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Operation serpent

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Appraisal of Procedure Anaconda

Kugler (2007) claims that Operation Anaconda was your first large-scale battle to be done as part of Operation Enduring Liberty, which designed joint work between Special Forces and multinational companions. These forces worked with each other in Shahi Kot Vallley in Afghanistan in 2002. The challenge took place within a rugged mountainous terrain with extremely intricate circumstances for the military. In addition to the intricate terrain, the soldiers as well experienced many challenges that contributed to the failure with the mission. Ever since then, Operation Serpent has been used to provide significant lessons inside the military. Based on Operation Anaconda case study, this kind of paper appraises the fight using the 6 principles of mission command. Through these types of principals, the paper delivers insights in what could have got contributed to the failure of Operation Serpent.

Analysis of Operation Serpent Using the Six Principles

Army commanders include traditionally utilized variations of two fundamental concepts of command in several operations i. e. mission command and detailed command word (Army Doctrine Reference Newsletter, 2014). Yet , the most preferred principle or design is mission command, that can be utilized because the 1980s. Objective command can be preferred simply by military commanders since it assists leaders to overcome inbuilt challenges associated with unified terrain operations. Mission command is defined as the work out of expert and way by the army commander by making use of mission requests that focus on disciplined effort. The mission orders will be issued based on the commanders intention to empower adaptive and souple leaders once conducting specific land operations. The armys approach to objective command includes unifying the philosophy of command and warfighting function in order to be effective and powerful in the specific operation.

Since an important element of military businesses, mission command word has six principles that help guide the decisions and orders in the military leader. These six principles of mission order are building cohesive teams through mutual trust, creating shared understanding, providing a clear commanders intent, exercising self-disciplined initiative, employing mission purchases, and accepting prudent risk. The principles will be applied on the basic that mission control decentralizes decision-making authority although empowering subordinates the freedom of action.

Building cohesive groups through common trust is certainly an important basic principle in mission command since military commanders build teams through all their leadership once conducting specific operations. Regarding this, mutual trust is defined as distributed confidence among the various stakeholders involved in the operation including commanders, subordinates, and partners. As building trust takes time, the actions of such stakeholders decide whether trust is

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weaknesses. Within accepting wise risk, commanders focus on making opportunities rather than simply protecting against defeat. Functioning Anaconda, the accepting advisable risk started with cleverness gathering. Nevertheless , the commanders experienced significant challenges in intelligence gathering since they would not conform to hypotheses of information-age battles. In addition , it is not clear whether commanders used risk assessment and risk management techniques to determine potential risks for engaging in the operation and the way to mitigate the hazards.

In conclusion, Operation Anaconda continues to be to be one of the main operations functioning Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2002. This operation has continued to provide significant insights to get military commanders and workers on how to conduct joint functions. As shown in this debate, Operation Serpent was based upon mission command word concept of executing unified armed forces operations against an foe. Mission command word is based on 6 principles, that happen to be crucial toward the success of an operation. Despite being based on mission command, Procedure Anaconda would not adhere or comply to these principles.


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Kugler, R. (2007). Operation Serpent in Afghanistan A Case Analyze of Edition in Struggle. Retrieved March

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