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Moral decision circumstance worksheet article

Shannon met with several of Janet’s clientele. After ending up in clients, she discovered a pattern when the clients will report they have not noticed Janet in 2 to 3 several weeks. However , the case files mirrored face-to-face contact with all of her clients, despite what her clients mentioned. When Shannon investigated even more, she found that the consumer notes were all at the same day and time, which is unlikely. Further more, several of Janet’s clients needed referrals for counseling, nevertheless Janet by no means completed them and has not followed up to assure her clientele are receiving the necessary providers.

Jeremy is a close friend of Shannon. Shannon would not want to get Jesse in trouble but realizes anything must be done.

Response, in a 75- to 100-word response, each one of the following questions:

1 . Exactly what are the honest issues mixed up in scenario?

Shannon is a juvenile probation officer that works pertaining to the Department of justice: she covered Janet’s casework and clients while Jeremy was out.

The girl seen that Janet can be lying onto her paperwork declaring the your woman sees her clients on a regular basis, when her clients stated otherwise. Jesse is also completing all of the paperwork on the same day time with the same notes and times. This is impossible to do so that it means that none of them of her notes will be true and she is revealing false data. Janet is not referring her consumers when needed and is not undertaking her job right. Fidelity is improving the trust thatclients put in place their helpers and guarding against a great erosion of the trust. Adjoint are careful to fulfill their particular responsibilities, retain promises, and become honest inside their interactions with clients. Accuracy means staying honest with clients. Human service pros commit to featuring clients with all the information that they need also to providing good and honest feedback.

2 . What consumer rights are involved in the situation?

The client legal rights that are involved in this scenario are privacy, and informed consent. The level of privacy rights were somewhat violated because the customers file was handed to another helper. Therefore this helper browse the file and knew each of the clients details. It is also the clients directly to know the about the requirements, treatment, procedure, cost of providers, confidentiality and enjoying the records the helper maintains of them. Your customer was clearly non given access to the record the helper stored of them: in the event so they sold have seen that the helper was giving false paperwork and information.

3. What, if virtually any, client rights were broken?

Janet had not been taking notes onto her clients and never seeing these people regularly because all of her notes had been done around the same time, and on similar day. The consumer is clearly not getting the interest they need. Her clients will be stating they have not found her in 2 to 3 weeks. However Jeremy is not being truthful regarding her job.

4. How you would utilize ethical decision-making model to deal with or solve the situation?


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