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Leadership models and electric power bases of co

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Excerpt from Movie Review:

leadership variations and electric power bases of CO, XO, Chief from the Boat (COB)? (Consider the total range of conceivable styles. ) Cite particular behaviors and statements, with specific mention of the the command literature.

The CO’s command style is certainly much ad hoc – in terms of his contempt so that he perceives as extremely theoretical book knowledge, it is also firmly depending on his personal long encounter. To some degree it recalls the fascinating study done by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Blink: Gladwell researches the possibility that click decisions in lots of circumstances are more likely to be correct than laboriously researched and deliberated ones. Gladwell quotes that eight thousand several hours of strong activity must gain real competency or perhaps fluency in an activity, and it is clear in the captain’s age and the duration of his command word that he has an excellent track record under its belt of service and can today afford to make his decisions depending on pure behavioral instinct. The Cob rather memorably sums the CO’s command abilities in the attempt to mollify the XO early within their conflict: “I think we have here is a difference in management designs. But as unstable as he is, there is a common sense to it. He navigates by his own celebrity, not many males can accomplish that. Cob’s guidelines of Navy blue leadership: A single, you’ve got to appear like you know what you aren’t doing, Two, the men have got to believe you know what you’re carrying out, and 3 – and the most important – everybody’s got an opinion, however the captain’s reached make a choice. You live and pass away with that. And that’s where the Skipper’s earned his stripes, Friend. I’ve found it repeatedly. ” In other words, Cog justifies the CO’s initial high-handedness to the XO by outlining it like a matter of keeping up appearances for the sake of shipboard self-discipline, but essentially being flexible enough to judge any potential situation because of its full ramifications, no matter how far fetched. Because of this , he controversially at the start of the film requests a weaponry readiness exercise even accompanied by a galley fire – the episode that sparks his fight with the XO over their particular differing managerial styles.

The XO is depicted to be almost the polar contrary of the CO – as another character explains to the XO after his friction with all the CO begins, the XO needs to bear in mind how he looks to the CO “AnnapolisHarvardWell-versed in theory, inch in other words lacking in the kind of practical experience that Malcolm Gladwell views as required for actual expertise. (The XO gets precisely this type of practical experience during the period of the film, after this individual has assumed command – even to the point of making a wrenching life-or-death decision regarding three crew members who happen to be sealed off and most probably drown to be able to prevent the sub-from collapse. ) In the other half of the film, after the COMPANY has been taken out of command, this individual scornfully records that he’s reading the XO’s workers file although under house-arrest and “the closest your dog is been to combat has been in a classroom. inch But the XO’s job is always to provide nuance, and that is why – with the particularly tricky problem of part orders received followed by combat-related radio quiet – he ultimately dominates against the CO’s desire to follow the first fully-received order to flames. The CO’s analysis from the XO general is that he can too filled with nuance

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