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Maslow s structure essay

Maslows Structure Of Demands, Grand Theory, Nursing Theorist, Theorists

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In the pantheon of nursing jobs theories, obtained theories happen to be those that get from other procedures and have been tailored to the nursing context. Many such lent theories range from different social sciences, including psychology or sociology, since they straight reflect critical issues in care including human nature and the role of human relationships in health and wellness. One could apply religious hypotheses to care for religious people, and it is likely even to consider such things as motivational theories as well, in case the nurse is trying to inspire the patient (for example, to alter behavior as a means of changing health outcomes). Lent theories possess perhaps received less analyze than both grand theories or mid-level theories, but are nevertheless a crucial source of perception for the nursing mentor, and it is essential to understand the theory, where it comes from, and exactly how it has been adapted to apply specifically for the nursing jobs context. There is certainly still debate within the medical community about the effectiveness of lent theories, because they may not really adapt perfectly to the breastfeeding context (Villarruel, et al., 2001), yet that is what makes them and so interesting – they are in accordance use but may not be properly applicable. Pertaining to the nursing educator, this is important because choosing what to instruct requires learning the nature of borrowed ideas, and their positives and negatives alike.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs derives from mindset and originated in the 1950s by simply Abraham Maslow. This theory, which describes five distinct strata of human demands and suggests that they can be found in hierarchical form, has become widely used in many areas where man motivation has been studied. It is now important not only in psychology although is taught in the human resources section of business schools not to mention in nursing schools (McLeod, 2014). The five strata of demands are, to be able of importance, physical, safety, interpersonal, esteem and self-actualization. In the middle of the theory is that the lower-order needs have to be satisfied to be able to progress to higher-order demands. In other words, people who are hungry are unable to worry about their particular social lives until they may have acquired food, then shield. Only after that can they worry about their social needs. If their social requirements are attained, then they can worry about the higher-order requirements. While there happen to be people who can be held up as exceptions – the famished artist archetype is going after self-actualization with the expense of basic physiological need – for the most part people stick to these needs. Over time, Maslow’s structure has been subject to scrutiny, nevertheless simplicity and broad applicability has allowed this to remain common in education and functional use throughout many different procedures.


Abraham Maslow desired to study the functions of effective people, and what enthusiastic them. It was through these types of studies that he developed his theory. His strategy was the two typical of that time period and unconventional. The typical component of his approach was that there were little clinical method employed in the early 20th century in psychology. This individual developed his theory more through remark and quasi-academic study than anything else. His approach was unconventional in this at the time apparently most emotional study was done around the mentally unwell, rather than the extremely successful. Mindset was more about understanding and helping those with internal difficulty, whereas Maslow was more interested in learning to help people be successful. His hierarchy was the result of that, and was released in publication form in 1954. This individual spent the remaining of his career taking care of this theory, both refining it and defending that.

Key Pieces

The key aspects of Maslow’s structure are the five different types of requirements. People have most of these needs, however the hierarchical element of these requires holds that many people are likely to prefer to fulfill the basic demands first, and after that progress. Self-actualization, for example , is actually a luxury for those who have satisfied the other needs. The hierarchical nature especially has been belittled, and it can appear which it reflects an even more individualistic traditions where self-actualization is considered crucial than the sociable group. A counter that argument is that people via cultures wherever social requires are principal are simply people who stop at that level, , nor worry about the higher-level requirements. Individuals inside those cultures – artists for example – tend to place esteem and actualization demands above the interpersonal needs actually within all those societies.

In nursing practice, esteem and actualization are often not major when Maslow’s hierarchy is usually applied to the nursing context. Instead, primary is on meeting the other needs. So much with the application is usually centered surrounding the three reduce order requires, the physiological, the safety and the social demands. Nurses typically deal with physical needs while caregivers, and often they also deal with safety needs (especially wherever physical health in concerned) and social needs.


There are many techniques Maslow’s pecking order has been applied to nursing practice. And there are methods the structure has been challenged. There are many middle-range theories, for example , that stress the position that the social group performs in physical health. This kind of theories confront the hierarchical nature of Maslow’s theory, proposing that where these kinds of needs exist, there is a two-way flow of great benefit from getting together with the requirements. Where a person’s family and friends can help improve their determination, that can encourage improvements in physiological health. Maslow never really seemed to consider the possibility, yet it is something that is found in many middle-range ideas.

However , various other nursing theories do apparently incorporate lots of the principles found in Maslow’s pecking order. They understand the role that physical overall health plays within a person’s wellbeing. For example , hypotheses that are focused towards proactive interventions are typically built over a Maslow bottom. When a nurse intervenes to improve the health of the patient by changing their behaviors, this is carried out because doing so will usually lead to better outcomes for the other components of the structure. A basic case would be regarding a medication addict. The nurse attempts to get the has to be off of the prescription drugs, because that basic level of health is a precursor to the restoration of safety (home, reliable food supply) and social requirements (family relationships, a job).

There are several examples of the application of Maslow’s hierarchy for the nursing establishing. Benson and Dundis (2003) applies Maslow’s hierarchy to training in medical. They remember that it is a crucial framework intended for understanding determination in the workplace, something which is at least of importance to health care administrators. Nurses are only likely to be motivated if the basic human demands are being met.

Zalenski Raspa (2006) apply the hierarchy of needs to the hospice environment. They tailored the five hierarchical must palliative treatment as follows. The first buy is the distressing symptoms, the second is fears pertaining to physical basic safety, of about to die or abandonment. The third can be affection, appreciate and approval in the face of disastrous illness. Your fourth is esteem, respect and appreciation pertaining to the person. The fifth remains as self-actualization. The writers argue that the first requires are all those immediate health needs, such as active pain, breathing issues, hydration or perhaps other standard physiological requirements. The initially priority ought to therefore end up being focused on meeting those requires above all else. Only when those needs are met, should practitioners in the hospice setting concentrate on other issues – fear and the frame of mind of the affected person is important. In that case, the next two needs will be basically affection and esteem, two things that important for a dying person to better recognize their condition. Knowing that theirs was a your life well-lived and they had a significant impact on people allows for those to feel better, and possess an improved palliative situation.


Resnick’s theory was put on getting people to motivate to healthier behaviours in order to boost their health. Clearly, Maslow is advantageous here, because it is a inspiration theory. Understanding the ways that individuals are motivated can in particular help the nursing practitioner understand a number of the potential obstacles. For example , it would be important for anyone to change their very own eating habits to prevent diabetes, although developing that motivation may be tricky if the only foodstuff in their region is junk food – this matter is common in certain parts of the U. S., but it can make it difficult to convince somebody to alter their patterns when they may barely pay the food they will eat previously – when ever money gets in the way, that reflects the safety will need. Appealing to a lesser order need can work although – pointing out that the patient will be struggling to provide also their most elementary needs in the event they get sick might help persuade them to take those needed steps to avoid obtaining sick to start with.


The simplicity of Maslow’s structure makes it easy to use to a a comprehensive portfolio of studies relating to people. It was developed

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