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Origins of scalping exposed the term paper

French Of india War, Local People, Great Lakes, American Indian Research

Excerpt via Term Newspaper:

The history of Indian and European scalping)

Another component that should be regarded in the discussion of the roots of Euro scalping customs is the facts in etymology. There is evidence of the prior understanding and usage of scalping inside the original consumption and understanding of the word ‘ scalping’.

The noun “scalp” (from a Scandinavian root) existed in English a long time before the seventeenth century. It had two connotations of different age range. The old meaning was “the best or overhead of the mind; the skull or cranium, ” and the more recent one was the skin covering that upper section of the head, “usually covered with hair. inches But in 1601, Holland’s copy of Pliny added a third meaning by a literary acquaintance with all the “Anthropophagi” (Scythians) near the North Pole, who also wore their enemies’ “scalpes haire and al, rather than mandellions or stomachers before their chest. “

Axtell 29)

Researchers have also remarked that there are many similarities with European ways of torture and mutilation among the North American Indians.

Jaenen 125) While this might not decisivelydefinitively, determinately, once and for all, once for all prove that the practice of scalping originated in Europe, it can suggest the potential of the introduction of scalping into The united states. There feature is further more expanded on in the following section.

five. The échange of Scalping

One of the most effective pieces of evidence which indicates that the practice of scalping was imported to America by Europeans, is that earlier information of the colonization of North America state that that there was primarily very little evidence of scalping among the list of Indians.

Nevertheless the reports with the incidence of scalping increased in relation to the Indians experience of the Western colonists. There were no reports for example of any scalping “… among the Micmacs during the early speak to period; inch

Jaenen 122) However , while colonization with the region improved it was identified that in the beginning of the 18th century there was clearly a significant embrace the number of scalping incidents..

You will discover doubts, however , that the practice was widespread prior to the 17th century; if perhaps that is the circumstance, the relationship between contact and the spread of scalping, if any, requires examination. It is argued that, contrary to standard supposition, the practice of scalping in the early exploration period was confined to an area stretching along the interior waterways from the mouth of the St Lawrence towards the Great Wetlands and down to the Lower Mississippi Valley wherever it became soaked up in methods of human sacrifice. According to this meaning, it was unknown to the Ocean coastal people, to the north tribes, and most of the people of the Alpage and the Pacific cycles region.

Jaenen 122)

This above offer strongly suggests that the happening of Of india scalping increased with the embrace exposure to the European lifestyle.

Not only is it extremely possible that scalping is of European origin and was taken to America, nevertheless there is also intensive evidence which usually supports the lovely view that the Europeans settlers definitely increased the prevalence of scalping.

One aspect which certainly encouraged the increase of scalping after the introduction to the continent was your introduction of steel. “… knives and hatchets achieved it much easier to consider trophies. inches (ibid)

Nevertheless , a major factor which in turn increased the occurrence of scalping was directly initiated by the Western colonists, in that they motivated scalping by offering rewards.

Most sources happen to be agreed that paying bounties for taking coiffures was an important factor in growing the practice. The New Englanders were most likely the first to pay the Amerindians intended for scalps and it became a commonly acknowledged policy in most of the colonies from 1689 onwards.

Jaenen 127)

These quotation contradicts the popular notion of the settlers as being morally opposed to scalping as a fierce, ferocious and unsupportable custom. Addititionally there is evidence that both the France and English language themselves employed scalping like a method after 1690. “There is also a lot of evidence any time 1690 the French and The english language themselves resorted to scalping. “

Jaenen 128) obvious and damning proof of the European engagement and legitimatization in the practice of scalping was the Scalping Proclamation of 1756. In this proclamation the governor of Pennsylvania provided 130 items of eight pertaining to the top of the head of American indian men above twelve years of age and 60 pieces of 8 for a women’s scalp. Because it was impossible for those who paid the resources to determine the victim’s sex – and sometimes age – through the scalp by itself, killing women and children started to be a way to help to make easy money.


Amazingly, this proclamation is still on the books plus the Canadian govt. (BRITISH REMAINING HAIR PROCLAMATION: 1756)


In the final analysis, the proof that scalping originated from Europe and was an imported practice rather then local to America is mind-boggling. It supersedes the meager proof and conjectures of archeological detects, which claim that scalping was evident in pre-Columbian America. Even if this kind of archeological and anthropological proof is taken into consideration, it is not adequate to explain the increase in scalping knowledge and occurrences following the coming from the Europeans. Consequently , taking into account the long European tradition and knowledge of scalping, the evidence would suggest that scalping was an import coming from Europe. This kind of view is additionally supported by the fact that, contrary to public opinion, the Colonial time authorities motivated the practice of scalping and even had taken part in it too.

The view of the American Indian as a “savage” in well-liked literature plus the media is contradicted by simply numerous authorities in the field. There exists therefore just about every reason to assume that the European colonists were not as innocent and moral as depicted in the popular head and press. This likewise leads to the assumption that that the Indians were not because savage or perhaps immortal as they are often portrayed. The following quote points to the fact that the affirmation that the Indians was barbarians capable of hideous acts like fêlure and scalping is simply traditionally not defensible; and that the British and France were usually the ” savages”

To help reestablish the balance, it should be pointed out the level of cruelty and barbarism that was suffered in French society at the moment should also be taken into account. Just then may a more impartial judgement come in of the Frenchmen’s lurid denunciations of original viciousness. Fictional and traditional works that give details of the barbaric tortures, experiences in captivity, ambushes and raids of the Amerindians should be well balanced against details of the barbarism of Western european judicial self applied, the horrors of the galley fleets and prisons, the monstrous treatment of slaves, the unbelievable cruelty and irrationality in working with witchcraft and sorcery, the brutality of warfare ravaging the European countryside, and the great anxiety about the people as military, even supposedly friendly soldiers, entered a town or perhaps village. Your Iroquois in their greatest bear against Fresh France would not fall into the drunken orgies and wholesale rape of captive ladies that might be anticipated of a The french language conquering army at that time.

Jaenen 120)


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There is also evidence of similar scalping customs far away such as China and tiawan. “Five skulls with unique cutting footprints, dating back in around some, 000 years back, were found in China’s distant areas, indicating that ancient Chinese, just like the American Of india, participated inside the practice of scalping. inches and” “By comparison, the traces within the two skulls found in Henan are more similar with the records left

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