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Letter to my father economics essay

Dear Father, Looking at past events, you had discussed me in taking organization and economics as a subject matter. Furthermore, now that I have used it and understood better, I like that a lot more. At the start of the season, I had an extremely negative attitude about this. In addition , my teacher’s explanations will be understandable and I am now beginning to take a liking to economics. Thus, I i am able to connect more towards incidents that happen in our daily lives. I as well understand why you tell me to pay money smartly. In the past couple of weeks I have learnt a lot about economics as well as its basic problems.

To further demonstrate my level, I want to let you know what We have learned. It has been said that the central purpose of economic activity is the production of goods and services to meet our changing needs and wants. One of the main things that we’ve learned about is shortage. We’re continuously uncovering fresh and different requires and wishes which suppliers attempt to supply by employing factors of development. This is what brings about scarcity, meaning we all need to make choices. If there have been no shortage there would be zero real monetary problem. People have to make alternatives according to their needs (limited) not their particular wants (unlimited).

For example , over six million people visit London everyday and they have to make options about when should you travel, whether they take the coach, or if they wish to walk. Opportunity cost plays an extremely big role on shortage. Scarce resources have alternate uses, which means it is the expense of the next finest alternative. There is also a well-known declaring in economics that, “there is no these kinds of thing as being a free lunch time!  This means that even if we are asked to purchase something, that involves scarce resources, scarce resources are used up in the availability of it and there is an opportunity price involved.

A real life example, a person makes $400 as an attorney and is considering having to pay someone $1, 000 to paint his house. In the event that he makes a decision to do it him self it will take him four several hours. His chance cost intended for doing it him self is the lost wages intended for four several hours or $1, 600. Moving on to third point I discovered about economics so far are definitely the factors of production. Firstly, land is a natural reference. Examples of biotic natural resources would be woods and fruits. There also can natural reference that can be grown as crops such as, basil and silk cotton. There are also solutions that come from your sea including seaweed.

In addition to these all-natural resources there are also abiotic resources like, precious metal and copper. Moving on to another factor of production is definitely capital, which can be man”made methods. In particular, factories play a huge role with this. This is because factories happen to be where almost anything is made. Thirdly, labor solutions are one more factor of production. For example, doctors and nurses. Last but not least we have venture resources, that may also be called entrepreneurs, basically people who take care of other people. For instance , you could be an entrepreneur because you manage your own business therefore you are an enterprise resource. Truly, Me

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