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Noodle express business proposal dissertation

1 ) Overview of the business enterprise

Noodle Share is a noodle shop that offers Healthy Noodles. All the substances are prepared refreshing and ready to prepare. The noodles contain proteins, carbohydrates, nutritional supplements. The way we prepare the noodles differs from the common way on how it is well prepared here in the Philippines. The idea of this is descends from a noodle shop in Thailand. We all serve noodles on the spot while the customers notice and wait for an food they may have ordered to get served.

The noodles are served refreshing and hot to the clients immediately. We don’t use preservatives but we use new ingredients in making it. The organization follows the Thai merchant that is used in selling noodles to individuals. They use mobile stalls to wheel all their locations every day. Noodle Share goes to the customers and not those to come to us. We all make and serve the noodles because they wait.

installment payments on your Target Market Each of our target market is a people surviving in small areas.

One of many basic demands of a person is foodstuff. We serve noodles to folks in any spots particularly the low class. Mobile phone stalls are more comfortable with sell noodles to the consumers. Instead of people going to shop to eat, all of us use mobile phone stalls for us to go to these people. The advantage of each of our business is that we permit customer find the flavor they desire. In Asia, most of the noodles they are selling are hot and spicy while within the Korea, people require a different taste. The noodles benefits for all those because it is not simply healthy nevertheless also cost-effective and cheap as well.

several. SWOT evaluation

Strength Why do we consider Noodle Express a healthy business? Every one of the ingredients will be fresh and natural. It includes Carbohydrates (noodle), proteins, (meat), vitamins and minerals (vegetables). It is cost-effective and is beneficial to all especially when our marketplace is the low class. The noodles include fresh elements and are not preservatives.

Weak point

Opportunities A big benefit is that noodles are easy to promote. It is inexpensive for all. Clients can pick the flavors they use by adding sugars, vinegar or maybe spices issues noodles. As Noodle Communicate uses mobile stalls since vendors, the business enterprise can easily head to different places to sell the noodles to other consumers. It is not only the mobile stores but the business also sets up a store for people to come and eat.


4. Findings and Tips

Our business is affordable, cheap and the best thing of, healthy. Persons can afford this since we offer a cheap price for them to acquire. Noodle Express is a powerful business since it is beneficial for any. We visit the customers and they go to all of us. Not only that it really is fresh, but it is also a normal food that people could consume. Noodles will be healthy particularly when the ingredients include more new veggies.


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