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Mcdonald s and burger king will be term paper

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Everyone wants to get chance to earn the large numbers by eating at McDonald’s, as well as the more they eat, the more they will include a chance to earn. McDonald’s campaign is popular because Monopoly itself is popular (Compbell 10. )

Amy Murray, a McDonald’s spokeswoman, explained, “McDonald’s has held the Monopoly game many time since 1987. The eating places do observe higher product sales around the region during Monopoly games for some time because it has proved to be very effective in attracting consumers. Monopoly is among the reasons McDonald’s is so popular in the fast food market” (Compbell 10).

White castle features the Whopper and the BK Broiler sandwich along with traditional fast-food fare just like fries, mixtures, and fizzy drinks. Advertising is regarded as integral for the success in the company and has developed a number of memorable promotions. The BK Broiler was obviously a grilled chicken sandwich released in 1990 and has also been highly effective, though the Whopper remains the store favorite. One particular element in the success of the company has been the sale of franchises. Restaurant interior decoration has also been regarded as important in the growth of the corporation, and White castle was the fist fast-food chain to present dining bedrooms to give customers a chance to consume inside. Drive-thru service was introduced in 1975 now accounts for 60% of the business (“Burger King” (

Promoting has been vital that you both McDonald’s and Burger King, each that has developed particular advertising campaigns through the years. McDonald’s designed campaigns about characters including Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, family promotions emphasizing quality of service and ease, and others. White castle has structured campaigns around slogans just like “Have That Your Way” and more just lately a Full character.

Burger King actively attempts to overcome the lead McDonald’s enjoys. There exists a good deal details on the marketing strategies of these two companies, and Burger King in particular has not been shy about its intent in trying to gain market share of in the fact which it has targeted McDonald’s in the advertising. More than simply advertising is involved, each aspect of advertising, from the development of new products to pricing, have been shaped to the end. Burger King has declared that its sales are not driven by cost but by quality and value, and indeed one of the reasons for the problems confronted by McDonald’s has been the increase in sales for Burger King. Digging in the Arch Deluxe series at McDonald’s benefited Burger King, where revenue went up immediately as the Posture Deluxe line failed. McDonald’s is still the country’s and the planet’s largest restaurant chain with more than 15, 000 restaurants in more than 75 countries and with total sales a year ago at $31. 8 billion dollars. Burger King taken advantage of not only via trouble by McDonald’s yet also coming from giveaways of figures via Walt Disney Co. movies, though McDonald’s has as wooed Disney back to its stores (Gibson, “Worried McDonald’s Plans Dramatic Shfits and massive Price Cuts” A6).

McDonald’s has been adding elements to its Quarter Pounder to make the latter more like the Whopper, but this can be a strategy that could backfire, as being a Northwestern College or university marketing teacher notes with reference to what he calls the “attraction effect”:

Creating a identical copy of a dominating brand may backfire simply by helping boost the dominant brand’s allure – and business (Gibson, “Anatomy of a Burger” B1).

McDonald’s and White castle, though, discover introducing a new line since even more risky for them.

The giant companies just like McDonald’s and Burger King have considerable capacity to maintain their leading positions in the industry. Acceleration is still a crucial element intended for the consumer, and drive-thru shops do very well (Kochak 69-70). The brand new McDonald’s approach includes a declare that food will be delivered in 55 secs or the consumer will receive a coupon for the free hoagie (Gibson, “Worried McDonald’s Ideas Dramatic Shfits and Big Value Cuts” A1). This sort of guarantee is recommended to the less specific photo claims created by Burger King.

The latest financials pertaining to McDonald’s present that the company has possessions of more than $29 billion. The financials intended for Burger King are certainly not available because they are part of the total picture for Pillsbury, nevertheless McDonald’s recieve more assets than all of Pillsbury at this time.


The tactics and styles pertaining to the two firms differ and still have from the beginning. Both companies applied franchising as a way of growing, but McDonald’s has usually maintained control of franchisees and has nurtured a unified image pertaining to the company, which include assuring consistent quality across all shops. Burger King franchised ore freely and so would not keep control above the stores and also the products towards the same level. In spite of the growth of Burger King, the chain suffered just for this decision and not managed to reach the kind of vividness that McDonald’s has been capable to achieve. McDonald’s manages at any time aspect of the organization of the stores, including instructing employees of all franchises precisely the same procedures. The business runs a college for its good manners in Chi town to assure top quality and persistence in all shops. While Pilsbury has attempted to institute an identical approach pertaining to Burger King given that it own’s that organization, the process is less pervasive and much less effective.

Upcoming Directions

Franchising continues to be a crucial way for this type of business to grow, with differing degrees of control exerted by the primary office for different companies. The trend toward much healthier food is usually expected to continue, and some cities and says are completing laws to enforce this kind of to a degree, as with the recent decision in Nyc to eliminate the application of all trans-fats from preparing food. Stores will continue to provide healthier editions of their merchandise and will a growing number of compete with one another to produce the healthiest alternatives, with or perhaps without the determination of a legislation.

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