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My own philosophy of education is rather difficult

for me to describe. There are

various parts of each of our educational system that I don’t agree with. The web that I see far

way too many problems, but offer few answers. The modern educational devices seem so trendy

and political. It almost seems like we ought to not get more comfortable with any one technique of

doing points because plans and procedures change so frequently.

My own, personal philosophy is one

that many people have heard about, If its not damaged, then never fix it!. This really is simple

and thus am I.

Upon reading a number of the different philosophical views to education, I actually

found a large number of really good suggestions. Each philosophy is presented very beautifully. And why

not? Those who set forth these particular concepts were extremely passionate about what

they believed in. Unfortunately, we could all debate about the various philosophical

sights of education until we are blue in the face.

This kind of still will not actually make a single

opinion, greater than any of the others. We all possess opinions, that which we need is common

ground between them. Hopefully, that is certainly what my personal educational philosophy stands for.

The metaphysics, or nature of reality, of my viewpoint starts with the subjects we

examine in school. Subjects should be efficient to present day world. Each of our educational system

is far more varied today than it has ever been, and our topic should reveal that.

The fact of the subjects studied at school, should also echo upon the actual in every single

students environment. Reality can change, because conditions change. Books

and materials become somewhat obsolete after having a while because our culture alterations so

swiftly. That is not to express that classic pieces of literary works are not of use in the classroom

but each fictional product presented in the classroom should certainly hold several information that may be

relatively useful for all of the students.

When considering metaphysics in the classroom, I believe that religion is

some thing for outside the class room. There are far too many religious morals in the

community to accommodate every one of them, so that is definitely an area that is better left alone.

This leaves plenty of

time for other areas of development. In case it is the would like of a friends and family to have faith

addressed in their classroom, then there are specific specialized educational institutions that do just that. I

believe that it is the responsibility in the church to educate their junior in these areas.

Lastly, publishing skills are very important to the metaphysics of my own educational

philosophy. Writing is essential in order to effectively document occasions and views.

Distinguishing the difference between reality and hype can be quite tough.

But a strong

first step toward writing skills make discovering reality, very much easier.

The epistemology, or nature of knowledge, in my philosophy is much like that of

the pragmatists. I believe that interaction with the environment is known as a key a part of education.

Education should extend outside of the classroom. Life is a constant learning process in

itself. If we compared how much time we learn in classrooms for the amount all of us learn away

of them, there is not any comparison.

If an environmental science school is understanding how to use

a compass in the woods, in that case that is precisely what they should do, literally.

An additional part of my epistemology is usually problem solving. Yet again I find myself

going with the pragmatist view. There are plenty of people who are publication smart, although not so

a lot of those people can practically apply that expertise. Todays system praises short

term storage. Far too many themes are trained and then neglected.

Whenever we desire to maintain

information then it must be useful and interesting to us. Knowledge features definitely taken a

again seat for the test rating. It is very feasible to obtain an A, in a subject matter but not

basically learn anything about it. Todays society values grades, not knowledge. They are

two completely different things.

The axiology, or the nature of values, is likewise a very very sensitive area to touch after.

Moral beliefs, for the most part, needs to be taught in the home. Ethics is surely an important part of

education (plagiarism, dishonesty, and so forth ). If ethical values are going to be worthwhile, then

they need to be part of existence outside of the classroom too. If the difference between values

outside of institution differs tremendously from that of ethics in the classroom, the learning

process can be greatly impeded. A perfect model, in my mind, is definitely the recent misfortune at

Columbine high school in Colorado.

The students whom went into school with.

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