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Native american cultural factors apply

Natives, Albert Bandura, Abraham Maslow, Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs

Excerpt from Essay:

The Navajo traded plus the Apache raided. Maslow’s second level – security needs – corelates well to prospects tribes whose culture is at growing corn, squash, and beans. They needed security and safety from the people like the Apache that raided Indian camps for meals. They did not need everything on Maslow’s list (health insurance, constant employment) of course , but they would need “shelter from the environment” and their environment included marauding tribes such as the Apache (Pritzker, pp. 4-5).

The South west tribes’ ethnic ritual of trading spouses, dancers, a shaman or possibly a ritualist (one who programs the power of the dead) was an early Native American example of Maslow’s “social needs” idea. Love, that belong, affection, friendships, and loving attachments happen to be among the sociable needs Maslow talked about and psychologically the Southwestern tribes had their particular psychological methods to meeting these needs.

In the meantime Brendan January’s book Indigenous American Skill Culture shows the fresh Native American as going through “an important ritual” in order to become the. The adolescent learned tips on how to survive by itself in the hillsides by observing his father and his parents. The young boy learned how to hope to a nature “for a vision that would become his guardian” and assistant for every his existence. It might be an eagle, or possibly a bear, or perhaps thunder. Observing older men carrying out this practice fits in with Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory. Persons learn through observation of the live model that functions out a behavior, in accordance to Regarding. com. Bandura also made the theory that “mental states” are very key to learning, and his elders guided the young Indian as he appreciated the link between your “natural and supernatural worlds” (Pritzker, g. 5).

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