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Organization environment of sri lanka phone system

If not for all of them my assignment wouldn’t have been a success. Kevin Sobre Silva Exec Summary This kind of assignment gives an exhaustive analysis focusing mainly for the business environment on one of the extremely leading firms in the communication industry of Sri Lanka. Also, it is the countrywide telecommunication service provider of the nation, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC. Activity one offers an complex analysis of what the organization is, in what part stone’s it truly is built upon, what it is at this point, and its purpose of existence, depending on their best practice rules, beliefs and traditions.

Such as their very own vision, objective, aims, goals, market share and market development. It also shows the relationship between your organization and its particular stakeholders, thinking about the expectations in the stakeholders, plus the responsibility the organization has towards them. Activity two (part one), points out the market types that are available in the marketplace, and in which usually market type SLT operates in. It also shows the demand inside the total market versus the availability of SLT displaying how much from the market is being served and satisfied by simply them.

The reasons for their achievement in being the number one provider is recognized through their very own level of advancement, technology and research and development, which is also proven how it truly is linked in operating in a global arena plus the global impact of the organization, the markets they are really targeting and how they are planning to enter all those emerging market segments. At the end of the two duties we could have a very good understanding on the organization environment of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC. Task two (part two), with related to the previous tasks possess a more general approach.

That speaks about two primary instruments in the economy the financial and fiscal policy. This is in that case related to Sri Lanka and British isles by showing the similarities and differences in the delivery of these policies. It then shows the effects of these types of economic plans on the connection industry, simply by showing how it impacts the revenue and development. The duty trend in the organization and reasons for the trend are also demonstrated. All these information will be presented briefly and clearly in one page poster. Task two (part three), is a display on the key economic factors of South america. The 35mm slides of the presentation are fastened.

California Management Assessment. 1983. Stockholders and Stakeholders: A new point of view on Company Governance. ) Diagram 3 ” Categorization of Stakeholders “We possess thus increased value with each of our stakeholder segments ” shareholders, consumers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, regulating and other related state specialists, the mass media, the community in addition to the larger context, the State.  (Sri Lanka Telecom. 2011. Sustainability Record: 2010. Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Phone system. ) a few. 2 Personnel Employees happen to be those who maintain the organization in operation, while planning on salaries and wages in exchange, along with job reliability and job satisfaction.

They may have the power to influence the standard of the service of the organization. SLT has a labour power of 6, 297 since June 2011. (TRCSL. 13/10/2011. Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka: Stats 2011 06. [Online]. Available: http://www. trc. gov. lk/information/statistics. html. [27/12/2011]. ) 3. 3 Shareholders Shareholders are those who get the organization anticipating higher payouts. They have the power to decide the administrators of the corporation. Shareholders of SLT happen to be as follows, * Government of Sri Lanka which in turn holds 52% * Global Telecommunication Coalition N.

V. of Holland 44. 98% * Open public 3. 02% 3. some Customers Customers are the crucial stakeholders of any firm, if not for customers the organization wouldn’t can be found. They expect value for money and good providers, and they have the power to effect the earnings of the organization. SLT’s customer base is over 5. 5million. “The SLT Group has a customer base of more than five . 5 million which includes multinational organizations, large and small corporate, retail and domestic customers (Sri Kemzryn? Telecom. 2011. Management Record: 2010. Ceylon (veraltet): Sri Lanka Phone system. ) several. 5 Suppliers

Suppliers happen to be those who supply all the recycleables for an organization to function. In the case of SLT it might be electronic products and equipment that aid the telecommunication industry. The suppliers effect the quality, cost and accessibility to the products, plus they expect immediate payments and long term contracts. Some of the suppliers for SLT are ZTE Corporation China and other suppliers from Thailand. “¦. when related associates visited the apparatus supplier in Thailand for further in depth skill development (Sri Lanka Phone system. 2011. Supervision Report: 2010. Sri Lanka: Ceylon (veraltet) Telecom. ) 3. 6th Government

Mix up our profile of products and services and diversify our business through new progressive business models, sustainable partnerships. (Sri Kemzryn? Telecom. 2011. Management Record: 2010. Ceylon (veraltet): Sri Lanka Telecom. ) 4. 5 Business Fixed and Mobile Broadband ” Total Business Diagram 5 ” Total Market Share (Fixed and Mobile Broadband) Set Line ” Total Market Share Diagram your five ” Total Market Share (Fixed Line) (Sri Lanka Telecommunications. 2011. Annual Report: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 06\. Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Telecom. ) 4. 6th Growth of Business


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