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Nursing well being nursing analysis after meeting

Rest Deprivation, Sensory Perception, Assessment Activity, Friends and family Assessment

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Medical Assessment

After interviewing the Finkelstein family, I found there were issues in the physical areas such as in Values, well being perception, Diet, Activity/Exercise and Sleep/Rest except for Elimination. Nevertheless , the internal areas just like Cognitive, Sensory-Perception, Self-Perception, Role Relationship, Libido, and Coping were extremely functional among three people excluding the daddy. I feel that that health issues or maybe the physical condition of this is due to too little of focus and coming together as a relatives. The ages from this family range between 39 to 5 several weeks, leaving the father at 39, the mom at thirty six, the child at a few, and the child 5 weeks old. Individually, they are mindful of themselves but they do not focus on one another as a group. Among a family group of four, they can be close but they lack good time together with exclusion of watching television. Therefore , my personal assessment of this family is that they can need help when it comes to their physical health, which usually needs specialist counseling.

Following that, the Finkelstein family includes a mother and father along with two children; a child and a son. Their very own health belief is extremely poor especially when it is concerning the daddy. The father is known as a smoker that has chest pain often , head aches, and back aches near his heart yet refuses to visit a doctor. It really is clear that the father does not have a good wellbeing of heath seeking habit. Despite the father, the rest of the friends and family goes to the doctor’s workplace even though it is only when they are unwell and not pertaining to regular checks. At least they have a lot of sense of any health searching for behavior. At the same time, the father are at risk for harm because he offers trouble along with his back and precisely what is causing his back ache is usually unknown as they has not received any medical therapy along with not knowing how to seek treatment. Furthermore, some of the diagnosis that he posseses an Ineffective Overall health Maintenance as they refuses to seek out a doctor’s help wonderful aches and pains can indicate additional deeper problems. This demonstrates that the relatives needs guidance to address the issues of not really seeking medical assistance since this individual shows poor judgment in seeking a physician.

“Ineffective overall health maintenance related to lack of ability to generate good decision regarding methods to obtain support as confirmed by individual statement “I’m just so stressed, I don’t know what to do anymore” (Ackley, B. J., Ladwig, G. B., 2008).

Along with poor health understanding, the Nutrition and Sleep/Rest of the relatives needs improvement. This is because almost all of the meals will not contain balanced portions of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes the meals simply contain a meat, beef, chicken breast or pork. Furthermore, the five-year-old child has a diet plan of chicken nuggets, Fries, hot dogs, chips, cookies and candy, which has almost no of diet. The only person who actually consumes a balanced meals is the mom because she actually is still breast-feeding her five-month-old daughter. Nevertheless , the mother and the dad have lack of sleep . because she is breast feeding every single two to three several hours and he can staying up all night watching tv. The son has to be forced to turn off the tv at night for him to fall asleep. This television issue sometimes takes two or three several hours, leaving the child tired in the morning for pre-school. Despite the health and fitness of powerful breast feeding, there is a risk of and actual diagnosis of Imbalanced Diet, which is less than what the body system requires. Put simply, this is not getting the actual need to keep a healthy diet. Along with poor eating habits, the family is in danger for Disrupted Sleep Design and Exposure to possible Sleep Deprival because they cannot

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