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Learning and sleeping essay

Subject: 234 Give support to get sleep Level: 2 Credit rating Value: 2 GLH 13 Learning Final results The novice will; Assessment Criteria The learner can easily; 1 . Understand the importance of sleep 1Explain just how sleep plays a role in an individual’s health and wellness 2Identify explanations why an individual could find it hard to sleep 3Describe the possible immediate and long lasting effects with an individual who is not able to sleep well 2 . Manage to establish conditions suitable for sleeping 1 Identify conditions probably suitable for sleep 2 Minimise aspects of the environment likely to make sleep challenging for a person.

3 Adjust individual behaviour to contribute to a restful environment 4 Explain actions to take if the behaviour or perhaps movement of others hinders an individual’s ability to rest 3. Manage to assist someone to sleep 1Explain the importance of a holistic method of assisting sleep 2Encourage the person to speak the support they need to rest 3Assist the individual to find a position for sleep consistent with their very own plan of care 4Support the individual to use aids for sleep in manners that indicate the plan of care and follow agreed ways of operating 4.


and others how sleep will be monitored 2Record agreed findings relating to the individual’s sleeping and the assistance given a few. Know how to get information and advice about difficulties with rest 1Describe circumstances in which additional information or assistance about sleep would be required 2Explain how to access more information and assistance Additional information Someone is somebody requiring proper care or support Agreed methods of working includes policies and procedures where these are present Others might include: ¢family ¢friends ¢advocates ¢line manager ¢health professionals.

¢others who are important to the individual’s well-being Unit aim (s) This product is targeted at those working in a wide range of configurations. It provides the learner with all the knowledge and skills required to establish circumstances suitable for rest and support the individual to rest. Assessment requirements specified by a sector or regulatory body (if appropriate) This device must be assessed in accordance with Skills for Care and Development’s QCF Analysis Principles. Learning outcomes a couple of, 3 and 4 has to be assessed in a real work place. Details of the partnership of the product and relevant national work-related standards HSC216.


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