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Maju jaya superstore mj supermarket essay

Maju Jaya Supermarket (MJ Supermarket) advertises in the newspapers that there is a vacancy for the content of administrator. The advertisement explained that

those who are interested can come whenever to MJ Supermarket intended for an interview from 11th April 2014 until 21st April 2014. Ahmad who was incredibly interested together with the post reached MJ Superstore on twentieth April 2014 and was informed by the owner which the post was already filled. Ahmad was extremely angry when he has already tendered his resignation to his former business.

On the day that Ahmad came to the MJ Supermarket, this individual saw Mr Chan, his neighbour, getting into the MJ Supermarket and selected several canned foodstuff, shampoo, ovum and vegetables. He put all the items into his trolley. However , while he was still looking for various other items, Mr Chan received a contact from his son asking him to choose him up from the place. Mr Chan left the items in the cart and sought out from the MJ Supermarket.

Advise Ahmad and Mr Chan whether there is any contract between them and the MJ Supermarket. (20 MARKS)

ANSWER to Part A (Ahmad Case)


The meaning given beneath the Section 2(h) of the Contracts Act 1950 is that a contract is a contract enforceable legally (The Commissioner of Regulation Revision, 2006). Therefore inside the Ahmad’s circumstance, one of the celebrations (Ahamd or MJ Supermarket) has to call and make an offer that is certainly duly accepted by the various other.


Initially issue that we need addresses in this case should be to see perhaps the advertisement stating the interview deadlines includes an offer. If this does, can easily Ahmad’s determination to attend the interview be regarded as as a great acceptance with the offer? In case the advertisement is not considered as an offer, or if it is just an invitation to deal with, then there is absolutely no contract together. Second issue raised by the question is actually Ahmad’s occurrence in the MJ Supermarket to attend the interview on time, following his resignation from his previous task, is a package. In that case, truly does MJ Superstore can reject Ahmad’s provide? Based on the limited information given in the Ahmad’s case, the issues were analysed to see whether there is a contract among both parties?

What the law states

According to Section 2(a) of the Contracts Act 1950, an offer exists “when one individual signifies to another his readiness to do in order to abstain from undertaking anything, with a view to acquiring the assent of this other towards the act or abstinence, he could be said to generate a proposal (Rahman, 2011). As succumbed the Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co Ltd (1893) 1 QB 256 case, a proposal or perhaps an offer may also be made to common people to be approved by any individual who is aware of it focused enough to perform certain requirements of the donner. On the other hand, a great invitation to deal with can be defined as supplying information or requests to others to make gives.

Application of what the law states to the Details of the Difficulty

The advertisement by the MJ Supermarket clearly declares that those who also are interested may come anytime to MJ Supermarket for a job interview from eleventh April 2014 until twenty first April 2014. This raise the question whether or not the advertisement is supposed to sure in deal with the participants who arrive for the interview. In case of COELHO sixth is v. THE PUBLIC COMPANIES COMMISSION[1964] M. L. J. 12, the applicant, a Health Inspector under the Area Board, Tanjong Malim, sent applications for the content of Assistant Passport Official in the Federation of Malaya Government Oversea Missions promoted in the Malay Mail dated 19 Feb 1957. Consequently, the applicant was educated that having been accepted and, after starting training, he was posted for the Immigration Business office, Kuala Lumpur, where he continued to be until 12 , 1958 when he was utilized in the Immigration Office by Johor Bahru (Rahman, 2011).

The Excessive Court reigned over that the newspaper advertisement was an invite for skilled persons to apply and the applications were remedied as presents. Same can be expressed to the case of Ahmad the newspaper advertisement by the MJ Supermarket is definitely an invites to those who are interested to participate in the interview. When it comes to Gibson v Manchester CLOSED CIRCUIT [1979] 1 All EMERGENY ROOM 972, HL local council publish to tenants inviting those to apply to purchase their homes. One such tenant P would apply, and a price was agreed. Using a change of party control, the new council DD declined to go forward with the sale. The House of Lords said there was zero binding contract: P acquired made an offer which in turn DD hadn’t yet acknowledged. Phrases in the correspondence such as “may be prepared to sell and “please total the surrounded application form were indicative of an invites to treat (ThomsonReuters, 2004). Similarly to this case, the advertisement by the MJ supermarket explained that those who are interested “can come whenever to the interview is crucial to consider which the advertisement was obviously a step in the negotiation for a contract.


