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On line grading program essay

Chapter My spouse and i

Nowadays, computers and other technology are very useful in the domains of education especially in our day to day activities. The value of pcs cannot be refused in the areas of education because as we both know, computers are extremely significant when it comes to learning and working. With those systems, we can save time for alternative activities. Computers connected with internet also serve as valuable tools pertaining to communication. Through this process different kinds of detailed information and measures of students’ performance are converted into grades that summarize students’ accomplishment.

On-line Grading Strategy is designed to give incentive reward for achievements and aid in identifying concerns of the pupil. Grading Method is the most widely used in computing and studying the performance, talent and skills of student? Grading system is a workout in specialist judgment for the professors.

It requires the collection and evaluation of evidence in students’ achievement or efficiency over particular period of time. Father and mother can perspective and up-to-date on the performance of their children.

Whilst teachers work load can be minimize through computer the marks automatically. On the net Grading System of Cauayan Southern region Central School (CSCS) can be design to supply the system where in the parents of the students of Cauayan South Central Institution (CSCS) may access the grades with their children. Originally, the school was opened back in 1953 through the initiation and encouragement from the late Teodoro Cariňo, who was at that time the Division Academic Supervisor coming from Pangasinan who have resided here in Cauayan. The Teaching Personnel welcomed and embraced the growing enrolment. Though their very own sincere and dedicated service to the community, they will begged to get more school buildings to house the college children hungry for formal education.

From this level of watch, the school will certainly serve as an effective instrument due to vast extent of outreach and of how big is the people. To enhance this contribution to social, intellectual and cultural advancement, it has to maintain and speed up its progress to be able to handle fully with changing globe. It is assumed that together with the time examined, loyalty and cooperation with the school officials and teachers, the CSCS will surely be the best display window with the City Split. Thus, these reasons drove the researcher to conduct a study regarding the Online Grading System, which will aims to boost their present program.

Statement with the Problem

This kind of study was conducted to assess the present of Cauayan Southern region Central Institution Online grading system and aims to computerize the documents of the registrants of Cauayan Southern Central Institution. Particularly the examine attempted to solution the following queries:

1 . To what extent would be the problems found by the college students and professors in the present system in terms of: a. Security of records

w. Efficiency from the present system

c. Economics

2 . Precisely what is the respondents’ evaluation around the advantages of the proposed On the net Grading with the Students Record System regarding: a. Protection of information

w. Efficiency of the present program

c. Economics

3. Do they offer a significant difference in the evaluation within the problems came across as identified by the three groups of participants in terms of: a. Security of Records

b. Efficiency of the present system

c. Economics


A result of this research “A recommended Online Grading System for Cauayan Southern region Central University, Cauayan Metropolis, Isabela are extremely important to the following: To the institution ” The consequence of this research will definitely help the Cauayan South Central Institution, Cauayan Town, Isabela not anymore have to re-compute the grades of each pupil to check on all their accuracy. Information such as grading sheets and class documents can be published on time by means of online.

For the faculty Educators ” Instructors would be able to record and calculate for the grades of their students in just about any place or perhaps in any time with an internet connection and faster thereby lessening their workload and providing associated with added a chance to attend to additional functions. This in turn would improve their efficiency because teachers.

For the Students ” Students are now able to look forward to better lessons since their professors would have added time to get ready for them their lesson plans.

Towards the Parents of the Students ” The parents can know the quality of their children through on-line. To the researchers ” This study improves the knowledge of the researcher in writing and coding. Furthermore, this kind of study gave the opportunity to the researcher to learn and work more to get competent in her discipline of interest. To the Future Research workers ” this study will certainly focus because an instrument pertaining to researcher related activities and definitely will help them gain insights about the study and the way to go about that.

Definition of Terms

Computer. It can be any equipment that will three points accept composition, process it according to prescribed guidelines and create the result because output.

Computer system Program. From this study, it is a set of instructions in some computer language can be executed on the computer to accomplish a useful activity. Data. In this study, it’s the plural of the Latin datensatz (fachsprachlich), meaning an item of information next classical use, one time of information. Input. From this study, is it doesn’t information joined in a pc for processing. Information System. In this analyze, in coding it is a variety of routines stored in a file. In every set of instruction in a catalogue has a brand and executes a different, typically very specific task. Program. In this research, it is a collection component factors that work with each other to perform a task Software. In this study, this can be a computer program, instruction that cause the hardware the machine to do work.


