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Modern nigerian cinema


The Nigerian cinema, frequently referred to unofficially as Nollywood, comprises of movies made in Nigeria, its record goes long ago as the colonial period, late 19th century. During that time period the first medium of watching films in Nigeria came while viewing of motion pictures through peephole.

According to Emeagwali (2004) These were soon replaced at the beginning of the twentieth century with better movie presentation equipment, with the first set of films screened on the Glover Funeral service Hall in Lagos from the 12th to 22nd of August 1903. The earliest film that was shot inside the Nigeria was Palaver a romance episode shot in 1926 simply by Geoffrey Barkas. It was as well the very first to feature Nigerians in speaking roles. As in 1954, mobile film vans played to at least 3 , 000, 000 people in Nigeria, and films staying produced by the Nigerian Film Unit were screened totally free at the forty-four available concert halls. The 1st film specifically copyrighted to the Nigerian Film unit is definitely Fincho (1957) by Sam Zebba, which the first Nigerian film to be shot in colour Goethe Institute.

According to the Nigerian Television set Authority (NTA 2001) television set broadcasting in Nigeria started in the late1950s as European Nigerian Government Broadcasting Firm (WNTV) and received much government assistance in its commencing. By the mid-1980s every express had its broadcasting station. (NIFICON 2010) stated that Law limited foreign tv set content so producers in Lagos started televising regional popular theatre productions. These were distributed on videotape too, and a small-scale unofficial video film trade produced.

Some individuals point to the 1992 film Living in Bondage, a film in regards to a man whose businesses which has a cult result in the loss of life of his spouse, because the industrys first noteworthy film which can be called a ‘blockbuster’. Within the period of 25 years, so many videos have been introduced running in to the high tens of thousands as it was explained that Nollywood produces a whopping 1, 500 films per year (Flock 2017). One of the first Nigerian films to get international attention was the 2003 release of Osuofia In London, featuring Nkem Owoh, a famous Nigerian comedian.

Modern Nigerian cinemas most productive auteur can be Chico Ejiro, who directed over eighty films within a 5-year period and boasts that he can complete development on a movie in as little as 3 days. Chicos brother Zeb Ejiro is definitely the best-known representative of these movies outside Nigeria.

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