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Learning diary essay

Almost all students from IBS, IT and tourism sat together in the seminar room. I was introduced to many friendly tutors and educators. I was very interested in the speech of Mr Juola- Head from the Rantaviitikka campus. We were as well introduced a very helpful book named study guidebook. After completed the class, Choice to made my own collection card with my friend’s help. 2. 4th September 2012: The first appear about IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME programme. At 10. 00 am, IBS coordinator-Mrs Anzelika Krastina introduced to IBS12 group of 40 international students.

I was content with this launch because That i knew about: analyze methods, study course contents and project operate and practical training problems. After lunchtime, we were brought to IT & ICT program by Mrs Tuijja Kuisma. We also met IBS11 and IBS10 groups. I had fashioned many valuable advices from Mrs Tuijja Kuisma. 5. 5th Sept 2012: Planning International nighttime project. Coming from 8. 30-10. 00, we got together with friends from THIS and Travel. They makes me feel as if there are no distance between different level programmes.

After that, we continued to discuss about the International night time project.

Because we have forty international college students from regarding 8 several countries so our planner decided to split the class in to 4 groupings. As a result, we all will 4 performances via IBS12 group. After lunch, we came to room c117 to learn regarding education guidelines and plans. We were likewise presented a new study technique called: challenges based learning. this was an entirely new knowledge for me and i also was really excited to start with this study technique. * 6th September 2012: A unforgettable day. All of us started later on than the different days. At 11.

35 am, we gathered by Borealis auditorium to listen to Ms Ritva Ala-Louko, Head of language middle talk about the subject called ” Adapting into a new tradition . all the details given was very beneficial for me since I knew tips on how to adapt to fresh life, fresh culture with no help of relatives. At 13. 00 pm hours, the new college students walked together to the School of Lapland for the data session “Getting to know Rovaniemi. The period began using a video about Rovaniemi. It was so funny because I had developed seen this video once i searched information regarding Rovaniemi.

After that, the demonstration was about Finnish Law and Regulations; Enables and Permits for Foreign people; Rovaniemi Congregation; sport companies at RAMK and ULapland. The information offered me a basic look about Rovaniemi. * 7th Sept. 2010 2012: Opening ceremony. That day, I managed to get up early on to prepare pertaining to the beginning ceremony. Precisely, all first-year student officially entered the school gates and that we were welcome by Mr Martti Lampela-the principal of Rovaniemi School of Systems. We took in his talk and also received some sweet gifts via Ramk’s instructors.

When the talk finished, the new academic season officially started out. After lunch time, the student instructors leaded learners to the water bank by Pohjanhovi, the venue of traditional Rovaniemi UAS as opposed to University of Lapland drinking test. Though, the RAMK’s team gained easily nevertheless we had hapiness together. Your day culminated in a party at nighttime club Doris. Unfortunately, I was under 18 years old during that time so I could hardly participate in the party. 2. 10th sept 2012: can be of academic yr 2012-2013. The first class was introduction to THAT.

Mrs Tuija Kuisma educated us to use the basic computer in school plus some useful tools like: optima, win-hawille as well. I had to keep them in mind because they will related to my personal future study. After lunch time, i extended with Cross-cultural Man course. I was baffled because Krastina’s voice was quite small. Unfortunately, we sat in the back of class. although i could understand the main point of the lessons. Mrs Krastina also and so gave all of us the information about the Problem Structured Learning method. At the end of the day, we all did not desire an English check because it was cancelled.

* 11th sept. 2010 2012: The orientation study course and Cross-cultural Man class. The orientation course involved information literacy. We discovered to use the e-library to find books, details, ect. I was given a form to complete to create a catalogue card but i already had this kind of card. The key of the course was to offer students together with the knowledge of e-library. After lunch, we examined about teamwork and PBL method in Cross-cultural Person class. in my group, we had to solve an actual problem in team-work.

After discusing, we created the best answer and we needed to write a great essay about the importance of teamwork in school for the training task. During my country, some have enough opportunities to work in a team so when i performed in a group i was not really confident. Let me improve me personally in the near future. 2. 12th sept 2012: Information about reference and academic writing. Mrs Johanna made me feel very cozy because of her enthusiam. The girl was always ready to support students to finish the guide. In the future, let me write many essays and so i have to remind myself to analyze hard constantly. Pham Xuan Tung.


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