This study was conducted at Cauayan To the south Central Institution involving the pupils, teachers and oldsters during the Institution Year 2014-2015

This analyze focused on the assessment of the student’s grades of Cauayan South Central School and the development of the internet grading System. This research is limited just to the scholar’s grade and cover the other transaction of the school. It can not be used for discussion. If the instructor submitted wrong grades of student, the online system is notreliable in human error. The grade encoding process relies upon internet connection

Chapter 2

Review of Related Literary works and Research

To be familiar with the analysis, the researchers gathered a few information through surfing the world wide web and checking text book to better their related literature and studies.

Neighborhood Literature

According to Torall (200) believe with all the a down economy were facing, having a web page now is very important among small , and medium companies and use it as medium to market product and disseminate corporate information. Having a website communication where one can become a member of.

Foreign Studies

According to Moreno (2000), School has become in their own website but they have to effectively employ this technology to get real rewards to their market: students, parents, teachers, and school representatives. The World Wide Web is among the most effective conversation technologies today. A school website can expand opportunities for the patients parents to communicate with the school and become more up to date about the training their children have become. Teachers are able to use the school site to share ideas with other teacher and cause them to become available actually to all others.

A school websites can also allow parents to voice out there concerns to varsity officials. Some parents avoid communicating with their children’s university because they cannot feel comfortable speaking with teachers or they think all their concerns will not be heard and some are simply burned out by their operate. When the will need arises, various parents and teachers end up unable to get in touch with each other. Institution websites can greatly get rid of barriers in involving father and mother in the institution.

Foreign Books

Castro(2000). The net is the Gutenberg press of the time. Merely above any person can create their own world wide web. Web site after which present that to the internet general public. Some webpage belongs to business with in order to sell, different to individuals with information to share.

Randall(1996) an English professor in the University of Waterloo Canada, heist the author of several books about the internet. Countless companies, firm, and individuals are looking to the net as an important means distributing information. If you’re not component to it, most likely already somewhat behind. Getting onto the web is like jumping onto the greatest stage at any time designed. As you put your page in the web, you aren’t inviting the earth become take a look. Most net user refuses to bother, both because they’re not interested or, much more likely, because they will never get acquainted with your contribution (it’s a big stage).

Realizing that the average person, if they begin to consider CCTV, offers little way of knowing where to find expert advice at reasonable cost, we now have set up this website to bring jointly some of the leading people and organizations working in this discipline. The companies and individual found on this web site are individuals who do not just speak about excellence, but both believe in it, and make sure that it operates through just about every fibred of there organization and coping with costumers.

Local Studies

Insight into Government Webs site Issued (www.nee.edu.ph.com) The National Laptop Center (NCC) recently issued memorandum curricular 2002-01, “Guidance on Creation of the agency’s official internet site and compliance to the Web commerce law and stage one of many UN-ASPA level of E-Government. The circular further says that the pc agency will coordinate and provide technical assist with national gov departments (NGAs), County Units (LGU) and state universities and collage (SUCs) to ensure that they have website that may provide fundamental public information. The essential information includes the following; company aims composition and required each product.

Mangulit (2001) Book Store Inc. Relating to Mangulit, Website right now number by millions. You will find personal Internet site, corporate internet site, small business Website, and so on. As well as the number of web page just retains on developing each day. Website provides two real value-adding services. Website allows firms to either make more money or save money. Business can make additional money by selling their very own product and services through the website. The site also to save money allow organization.

According to Ducusin, Many Business School, Individual, and Government agencies in any way levels have rushed to determine a existence on the internet. The attraction is the capability to quick and inexpensively provides information to a large number of people. The website can easily provides the general public with details about government agencies also provide about organizations mission, service offered, workplace hour, and email put for messages. Eventually users of the WORLD WIDE WEB will be able to submit request to the agency intended for document or other inquires directly though the webpage. Also provide information about the gov departments and the services that they give. Many of the communications between residents and federal government that require visit to government business office could be controlling through home page in the internet. Request for permits driver’s license record, papers and forms could become handled through the internet.

Phase III

Specialized Background

At the moment, Cauayan South Central University, Cauayan Town, Isabela are using manual program in grading of student’s. They are employing forms to the student transaction in the institution and then maintain it in drawer or case for safe keeping.! PHP platform was used in the development of the program. Since the project is designed as a client server software, two or more networked computers are needed in the school pertaining to the implementation of the project. The program will be used by the educators. The teacher’s and student’s must registered if new and does not have record but in the website.

