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My dad goes to court by carlos bulosan composition


The story is placed in a metropolis in the Thailand. The small narrator begins by describing his large family. Although they are poor they are filled with mischief and laughter. Your children are all good and healthful even though they often times go starving. In contrast, all their rich neighbor’s children are thin and very sickly although they receive plenty of good food, which in turn their indigent neighbors delight in smelling above the fence. Consequently, the rich man delivers a charge against the narrator’s family for stealing the spirit of his family’s food.

The absurd case goes to court, and the narrator’s father agrees to pay back the rich neighbors. He performs this by collecting coins from all his friends within his head wear, then trembling the loath full of gold coins. Being charged to cover the soul of foodstuff which his family supposedly got from the smell, he maintains the jingling from the coins can be described as fair comparative.

The judge rules in the poor father’s favour, and the rich man is forced to depart without having other payment than the “spirit of the money the poor guy collected.

I. Plot

Motivation Movement

” The young narrator begins by describing his large relatives

Rising Action

” Grievance of the abundant man for the father when it comes to with the spirit and prosperous food triggering for his family became thin and sick.


” In this story, the abundant family and poor family possessing a conflict in each other.


” The tension from this story is usually when

Slipping Action

” It can be accurate to the story as the father provide also the questions that given by the lawyer from the rich person and then subsequent is about how the poor man will pay for that.

II. Heroes

(The young narrator, Father, better half and his kids, Rich man with his kids, servants, policeman, judge as well as the lawyer. ) ” The character seems actual and depth in feelings and they are familiar in their stereotypes. And their reasons were understandable that we can relate to all of them. The Good guy/s which is the daddy was a great and just like the bad guys/s which is the rich gentleman that it is actually bad.

III. Setting

” The storyline is set within a city inside the Philippines that accurate to what the story everything regarding. The setting of the account is very Philippine, people in the barrio, supporting each other. The young narrator is allowing for the readers to have what they are browsing so that viewers could picture clearly the positioning around the heroes.

IV. Viewpoint

” This Brief story is known as a 2nd perspective because the small narrator on its own is in the account. He or She is inside of the story she or he is telling what is happening presently there.

Sixth is v. Figurative Vocabulary

” In this matter it uses Hyperbole because it says here that the poor relatives was thieving the nature and prosperous of the foodstuff by smelling it simply causing intended for the rich family started to be thin and sickly. And in addition consider the paying with the father with their food heart and wealthy ny jingling the cash.

one particular

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