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Personal and professional responsibility essay

Excerpt from Dissertation:

Personal and Specialist Accountability

Personal Growth and Development

The idea of professional nurse accountability has been defined simply by professional medical bodies and nurse education credentialing body as a vital factor maintaining professional practice. As a registered nurse, I realize this kind of fact and take liability and responsibility for whatsoever behavior and actions displayed, on my portion, at the workplace. Moreover, I’ve understood the need to appraise myself, strive to boost my practice, and consistently fulfill learning outcomes I actually determine. Last but not least, I make an effort to sustain my physical, mental and mental wellbeing to be able to practice effectively (CRNBC, 2017).

Moral Conduct and Practice

With this profession, I possess acquired abilities to operate in the boundaries of my personal proficiency levels, the legally approved practice opportunity, and every suitable law. Operating to support secure, ethical and proper individual care comes under my personal and professional nursing responsibility as well (CRNBC, 2017).

Engagement in a Specialist Association

My profession has taught me to support and facilitate the development of practices and policies which might be in line with nursing standards. I know the need to keep my enrollment, and comprehend the regulatory agency’s role and its relationship with my personal practice (CRNBC, 2017).


APRNs (advanced practice authorized nurses) happen to be, at present, utilized in the following distinctive spheres: (a) clinical nursing jobs specialists, (b) nurse practitioners, (c) certified RN anesthetists (CRNA) and (d) certified registered nurse midwives. CRNA deliver analgesic and anesthetic care to patients in a fairly brief yet essential stage of treatment (Campbell, 2011).

Career Planning

Understanding One’s Function

NPs at their best serve as healthcare services, collaborators, instructors/educators, care managers, care coordinators and mentors/role-models. Further, that they function in the roles of referral resources, consultants, consultants, outreach experts/community partners, system facilitators, and advocates. I understand the need for me personally, as a breastfeeding professional, to be a diligent specialist and record-keeper. I must progress from the amateur stage and become an expert competent of gratifying management, leadership, social mover and change agent roles (Campbell, 2011).

Knowing One’s Long term

As a upcoming APRN, I know that much is still for me to master. Learning, in my view, is not a temporary skills/knowledge acquisition; somewhat, learning is only successful if perhaps my abilities and knowledge become apparent in all practice areas. With my professional growth, I want to become increasingly knowledgeable in the diverse functions of NPs in their personal and specialist undertakings (CRNBC, 2017).

Positioning Myself

My personal work in the field allows me to study NP functions in diverse jobs and the link between the NP’s role and roles of other healthcare practitioners like doctors, physician assistants, specialty services, laboratory specialists, pharmacists, radiologists and physical, speech, respiratory, occupational, and nutritional counselors. I get team coaching and reassurance to work and discuss with coworkers. At the moment, my main emphasis is constant learning and on NPs’ clinician, collaborator, and affected person educator jobs (Campbell, 2011).

Personal Trip Disciplines

Council Management or perhaps Shared Leadership

While I have been completely able to express some views of mine with regard to management complications, I was still uneasy in command roles. Although I believe I’ve

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