Once the learners is already registered in the internet site and really wants to have their grade, the student or the parent can just search student’s record, and then insight his or her results and advice in the website for theupdate of student’s record. Below are the solutions used in the introduction of computerized dental and medical record program.



Platform utilized in the development of program

Ms Windows several, 8, XP

Operating-system (minimum requirement)

SQL Server Data source 2005

Database (minimum requirement)

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, RockMelt, and Firefox Browsers (recommended use of Google Chrome)


Laptop Unit Specs (minimum requirement)

one particular gigahertz (GHz) or quicker 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor chip 1 g/b (GB) MEMORY (32-bit) or 2 GIGABITE RAM (64-bit)

sixteen GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1 ) 0 or more driver

Internet Connection

Inkjet Printer (for report printing)


Hub and UTP wires were used in marketing the personal computers.


System user must be proficient in employing computer.

Phase IV


The strategy chapter supplies the details of the step by step techniques used in growing the Online Grading System. The project techniques will be discussed in detail. Requirements Specification

The proponent applied the System Creation Life Cycle (SDLC) ” a structured analysis concept in developing a program.


The proponent performed first investigation for the school exactly where we able to identify the task and circulation of manual grading.


Following the investigation, the proponent build logical unit for the brand new system structured from the customer requirements.


At this time the supporter design the user-interface and identify all necessary outputs, inputs, and processes. Additionally the supporter design internal and external controls which includes computer based and manual features to guarantee that the system will be trusted, accurate, supportable and safeguarded.


My spouse and i this period the supporter constructed the new system. System is created, tested and documented and system is mounted. Phase


At this moment, the medical clinic staff retains and defends the system.

Based on the phases and deliverables in the SDLC, Number 1 reveals the schedule of the investigator undergone. The whole study is usually accomplished in 2014

Physique 2?

Data Gathering Methods

1st, the investigator prepared a letter seeking for the approval from your principal identity

After looking for approval, the researcher prepared the questionnaires, have them checked out and approved by the Research Teacher and then provide the forms to the respondents.

Data Gathering Instruments

This study utilized the Forms as its key instrument in gathering info. It also utilized interview to support the data andinformation gathered from the questionnaires. This will likely also be supplemented by findings and documented analysis.


The researcher used the questionnaire technique in collecting data within a large number of people. The questionnaire undergone diverse kind of approval; first, the questionnaire was checked by the adviser to ensure that is related to the statement in the problem. Second, the The english language Critic made sure that the sentence structure and transliteration were ceorrect.


The researcher evaluated the principal to obtain pertinent info and correct information that might help in bettering their manual grading.


Observation was created by the investigator to get more information about the current method.

Internet Researcher

The researcher used the internet to gather additional information regarding Online Grading System.

Catalogue Reseacher

Library exploration was required for defining conditions in the analyze and offered as a research in making doc analysis from similar studies and procedures. The method helped the researcher and served as a information on how to organized data that is certainly needed for the study.

Figure three or more: Input-Process-Output (IPO) model

The proponent employed the BÖRSEGANG (ÖSTERR.) model. In the input steering column is info or suggestions used by the researcher. Control column would be the actions considered upon employing input. Output is consequence of the digesting, which is the development of the proposed system.

Info and Process Modeling

Physique 4: Recommended System Context Diagram

The context picture illustrates the structure of the Online Grading System of Cauayan South Central School. This shows the relationship among the Administrator, Teacher’s, Students. The system provides inputs such as the student data, teachers info, and user information. To get into to the system, the user goes in the correct username and password. After the account information validation, the consumer can add, delete, edit and view depending of the purchase desired. The machine output may be the Grade in the Student’s.

Info Flow Plan

The researcher used the Data Flow Plan to understand the flow of the project with the same to get future examine. DFD demonstrate the external entities, info storage and the to be performed.

In the Lon in process, the user needs to enter his username and password.

If the username and password had been entered, the system will look for almost any information matched up in the repository. As soon as the system confirms which the information offered is valid, the system displays the customer’s interface. You will discover different opinions for the administrator, the student and the tutor.

Figure your five: Log in Info of Online Grading System of Cauayan South Central Institution

You may also want to consider the following: online grading program thesis, on the net grading program related materials, online grading system


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