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One sided relationship essay

In school there is always one particular kid a person can hang out with, although that person does not wish to be seen with him. They are only going to associate with this one person if they have no one else to hold out with or if they need a thing from them. It really is evident throughout the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, that in a one-sided relationship there is always one person in a friendship that will unconditionally like the other person and one who will be willing to take advantage of the other.

In the novel, Hassan will always do anything for Amir because he is a faithful and accurate friend. However, Amir just hangs out with Hassan when no person else desires to play with him. Amir will not notice just how unfair his relationship with his best friend is usually until he brutally wristwatches Hassan receive raped inside the alley by Assef. Through the actions of Hassan and Amir, it really is evident a one-sided romantic relationship will not exercise because there will be jealousy, is situated, and disgrace to deal with.

Seemingly, Amir and Hassan’s companionship is detrimental because Amir is worried to consider Hassan a real friend. He’s afraid to consider Hassan a true friend because he seems shame in being the sole Pashtun kid playing with a Hazara young man because Hazaras are of any lower class. Amir is definitely struck by words Assef says to him, “How can you speak with him, play with him, let him touch you? How can you contact him your friend? In the event idiots just like you and your daddy didn’t take these people in, we’d be rid of all of them by now (Hosseini 41). It is at this time that Amir truly thinks his marriage with Hassan. He wonders why this individual only takes on with Hassan when no-one else is about and for what reason when various other kids come over they never include Hassan in any game titles. This is the level where all their relationship starts to struggle mainly because Amir simply cannot distinguish in the event Hassan can be described as friend or possibly a servant to him. In addition , Amir testing Hassan’s loyalty to prove that he is a real friend to him. A great way in which this individual tests his loyalty through asking, “Would you eat dirt and grime if I told you to?  (54). Away of disgrace, Amir asks Hassan this kind of question because he wants to see if he would end up being willing to do anything for him. Amir constantlylooks to test his loyalty with questions like this one because Amir wants Hassan to say zero in order to make himself feel better. This individual feels that if Hassan will not carry out one thing he asks, then it will make his doubts regarding his romantic relationship feel better but not as one-sided. It is absolutely clear that the boys’ romantic relationship is unhealthy because Amir is always looking to test Hassan’s loyalty as they has developed too much shame in the way he treats Hassan to consider him a true friend.

Furthermore, the relationship between Hassan and Amir is detrimental because Amir has excessive jealousy built up. Amir is jealous of Hassan as they has the features and abilities that he wishes he previously instead of his own. Amir is envious of Hassan because he read Baba announc, “I observe how they push Amir about, take his toys from him, give him a shove here, a strike there. And, you know, he never combats back. Never (22). Amir was genuinely offended when he noticed his personal father declare this mainly because at this moment this individual knew his father desired he was just like Hassan. This individual learned that his father wanted he was even more athletic and did not browse books at all times. Learning of the made him very envious of Hassan because he got all of these features and was considered fantastic in the eyes of Humor. Additionally , Amir resents Hassan because he provides always received attention by Baba and was remedied like his favorite kid. Amir is definitely jealous of Hassan as they got an extremely thoughtful and loving birthday gift: a doctor to solve his hairline lip. Amir does not realise why his father gave such a huge present to Hassan because he got never received such a loving surprise. Amir acknowledges the fact the he normally only receives a plaything or small object from Baba and cannot have an understanding of the fact that his dad put a lot effort in to Hassan’s gift idea. This makes Amir very jealous of Hassan because he yet again stole the interest from Humor. Overall the partnership of Amir and Hassan is very detrimental because Amir resents Hassan for having lots of the things that he wishes he may obtain. Amir wishes he were more athletic and strong so that he could be the golden kid in Baba’s eyes.

Finally, the one-sided relationship concludes due to the fact that this cannot survive when an excessive amount of hatred and lies include built up. One of the main reasons the relationship between Hassan and Amir failed was the simple fact thatAmir allowed Hassan to get raped. Before staying raped by simply Assef, Assef blurted, “You’re nothing more but an unsightly pet. Anything he can get when he is bored, some thing he can stop around if he is irritated. Don’t at any time fool your self and think you’re something more (72). After the rape, these words that were stated stuck to both Hassan and to Amir who was standing by unaccountably watching him get raped. Both young boys knew that if it was the other approach around, Hassan would have jumped in and tried to avoid the rape via happening. Nevertheless , in reality, Amir was the purpose their marriage came to an end as they simply just did not have appreciate for Hassan the same way he was loved back. Moreover their relationship may no longer function after the rasurado because Amir could not stand to look at Hassan’s face every day and inform lies by what had took place that time in the street. Amir tried to deal with this kind of trouble by simply trying to get Étonné to conquer Hassan and his father away of his house. For instance , Amir caught his observe and birthday money below Hassan’s bed so that Baba would get mad and stop them out of his house. Nevertheless , Amir’s plans always backfired on him, which resulted in him the need to live with even more lies building up. Their relationship came ramming down hard after the rasurado because Hassan woke up from his little fantasy and learned how good of a friend Amir was going to him. He came to understand that he would usually love Amir, and in go back it would take years before Amir would love him the way that he performed. Overall the partnership of Amir and Hassan came to an end mainly because Hassan’s sight were opened up and they can no longer experience such big lies in their lives.

Because there will always be is, shame, and jealousy to deal with in a romance, it is obvious that a one-sided relationship can never work out for the best. The relationship of Amir and Hassan under no circumstances worked out very well because Amir was afraid to consider Hassan a real friend. He was only the one who was right now there for him when he needed it one of the most and no one else was there to experience with. Likewise the relationship never worked out mainly because Amir piled up too much envy towards Hassan. Amir could not stand the simple fact that Hassan was the fantastic boy in the father’s eye. He always wanted to be that boy, and came to realize he would by no means be because Hassan was perfect by his dad’s point of view. In the end, their romance came to an end since Amir let Hassan obtain raped, while he viewed it allhappen and got no activities to prevent that. This generated too many lies and too big of a burden for Amir to live with. This triggered him to produce hatred, which usually eventually made Hassan great father keep his home. Clearly, the partnership could not exercise because Amir could not appreciate Hassan for who he was. People need to take this sort of Amir and Hassan and apply it with their own lives. They need to understand that they cannot and should not take benefit of a friend or maybe a person because it will result in an unsuccessful relationship and hatred will likely arrive. Therefore people need to be more considerate and qualified to the people they will live and socialize within their daily lives.


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