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New york condition and town essay

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Ny: State and City

Be enough to say, the French adage “plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose” is still true today as it was might be Jacob Riis in the late 1800s. This is especially relevant when looking the conditions of women in the workplace that can only be described as dire and dismal. Though between that period and at present, there are major improvements and improvements in women’s working lives, there are still commonalities though. Hence, the more things change the more they continue to be the same and Riis’ articles are testimony to this since having been able to present how society was in that case and how contemporary society is now particularly in the treatment of ladies in the workplace. Reading through the whole chapter, one can truly feel unnerved and question whats the reason in a world and country that principles freedom, equality and advantage allowed for this kind of miserable circumstances to happen with all the other half from the population – women. From beginning before the end of the chapter, Riis described the sorry point out of women with the workplace nevertheless how they lived their hails from general in supposedly one of the most promising urban centers in the world. Stories of gloom and disaster were the contents in the chapter and it was quite disheartening to realize that these occurred in one of the cradles of democracy.

One of the very things that would spring to mind in reading the part is that girls during that time were reduced to a lifestyle of servitude with anyone who they be employed by. Whether while servants in homes from the affluent or perhaps employees for various businesses, their scenarios could be similar to slaves ultimately under the mercy of their professionals. From the pittance they generate after working often a lot more than eight hours a day, they can be even fined for the simplest of infractions all mainly because their companies could do it and go away with that. As what Riis published (1890), “the fact that salary averaging by $2 to $4. 55 a week had been reduced by excessive aigu?, the business employers placing a value upon period lost which is not given to companies rendered. inches The women who had been victims on this transgression cannot do anything yet merely “grin and bear” because complaining would just see them back out for the streets and immediately substituted by the throngs of women trying to find work. Even though this situation may very well be as “not occurring anymore in the United States, you may still find underground businesses who retain the services of illegal immigrants and are remedied in the same way. Even more, other countries with poor labor laws and regulations and not because free as the United States take care of women staff in the same manner. They are really what the Us was over the hundred years in the past and ideally things will change for the better the in the same manner while how things evolved inside our nation.

There is condition in the workplace that is referred to as “looking on the glass ceiling” and they have something to do with women striving to be able to the cup and have the same or better opportunities while men at work. This means getting the same amount of pay for precisely the same work males do and being able to get offered also. Riis provided an excellent insight in the chapter regarding the enormity of the “looking in the glass ceiling” syndrome particularly with regards towards the disparity between the wages of men and women in that time. It is just a known reality men’s salary cannot land below a establish limit upon which they can exist, although woman’s wages have no limit, since the routes of waste are always available to her, had written Riis (1890). The situation is pretty similar at present because there have already been studies showing that the fact that ladies earn less compared to guys even though they will both are

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