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The curtain soars with the friends and family standing searching dumfoundedly by Mr Birling. They are all starting to get panicky.  Mr Birling: If a real inspector can be coming after that we need to be capable of geting our tales straight, we all dont wish to tell this kind of inspector the amount that we informed the last one.  Everyone looks at Eric and Sheila.  Mrs Birling: I really think that in the event that any of us let on then we is going to all be in really deep trouble.  Gerald: Hold on! Exactly how know that it’s the same girl that has passed away? The various other inspector could really have been bluffing and made the whole lot. It can be a girl that nobody right here has heard of.

Mr Birling: Hes right you know. But still, we had better get good alibis just in case is it doesn’t same woman.  Eric: Nevertheless how would he be aware that this was going to happen? It cant you need to be a chance.  Eric taking walks over to the drinks and pours himself a small bourbon. Nobody seems to notice apart from Sheila, who is horrified.  I mean, he must have known that this was going to happen. I cant only accept that it was a coincidence.  Mr Birling: Anyway, that doesnt subject now. I doubt that he will give the information that he got out individuals to anybody else. I do think that he just came up here to scare all of us.

Sheila: So what? if he passes for the information to anybody otherwise? It does matter what we did because I believe that we have driven a perfectly blameless girl to suicide. Of course it issues. Cant the thing is that?  There is a very long pause.  Well, I never care what any of you say concerning this, Im likely to tell him the fact.  Mr Birling: Oh no they are not! Youre going to Eric: Dont the thing is that shes right dad. We have to tell him what happened and what we have the ability to done. If Sheila will not, then I will certainly. I can’t live with anything like that on my conscience.

Mr Birling: Shut up both of you! The only purpose that I don’t throw you both out into the streets is the fact I don’t want any one of this for being public. It might create a scandal. If there is a scandal then simply both Mister Croft and i also will lose the reputations as honourable men. Nobody is going to buy from us any more and we will therefore move bankrupt. It will eventually spoil my chances of acquiring a knighthood.  Sheila: Who cares about your silly knighthood. Between all of us we have motivated this girl to suicide.  Gerald: How do you realize that? It could be a totally different woman.

Mr Birling: I hadnt finished! Eric, I want my �50 backside. When youve angrily paid that back then I believe that I will throw you out. Their about time you learnt a lesson. Never forget that it was you who also got all of us into this mess in the first place.  Eric: Not any it wasnt. We all would our tad to get rid of this girl. We need to tell the fact.  Mr Birling: If we do, then very well become under and youll have to live on the roads anyway.  Gerald: Hes right. If any kind of this gets out then simply both your dad and I will be ruined. You wouldnt want that would you Sheila?

Lin: I don’t care about any of that any more.  Sheila, who will be now in a blind rage, storms from the room. Eric walks to the refreshments and is about to pour a single when he prevents and realises what he is doing. He looks at every person in the room and walks away after Andrea. The others exchange worried glances.  Mr Birling: Well, had been well reduce them. For least they cant inform the Inspector what weve done.  They hear a door slam.  Mrs Birling: That was the front door. I am hoping they have not yet run off.

Gerald: Theyll end up being alright. Joshua can look after Sheila she needs a little fresh air. Shes been cooped up in here all night. I hope that will give her a bit of time for you to rethink my proposal. Your woman was becoming a bit light-headed.  Mr Birling: Yes, youre right. We could worry about these two afterwards. At the moment we now have much more significant things to think about, just like what had been going to tell the Inspector.  Mrs Birling: I think that individuals should just deny all familiarity with this girl. My spouse and i doubt that hell manage to pin us down. If he really does know as much as the last a single did, well just have to stone cold bluff it out immediately.  Mr Birling: Youre right. Well merely completely refuse that we at any time knew her.

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