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Ongka s big moka essay

Ongka is a dominant leader of the tribe Kawelka in Highland Papua, New Guinea. This video is about his experiences giving a Moka (or gift) to an individual for fame and size. This video took place in a small tribe that uses swines as money for every thing. You need domestic swine to get a better half, to have children, and also intended for investments. Ongka became a prominent leader there because of his big ability to offer his domestic swine to other folks. He did it not for monetary currency, however the ability of giving away things there are a indication of popularity and is look at with superb respect.

This kind of tribe will not use riches or vogue (as we do in the U. S) to become popular and popular, whoever gives away the most is definitely the celebrity of the tribe. Ongka had given away plenty in yesteryear, but this individual wanted to give the greatest moka ever.

Ongka has five girlfriends or wives and nine children that help him take care of the pigs and birds prior to he offers them away during the big moka give away.

The tribe retains special events to give away mokas for their neighboring people. The dress is usually formal nevertheless, feathers issues heads and leaves issues bodies along with face paint on their confronts. Also, females in this group are nude and it is actually common to not wear clothing. Ongka put on clothes during this entire video besides during the ceremonies, I i am guessing due to his size in the tribe it was fine. Ongka have the ability to receive support from a few others in the tribe, simply by convincing these people that when this individual gives the alga they would get some good prestige too.

The story arose once someone perished in an foe tribe, and in addition they believe once someone drops dead in a selected weight range then he must have been killed by sorcery. Ongka needed to step in as the schlichter and representative for his tribe, and present the group a pig and a special branch work with for oath taking to convey his trustworthiness that his tribe got nothing to do with the sorcery. While giving away his mokas, Ongka’s compete with Rhyma announced that it was his group that killed the man from their adversary tribe. Rhyma did not really kill the person he just wanted to stir up episode on Ongka’s big day. The announcement terminated the wedding ceremony, and the foe tribe attempted to kill Rhyma, but cannot find him. Ongka was required to become the peacemaker and try to influence the enemy tribe to not go to war with their tribe. Two weeks after everything cool off, and Ongka was able to carry on with his ceremony.

Ongka Big Moka is a superb video describing the practices and cases that an person go through on a daily basis to obtain electric power. This actually opened my mind to how similar the country is always to theirs. My personal ethnocentric thoughts at the beginning of the movie when I saw how the way that they dress completely changed at the conclusion of the online video. I noticed that I should certainly not judge any kind of culture by simply my own social cultural standards. The people with this tribe look like they are pleased with their lifestyles. Our countries are very similar they might certainly not use their particular wealth and celebrity to acquire power, nevertheless they use offering gifts in front of large audiences to achieved power. Total I would recommend this kind of video to anyone who are actually intrigue with other cultures and want to see Ongka humorous tee shirt.

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