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Leadership that interests me the dissertation

Achievement Difference, Educational Leadership, Global Management, Leadership Knowledge

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There is no sole best solution for the process of staffing requirements and retaining a global workforce. Rather, the corporation should incorporate a few strategies and change them to suit the needs with the company.

Global recruitment with no cultural prejudice

The idea of global recruiting is the foremost way frontward as the entire world is looking to cut across ethnic and physical boundaries. A very important factor that the company should make sure is that not any discrimination is manufactured on the basis of lifestyle while hiring. Shell is among the global firms that encounters a similar concern and it has come up with a one of a kind way to cope with the problems that occur due to cultural bias. “In creating global staffing requirementws systems, Cover also looks issues showing how to assess competencies on a global basis. Shell’s goal is to understand what each competency means across nationalities and to create assessment strategies that will allow the organization to capture those culture-specific behaviors. Shell works on the global auswahlverfahren für stellenbewerber for helping with prospect selection and has regular training for almost all assessors who have administer the assessment center” (Vance Yongsun, 2010, g. 170). A similar strategy can be followed by my own company in terms of recruiting global candidates. The assessors needs to be given satisfactory training to look beyond the social bias and identify the traits that it will work well to get the candidate as well as the firm.

More autonomy for local staffing groups

The staffing needs teams in India and China ought to be given even more autonomy to recruit individuals as positions open up in India and China respectively. This is known as the ethnocentric method to staffing. Before, the Parent Country Nationals (PCN) had been doing most of the recruitment because of the lack of correct talent in the foreign countries. However , it has changed during the last few years due to increase in expertise pool in India and China. Therefore , the company can offer more autonomy for the HR groups in these two countries. Simultaneously, a global center should also job actively together with the HR clubs in the U. S., India and China and tiawan to complete the positions through global candidates.

Considerable use of computer software and technology

The company will need to look at using the right software program and technology that will make this easy for visitors to collaborate across countries. Online video chat and teleconferencing are a couple of the options already available for workers to communicate with each other irrespective of their physical location. The company can also look to incorporate the intensive use of Online Public Network (VPN) in order that employees can work form their homes. This will provide even more flexibility with regards to global recruiting. The employee could work from their location and country without having to move to the U. S., India or China and still work towards the introduction of the company. This kind of policy is likely to make global recruiting a lot more less difficult as the organization need not need to provide the support required to help an employee to accommodate to the new country and culture. It will likewise be easier to find potential candidates because they do not need to move to a new country.

One other aspect of technology is the quite a few software packages that exist today to create it clear for all employees to be a portion of the workflow process. These software packages are likely to make employees even more productive and this in turn, will certainly lead to higher level of00 of commitment from the workers.

All these measure have to be integrated in tandem so the global staffing requirements policy works better and the quantity of unfilled jobs come down. As well, a global skill pool can also add to the growth of the company and may help it to steer ahead of its opponents. Further, it is going to give the firm a global face and this will certainly prove to be beneficial for the future.


In short, one of many problems inside my company relates to the staffing process. The HR group has to properly recruit and manage workers located across three countries – the U. S., India and China and tiawan. It is getting increasing difficult to find good talent in this competitive environment and so, a good percentage of the jobs remain bare. The company can employ the best solutions mentioned previously to find the right talent which the company demands for its development. The future is focused on globalization and collaboration and so, these measures will do the organization a lot great in the long-run.


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