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Military and social media synergy opportunities

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This paper explores the opportunities and difficulties of integrating social media in military connection. The root social media developments, technology development, and styles in technology are discovered to activity the cost-benefit analysis inherent in social websites and armed forces. The paper concludes with measures that ought to be integrated to ensure the integration of social websites with no secureness vulnerabilities.


The 21st Century has knowledgeable a revolution in global conversation. Social media features emerged as being a new information infrastructure that’s redefining people communication and interaction. Boyd Ellison (2008) notes the birth of Social networking can be followed to the launch of the World Wide Web (WWW) that gained popularity inside the 70s and 80s. The emergence of personal computers developed stage pertaining to social media. The first social websites site, Half a dozen Degree, was introduced in 1977 and lasted until 2001. Social networking hit the mainstream the year 2003 with raising access to pcs and internet penetration. Consequently, major social websites platforms including Facebook, Tweets, Instagram and LinkedIn which has a global existence have been introduced and over the many years movement emerged crucial in our daily lives (Statista, 2019). The Fourth Screen technology and traveling with a laptop that got into contact with social media with mobile-based systems redefined social networking by promoting platforms that enable instant sharing of images and videos.

Social Media is defined as a multi-layered program that includes electronic conversation that enables users to create on the net profiles through which they reveal information, articles, personal emails, among other content (Kaplan Haenlein, 2012). According to Fuchs Sandoval (2013), social media platforms fosters interaction, writing, collaboration and participation. The social media landscape has substantially become a program for interaction with relatives, friends, organization stakeholders, and even a critical method to obtain information and entertainment. A distinguishing feature of social networking is the viral nature and high flexibility of users that enables convenient sharing info by users (Ryan Thompson, 2016).

The growth of social websites usage has been exponential. When in 2005 the penetration of social media was 5% in the US, the phone number has tremendously grown to 70% in 2017. Statista, (2019) estimations that more than 2 . 77 billion social websites users around the world with a majority of internet users accounting as social media users. Seeing that inception, social media has entered our function environments, homes, and mass media. The market leading social media system Facebook studies an average of 1 ) 86 billion dollars monthly energetic users. In accordance to Kaplan Haenlein (2012), the at any time penetrating social websites has redefined communication by breaking physical barriers and emerged being a critical channel of generating revenue.

Given the permeance of social media throughout social units, there has been a decline in formalized censorship of information. Elevated integration of social media and paced evolving and interconnected information environment pauses a challenge to an inflexible and strict organization. Subsequently, the army is getting a proactive path to seizing the social media say. This daily news explores the use of social media inside the military, it is benefits, and threats and concludes with recommendation effective use of social media in the army.

Productive Utilization of Social Media

The strength of social media could be explained by the ability to create headers with below 140 character types by everyone. The platform features emerged being a network of spearheading interpersonal good and evil evenly. The Arab spring social movement, fund-collecting to support victims of earthquakes in Nepal, and the US Presidential selection are some of the social very good attributable to social media. On the compare, the pass on of extremist propaganda and recruitment by simply terror teams such as ISIS demonstrates the social bad emanating from social media (Ryan Thompson, 2016).

Social media is usually vastly expanding and there is a number of platforms on the horizon every single day

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This sort of self- disclosures have in certain circumstances resulted in far-reaching adverse consequences. Augmented by growth in technology, social media applies potential to ruin the army. Scholarly work by Boyd Ellison (2008) highlights privateness concern is actually a critical issue with the elevating popularity of Social networking. Online Metadata is emerging as a guarded secret while info mining has become an avenue of intelligence gathering. Access of social media info by terrorist organization just like ISIS creates a risk to the armed forces individuals and families. In addition , social media previous, hence types of misconduct by military employees reflects terribly on the integrity of the division of protection (Ryan Thompson, 2016)

Amplified by raising global net connectivity, social media is emerging as an instrument of war. The interweb has increasingly become a haven for crowdsourcing criminal solutions. The Boston Marathon bombing in 04 2013 can be one such criminal offense orchestrated throughout the interweb. Dread group offers adopted social websites to propagate extremist ideologies, recruit people and share technical information.


Social media has become integral to the lives permeating in diverse political, social and economic lives across the globe. The benefits and opportunities developed by social websites preclude the threats. The defense section ought to understand the opportunities and threats that social media positions in order to impact buffer approaches. The scale and scope of the benefits and risks of social media inside the military device call for building a secure military social networking interface that protects intelligence nowadays information age group. The integration of social media demands increased sensitization of military members and their families to make sure increased social networking responsibility. When banning the application of social media in the military may no longer be a choice, states will need to issue recommendations and offer teaching on social websites safety. Garside et al., (2012) remarks that Countries such as To the south Korea and the

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