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Learning theory of career counseling essay

The original theory (Krumboltz ou al, 1976, Mitchell & Krumboltz, 1990), known as Job decision making social learning theory has recently recently been improved to the learning theory of job counseling (Krumboltz and Mitchell, 1996). The newest version tries to combine genuine ideas, exploration, and techniques to offer one particular hypothesis which goes beyond an explanation of so why individuals seek out various careers. Most recently, Krumboltz developed and integrated thoughts about the function of chance when it comes to career making decisions. Synopsis from the development of this kind of theory is given below.

At the heart of Krumboltz’s pondering is Bandura’s Social Learning Theory (SLT). Bandura recognized a total of three types of learning experiences that include:

The A key component learning knowledge

This kind of results from immediate experience for the individual is usually positively strong or penalized for some patterns and its affiliated cognitive skills

Associative learning experience

Results from direct experience along with reinforcement when an individual co-workers some recently affectively fairly neutral event or stimulus with an psychologically laden stimulus.

The Vicarious learning knowledge

Here is where people learn fresh behaviors in addition skills through observing behaviors of other individuals or even through the multimedia.


This particular theory aims at informing clients career decision making options at the same time use the triadic reciprocal interaction idea. The function of instruments and associative learning is usually emphasized. The practitioner’s tools are for that reason reinforcement and modeling. The use of this theory to practice requires the practitioner’s effort to categorize and correct any wrong beliefs placed by the consumer regarding a process of making decisions.

It was developed to answer this questions:

why people enter into particular educational course or perhaps jobs;

why they may modify program at some stage in all their lives;

Why individuals may present various desires for different actions during distinct points in their livelihood.

The following are identified as influential during these processes

1 ) 1 Important factors:

Krumboltz examines the effect of four different groups of factors:

1 . Hereditary Endowment and Special Abilities



Physical looks and characteristics

Persons differ at their capacity to gain via learning activities and to get access to various learning experiences as a result of such types of genetic qualities.

2 . Environmental Circumstances and Situations

Social, ethnic & politics

Financial forces

Natural forces & resources.

They may be normally from every person’s control. Their affect can be organized or unexpected.

3. Learning Experiences

Every person has a one of a kind history of learning experiences which will result choice of job. They often may recall the particular trait or perhaps series of these types of learning experiences, but they also recollect those general conclusions from (e. g. I love animals/working with children). The two main kinds of learning experiences as stated in this theory are:

A key component learning experience

It includes:

Preceding circumstances/stimulus;

Behavioral responses (overt & covert);


Associative learning experience

This is where persons perceive a connection involving two or more sets of stimuli in the surrounding. Yet , this typically could cause occupational stereotypes.

4. Process Approach Skills

Interactions with learning experience, hereditary qualities, and finally ecological influence result in the improvement of task procedure skills.

Such as:

personal standards of functionality;

job habits;

Emotional reactions

Previously acquired process approach abilities applied to a new undertaking or perhaps problem both influence the results of that task or hitch may they will themselves become modified.

1 . 2 Ensuing cognitions, values, skills & actions:

Because of the intricate interaction of the four types of impacting on factors (i. e. hereditary endowment, environment, learning and task approach skills), people form generalizations (beliefs) which in turn represent their particular reality. These beliefs information plus the associated with work impact their approach to approach toward learning additional skills and finally impact their ambitions as well as their actions. The SLTCDM refers to householder’s beliefs regarding themselves while either:

Declaration of the Generalizations:

An overt or covert statement evaluating ones very own performance or perhaps assessing a person’s own advantage and guidelines. Involves a consistent assessment of your own functionality;

View on the planet Generalizations:

Findings about our environment which is used to forecast what to you suppose will happen in the future in addition to other encircling (e. g. the nurturing professions).

1 . 2 Ensuing cognitions, beliefs, skills & actions:

Resulting from the sophisticated interaction of such four types of affecting factors (i. e. innate endowment, environment, learning and task way skills), persons form generalizations (beliefs) which usually represent their particular reality. These types of beliefs info plus the regarding work effect their method of approach to learning additional skills and finally have an effect on their ambitions as well as their particular actions. The SLTCDM refers to people’s beliefs about themselves as possibly:


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