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Personal management journal get into 1 2 term

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Excerpt from Term Paper:

The chances of achievement of the review are even higher if the study is confidential and respondents do not dread any consequences.

Name of assessment tool

Survey of Influence Techniques

Enter a summary of your reactions to the evaluation instrument

Also a good tool, but best if confidential to identify who has the power to influence other folks and how perform they use this influence

Name of assessment instrument

Measure of Ingratiating Behavior in Organizational Settings

Get into a summary of your reactions towards the assessment tool

This is also associated with the power of affect certain persons might have within the organization

Term of examination instrument

Determining Influence Strategies

Enter an index of your reactions to the analysis instrument

The tool will work for the overall curiosity of the business and it will solve conflicts and complaints

Reflect on other assignments from the week including the Innovator of Choice Carly Fiorina exploration activity Truly does her application/description distribute, or perhaps hold electrical power? And on Leadership Tactics and Strategies.

What did you discover about your self and others that would help you as a leader?

Carly Fiorina had seldom delegated power and responsibilities to others. While CEO and leader of Hewlett Packard Company, Carly decided by their self on most procedures and even the moment she was asked to leave, your woman refused. Finally, she stated that she would respect the board’s decision.

The supervisor must be capable to adapt the theoretical understanding to the useful tasks to be able to retrieve the best organizational benefits. The power to influence others is a vital characteristic of the manager, but it must not be abused of, for doing it will cause more harm than good.

Cornerstones of Success Dimensions

What information performed you learn about yourself in the assessment musical instruments in Week 4 inside the following areas? Not all areas may affect the instruments(s) you completed.

One-on-one connection

One-on-one communication is highly crucial when the head wishes to influence his subordinates. They can also impact them through group marketing communications, but in order to increase his power, one-on-one communication can be desirable

Group communication

Can be used as a means of mass influencing, but it is less efficient that one-on-one sales and marketing communications


Limited with the amount of influence and politics within the organization


Limited if perhaps any

Discord management

Since conflict is likely to arise, an influential manager has extensive power of resolving the conflict


Must be present in the case of employees to ensure them not really be in a negative way influenced by the leader

Valuing others

Should be shown by the leader or perhaps other detailed managers to show that they worth and esteem their employees


The managers defined in this section have great power of influence and they may or may not use to the main benefit of the organization

Further reflection: The ability to influence others, convert them towards direction desired by the firm is a quality for the manager, yet he must take note not to misuse of it. For instance, a good using its capacity would be to unify the individual goals of the employees with the overall goal in the organization. A bad example is always to pursue subordinates to hide company data from auditors and express officials.

Personal Leadership Journal, Week 5

Name of assessment device

The Teamwork Checklist

Enter a summary of your reactions for the assessment device

The Team-work Checklist is known as a highly useful tool to measuring the commitment and involvement of every team member in resolving the work.

Name of assessment tool

Overcoming Micromanagement

Enter a summary of your reactions to the assessment instrument

Since micromanagement is definitely dangerous for an organization, it requires to be quickly identified and eliminated.

Name of evaluation instrument

Estimating Valences pertaining to Applying Expectancy Theory

Enter into a summary of the reactions towards the assessment device

The valences differ from an organization to another and can vary from a person to another, additionally when people have different requirements and are encouraged by diverse incentives

Term of examination instrument

My own Approach to Inspiring Others

Get into a summary of your reactions to the assessment tool

We have to recognize that the various requirements of people make an even grater need for customized incentives. The workers can’t all be stimulated through a single motivation, but the motivation must be personalized

Name of assessment device

Characteristics of your Effective Instructor

Enter an index of your reactions to the examination instrument

He or she must know how to motivate his group, how to figure out and relate to their needs and how to satisfy these types of needs

Reflect on: The Alone Leader versus The Team Leader. What do you learn about yourself yet others that would assist you to as a innovator?

Both the alone leaders in addition to the team commanders play important roles inside organizations. To be an efficient head, one need to possess theoretical knowledge, useful training and personal skills

Cornerstones of Accomplishment Dimensions

What information would you learn about yourself from the assessment musical instruments in Week 5 inside the following areas? Not all areas may apply at the instruments(s) you finished.

One-on-one Interaction

Can be used to identify the particular requires of individuals in order to offer the ideal incentives

Group Communication

Highly important when it comes to owning a team and motivating their members



All incentives utilized to motivate the workers must be obviously and aloud stated as to not create virtually any misunderstandings

Turmoil management


Given that those are driven by different needs and wants, the manager must keep and opened mind all the time in order to discover the requires and present the employees while using possibility of fulfilling those demands, in the form of offers

Valuing others

The offered incentives certainly are a sign the management from the company ideals their staff


The manager features little power of influence in these situations since the employee is definitely the one who establishes if the received incentive may be the proper one and if really enough for him to improve its shows

Additional expression: However it is not expected for a business to come up with several incentive plans as they have got employees, it is vital for them to come up with customized offers, based on this needs in the workers. For instance, one could be motivated by more money, while another simply by more flexible work schedule.

Personal Leadership Journal, Week 6

Identity of assessment instrument

The Creative Individuality Test

Enter in a summary of your reactions for the assessment device

It’s a very good tool which allows us to see ourselves coming from another point of view

Name of assessment instrument

Word Hints to Imagination

Enter an index of your reactions to the analysis instrument

Also useful to boost the creativity in the team; gathers more information coming from several persons

Name of assessment instrument

Assessing the Climate pertaining to Innovation

Get into a summary of your reactions for the assessment tool

Innovation is once again a must for the success of a business, but one have to know when to put into action it and what conditions, otherwise it might turn out the opposite effects

Name of analysis instrument

Self-Portrait of My Communication Success

Enter an index of your reactions to the evaluation instrument

The useful tool that enables us for taking another watch at each of our personal capacities, but from a different perspective

Name of assessment tool

Cross-Cultural Abilities and Behaviour

Enter an index of your reactions to the assessment instrument

Considering that a leader must work with many men and women with various backgrounds, he must be able to connect with all civilizations

Reflect on: Creativity, Innovation and Leadership and Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills. What performed you learn regarding yourself yet others that would help you as a leader?

However the two sets will vary, they are both equally important within a group and business. The director has to be creative and induce the impressive spirit of his subordinates, but be must also support good marketing communications and deal with and arousing conflicts

Cornerstones of Success Dimensions

What information do you learn regarding yourself through the assessment instruments in Week 1 in the following areas? Not all areas may apply at the instruments(s) you completed.

One-on-one communication

One-on-one communication can develop creativity and development

Group Connection

More than one on one communication, group communication can support and develop creativity and innovation


The reviews given to others’ ideas and also the feedback received for your own concepts is highly essential


Conflict Management

The conflicts stimulating with creative imagination and development can be subjective, but they should be resolved designed to promote your event. Conflicts may also arise because of cultural variations and in fixing them, the best must be unprejudiced. He may make use of creativity to solve conflicts


It is highly important to keep a mind in order to support imagination and creativity

Valuing Other folks

Also very important to show associates that their ideas are valued in order to support and

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