2005).

That can be the main reason Jobs and his team can create the great products such as Mac or iTunes. Moreover, (Durbin, et ‘s 2005) explained that transformational leaders as well inspire individuals to make the difference and develop long term marriage through personal consideration that is the key of Roddick’ accomplishment. Roddick is without transactional leadership quality but everyone has to verify that she is an effective and successful leader when the lady can inspire her persons about the corporation of natural splendor regarding meaningful which make this difference of Body Store.. Reference * ‘All regarding Steve’ 2009, Fortune, Volume. 160, Iss. 10, pp 123-126, viewed 31st January 2009, http://search. ebscohost. com. ezproxy. lib. rmit. edu. au/login. aspx? direct=true, db=buh, AN=45693827, site=ehost-live, scope=site, * “Anita A-rod ” The strength of one, 2005, viewed in 24th 12 , 2009, http://www. ethicalcorp. com/content. asp? ContentID=5401, * “Anita Roddick: A legend of Cosmetics World, 2008, looked at at 26th December 2009, http://www. romow. om/entertainment-blog/anita-roddick-a-legend-in-the-cosmetics-world/, 5. “Daily Special event: Anita A-rod “, 97, viewed twenty fifth December, 2009, http://www. dailycelebrations. com/090401. htm, * “Steve Jobs talks out, 2008, viewed for 28th January, 2009, http://money. cnn. com/galleries/2008/fortune/0803/gallery. jobsqna. fortune/3. html, * “Steve Jobs, The Entrepreneur, May thirteenth 2005, viewed on 30th December 2009, http://www. mac-forums. com/forums/anything-goes/27114-steve-jobs-entreprenuer. html code, * “The power of publishing, viewed for 2nd January, 2009, http://www. nitaroddick. com/readmore. php? sid=297, * “Uncovering Steve Careers Presentation Secrets, 2008, looked at at 29th December, 2009, &lt, http://www. businessweek. com/smallbiz/content/oct2009/sb2009106_706829_page_2. htm&gt, 2. Allen. S, 2006, “Anita Roddick Redefining Business As We KnowIt, looked at at twenty fifth December, 2009, &lt, http://entrepreneurs. about. com/od/famousentrepreneurs/p/anitaroddick. htm&gt, 5. Amber. G, 2008, “Steve Jobs and his leadership, looked at on 29th December, 2009, &lt, http://www. thepracticeofleadership. net/2008/03/30/steve-jobs-and-his-

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