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Personal health examination essay

Overall, you will find six proportions of health that can be evaluated to determine if the person is usually healthy and fit or to see what area in the or her life demands improvement. Including physical, mental, spiritual, social, intellectual, and environmental sizes. “When all the six measurements are at substantial levels and balance, we have optimal into the well-being (Blonna & Watter, 2005, s. 5). The three dimensions of health which i feel We am best at would be the physical, sscial, and intellectual dimensions.

Physically, I am contented with how I look and feel. I really believe that I i am healthy which I take the proper safety measures to take care of my figure. Being clear of any health problems does not mean that the person fulfils the physical dimension of health. I believe that one should be satisfied regarding his or her overall health and body system in order for him or her to say that he or she is actually healthy.

In addition , staying positive about how exactly a person sees his / her body plays a role in a better physical health.

We would also like to point that I satisfy the interpersonal dimension of health as I do have no problem reaching out to persons. I have good relationships with my friends and family and this helps me grow as a person. I believe that keeping this dimension healthier is important because having people who would support you greatly contributes to a person’s well-being and improvement of the other five proportions. The third dimension of overall health that I believe I am strongest by is the perceptive dimension.

I think that I think clearly and that I can understand items the way they ought to be understood. My spouse and i am incredibly open-minded when it comes to arguing and accepting issues that are not consistent with my philosophy. I can dispute with other people rationally device right good sense. On the other hand, That stuff seriously my psychic dimension needs improvement. “Spiritual wellness is definitely the state of harmony with yourself and others. Is it doesn’t ability to harmony inner requires with the demands of the remaining world (Edlin, Golanty, & Brown, 99, p. ). With our hectic world, it is very hard for one to sit down and think about this type of things. There are so many distractions about us that we forget to consider our spirituality. I think it is important for me to address this matter at this time since it would help me improve my overall health. I understand the importance of psychic life and I would like to participate myself better with this place. For a person to improve, they needs dedication and dedication.

Improvement, especially in the area of spirituality, would not suggest anything if you have no goal behind it of course, if the person has been doing it just for the sake of saying he or she has improved. I want to start off by simply trying to learn even more about what I need in terms of psychic fulfilment. I might then little by little engage personally in my religious beliefs and have small steps to improve my personal inner home. I think that I would have to get to know myself better in order for me to realize the things i want and need.

Privately, I anticipate to learn from this system ways means know personally better, how to improve myself completely, as well as how to determine which areas around me need improvements the most. Though determining is not hard, it is better to find out through a knowledgeable instructor and through related materials and activities. Acquiring this course would also help to make it easier because I will be able to master with a selection of other people and not merely by myself.


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