Considering the courtroom ruling about both Coelho’s case and Gibson’s circumstance, the advertisement made in the magazine was an “invitation to treat. Yet , the presence of Ahmad to participate in the interview is considered because an offer. The MJ Superstore rejected this kind of offer. And so the advice to Ahmad is the fact there is no contract between him self and the MJ Supermarket.

Response to Part N (Ahmad Case)

On the day that Ahmad came to the MJ Supermarket, he saw Mister Chan, his neighbour, entering the MJ Supermarket and selected some canned meals, shampoo, eggs and vegetables. He put all the items in to his cart. However , while he was even now looking for various other items, Mister Chan received a call from his son asking him to select him up from the train station. Mr Chan left those items in the trolley and went out from the MJ Supermarket.


The definition offered under the Section 2(h) of the Contracts Take action 1950 is that a contract is usually an agreement enforceable by law (The Commissioner of Law Revision, 2006). In the matter of Chan, there ought to be an offer of Chan which offer ought to be accepted by MJ Superstore to make a contract.


The matter raised inside the question is whether the Mr Chan’s actions of taking goods via super market racks and put that into the basket contains a package or an acceptance associated with an offer. Truly does he or perhaps MJ Supermarket fulfil certain requirements of a deal?

The Law

In respect to Section 2(a) of the Contracts Action 1950, an offer exists “when one person indicates to another his willingness to perform or to avoid doing nearly anything, with a view to obtaining the assent of that various other to the act or celibacy, he is believed to make a proposal. A great invitation to deal with can bedefined as giving information or requests in front of large audiences to make offers. In the Agreements Act 1950, Section 4(1) states that the “communication of the proposal is usually complete if the proposal comes to the knowledge of the person who it is produced. To fulfil the pre-conditions of a agreement, the pitch should be plainly communicated for the acceptor. Under Section 5(1) of the Deals Act 1950, “a pitch may be terminated at any time prior to communication of its acknowledgement is full as up against the proposer, however, not afterwards.

Putting on the Law for the Facts from the Problem

Mr Chan got goods by himself suggests that we have a display of products in the MJ Supermarket and allows consumers to under your own accord pick goods they like and purchase in the counter. “In the case of Fisher versus Bell [1960] 3 Every ER 731, DC it absolutely was a lawful offence under the Restriction of Offensive Guns Act 1959 to offer available any of several items, which include flick-knives. A Bristol shopkeeper R viewed such a knife in the window, using a ticket studying “Ejector blade ” 3g.  [4 shillings = 20p], and was prosecuted intended for an offence under the Action. The Divisional Court got a textual interpretation in the statute and said he had committed zero offence: the display was an invite to treat, not an offer to sell (Rahman, 2011). With regards to the Mister Chan’s circumstance, this case can be used to justify a spat of changing mind at any point of purchase ahead of a contract is manufactured. Therefore Mister Chan’s decision to leave the goods with out buying is acceptable depending on Fisher’s case.

“In the situation of Pharmaceutical Society v Boots [1953] 1 Most ER 482, CA particular products that had been to be sold only underneath the supervision of a registered pharmacologist were viewed on cabinets in a self-service shop. The Pharmaceutical World of Great The united kingdom (who are in charge of for enforcing this legislation) brought a prosecution up against the shop for allowing for customers to buy these products by simply helping themselves, but the The courtroom of Charm (upholding Head of the family Goddard CJ) said they had no circumstance. The customer having selected the products made an offer to buy when he took them to the amount desk, and there was a registered druggist supervising that time at which the sale took place (Rahman, 2011). Mr Chan does not take the goodsto the sales counter. In the case it is also mentioned that he was still looking for merchandise to purchase. Nevertheless , he revoked from the process of making a deal to the sales staff when he got a phone call. As stated in the Shoes case, the action by simply Mr Chan indicates that he did not properly complete an offer to buy. In other words, having been involved in an invitation to treat through the MJ Supermarket.


To complete a contract between Mister Chan and MJ Supermarket, there is will need to clear connection of an give and acknowledgement between both parties. Based on the discussed instances above, the display of goods are considered while an invitation to treat. Mister Chan does not complete a package to purchase items as he give up his procedure for purchasing in the centre before currently taking goods for the sales table. Futhermore, the MJ Superstore does not know about a possible give from Mister Chan.


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