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Oedipus rex character examination essay

Oedipus Rex

Sophocles Oedipus the King sustains this ideology that the title character pursues a path which happens to be foretold. Oedipus was decided to save his city and find out his identification, however he ultimately helps in his individual downfall. Oedipus fall by his kingly status was not by accident or perhaps because of somebody else. Oedipus is a only one that can be blamed for his bad luck. Oedipus persona traits are shown the majority of clearly during his turning downfall, thinking he is an easy man, whom knows nothing at all, yet being aware of more than he realizes by the end of the account.

Throughout the story, Oedipus not enough patience is quite evident. Wishing to end this mystery in the death of Laios as fast as possible, Oedipus goes an edict to get rid of anyone who withholds information. Teiresias tested Oedipus patience initially of the story with info he was withholding, For you might rouse a really stone to wrath. This kind of impatient accusing of Teiresias proved to be bad, especially since Teiresias foretold the ending of the story. If Oedipus had been even more patient and waited, he may have not been quite so annoyed about the near future, nor shaken up with what was to happen.

However , the particular one trait would not alone remove his situation of high power. Oedipus displayed anger throughout the whole history, which would not help him at all. Throughout the story, all of us learn of Oedipus anger when he knocked a passerby at the meeting in the three freeways, I staying enraged, hit him who jostled me Later, this passerby which he angrily and quickly killed, was revealed to become Laios, Oedipus father. Oedipus anger is additionally shown when he begins to insult Teiresias by calling him an old man, Blind as you are in sight, and ear, and brain!

The final trait that was Oedipus’ very best enemy throughout the play was his individual truthfulness. Whenever new specifics presented themselves, Oedipus gave them a genuine look. The moment it was think that Oedipus was involved, this individual acknowledged it. Oedipus by no means held back any kind of evidence aiming to his possible future eviction and loss of his kingly position. As the plot grew to the uppermost point, Oedipus proceeds account of the Shepherd, as he desired to hear more. This feature was the binding trait that brought Oedipus downfall. If perhaps Oedipus concealed all the details concerning himself, he could have easily hidden this because nobody knows that he killed his father.

Launched as a nurturing and concerned Full, he abruptly emerges like a rash and presumptuous personality whose decisions are not well founded. His traits of anger, lack of patience, and truthfulness, each helped increase the speed of his drop of electricity. Unfortunately, pertaining to Oedipus, this decline of power led to the plucking of his own sight. Oedipus damaging behavior at some point leads to the realization of his true identity that also provides this horrifying truth to dishonor his family and eliminate his image in the eyes of the people.

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