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Malincho case study analysis essay

Kalin is known as a Bulgarian businessman. He attempted to establish a organization from a scratch. This situatio is about a start up business and issues arising away of a new company. Kalin had been an inexperience entrepreneur although his dedication led him to achievement, starting with scares resources. Kalin a Bulgarian national, started out a new business as a refreshing graduate he don’t have any savings. He started his business simply by obtaining mortgage from family and friends. He was in a position to get curiosity free mortgage.

his target market was the Bulgarian community living in the newjersy. In the beginning he started by simply importing feta cheese. Then he later on expanded his business simply by distributing to other towns and after one full year he started to expand his product line which he was capable to make very good profit. The Malincho circumstance deals with Kalin who started a company of adding cheese coming from his home country of Getaway, and offering it his fellow countrymen in the east coast of America.

Kalin identified in the beginning that there were a need just for this kind of item in America. So he contacted a supplier in Bulgaria and made a decision to ship above cheese. He quickly elevated funds to pay for this throughout the help of good friends. There it was repackaged and sold at reduced rates. Rapidly Kalin got established Malincho. com exactly where customers could place requests online through credit card orders. Since many people of Bulgarian background had been notcomfortable with online deals, Kalin provided goods first and asked for payment after delivery. He also launched more goods on Malincho. com. This kind of made his business expand and expand.

The Problem/Opportunity:


The main issue in the situation is to finance the company and repay the debt.


He features seen a chance to satisfy the demand of Bulgarian community inside the U. S. Organization’s quest, goals and strategies

Mission declaration:

Mentioned previously on their website “Specializing in brought in European food, where “We Bring You a Taste of Home!  with a give attention to traditional Bulgarian food products

Desired goals:

being profitable in corporate

To provide quality products at low cost

To produce trust structured relationship having its customers.

Expansion of the company by expanding its product line.

Company strategy:


As this is a brand new start up business the growth technique will be applied. Expansion from the business by simply increasing its product line by Importing Bulgarian foods and raising its goal customers

Organization strategy:


Business approach used in the case is target because the organization has goal only one marketplace segment Bulgarian community.

SWOT analysis

Strength: this company has gain trust and confidence of its customer over a period and has established a status in the community. Some weakness: the budget of the company that is liabilities in the form of debts or products on hand. Opportunity: there could be many products available in the Bulgarian market which is necessary in the Bulgarian community, which should be explore and added to the product line. Threat: In the event they do not expand

properly there are many traders looking for the opportunity, and this circumstance they can locate a competitor.


He should increase his organization.

This individual should try to find investors or perhaps get into collaboration that can help to make investment and he can acquire interest totally free financing.

He ought to expand his product line to see the chances he have not explored however.

Selected Suggestion:

Mainly because it is important to keep your business growing and ahead of any competition, Malincho must explore new releases to be put on their list of items. They have to find new opportunities to expand and look in new undertakings in order to stay ahead of any kind of new opponents. Malincho should recognize a demand for new companies acquire those to meet client’s needs. They have to seek out new items to increase their stock and provide consumers with option items.

Action Plan:

Malincho need to expand their products, and in order to do this, they have to 1st find out what they are really. Once they possess identified the products, they have to allocate a budget for anyone new products. Then they have to find a vendor who have supplies these products. The products must be of good quality and can be bought at a reasonable cost. Prices must be compared via different suppliers in order to insure the best cost. If the cost of purchase is definitely low then that merchandise can be bought at a lower price.


As new items are released, it is important to implement these people into the current system. This system can be an ERP system or a manual system. New products must be put on record so that administration can keep track of the products offered. Storage space must be allocated to get the new products so that they can be retrieved from that location when an purchase has been put.


Kalin has built a good organization that is not just providing consumers with the goods they want nevertheless also for a reasonable selling price. Since theproject started, Kalin showed initiative by offering the product to customers based on trust. The products had been delivered initially to clients first after which the payment was made. This kind of got the company more advertising as more people via Bulgarian backdrop started referring to the cheese products from Malincho. com. Quickly new products ended uphad been added to checklist. This presented a variety of items to the consumers. This helped the business grow. As the company grows, your debt owed simply by Kalin may also be paid. As Kalin found an opportunity in the Bulgarian Community, he as well understood the demand people experienced form dairy products from their home country.

This exposed an mental attachment people began to possess with the item. This will not only provide people with affordable goods but likewise help grow the company. Since Malincho truly does more business it will enhance its earnings margin. Even so there are some areas where the company should work on. Since the market part targets Bulgarian community, more items must be introduced to ensure customer dedication. Malincho also have to deal with all their debt since it should not step out of hand. Also Malincho have to stay a single step forward in this organization or traders may purchase a competitor. This can be done by using a expansion endeavor, where we look into aspects of this Bulgarian market which may have not been explored however. This will help increase the company and extend the reach to other customers. Malincho has developed a fantastic working style, however the market that this organization depends on requires constant direction. By continuously growing and expanding Malincho can continue to work and help to make profit in its purchases.


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