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Picky medical 518 quantitative critique

Research from Study Proposal:



Identification and Control of Extraneous Variables

What are the external variables with this study? (1)

In what way(s) were suitable measures used to control to get the effect of the external variables? (1)


Research Instruments/Tools

Determine the type of every single measurement approach (i. elizabeth. Likert size, visual analog scale, physiological Measure, customer survey, observation, or interview). (1)

Identify the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval/ratio) achieved by every single measurement strategy. (1)

Discuss how the instrument was developed or purpose of work with. (1)

Record the trustworthiness of each device from prior studies plus the current research. (1)

Report the quality of each device from prior studies plus the current examine. (1)


Data Collection Methods

If appropriate, discover the input protocol. (2)

Detail how the data were collected. (2)

In what way(s) is the info collection methods appropriate for this kind of study? (2)

In what way had been appropriate measures taken to shield the privileges of the themes? (2)

almost eight

Statistical Evaluation Procedures

Finish the table below while using analysis methods conducted in the study: (8)

Statistical Method




What are the specific effects of the research? Describe in depth (8)



Precisely what are two main strengths with the scientific value of this analyze? (3)

What are two key limitations of the scientific merit of this study? (3)



Just how did the researcher extend the studies? (2)

What did the researchers say the relevance of the data was? Describe the researchers’ presentation of the conclusions. (2)

In which in medical can the effects of the info be applied? (1)

What recommendations for further study were discovered? (1)

Is the description of the study adequately clear intended for replication? (2)



REFLECTION: Reflect on your newly developed understanding of quantitative research. What has this kind of experience designed to you and how can this make a difference in your practice of breastfeeding? (6)


Format and Style

Possible Factors

Points Received

Overall daily news is integrated and organized. (2)


Total 100%

Quantitative questions, take note she is fussy to the notification


1 ) Do not offer a “Yes” or “no” answer without an EXPLANATION. YOU MUST JUSTIFY ALL YOUR REPLIES

2 . ALL responses has to be written in YOUR OWN WORDS. Tend not to quote this article.


Full reference pertaining to article:

Lavoie-Tremblay, M., Wright, D. Desforges, N., Gelinas, C., Marchionni, C., Drevniok, U. (2008). “Creating a healthy workplace intended for new-generation nurses. ” Journal of nursing jobs scholarship 40(3), pp. 290-7. Retrieved The spring 24, 2009, from ProQuest Health and Medical Complete data source. (Document ID: 1562658871).


What is the challenge the study was conducted to research? (3) Lack of research regarding psychological associated with the workplace in new (early career) nursing staff and mental well-being of those nurses.

Why is the problem a significant one to get nursing to analyze? (3) Understanding the effects of businesses on internal well-being could lead to adjustments that improve breastfeeding recruiting and retention costs

Study Goal

What is the purpose of the study? (2) To determine what psychological results the nursing jobs workplace environment has on new nurses, and how these effects occur specifically.

Research Problem

What is the primary research issue? If certainly not stated, what would you say the research issue is? When there is more than one exploration question, express the question(s) (4) How much psychological problems is caused to fresh generation healthcare professionals by the nursing work environment, and how is this relax created?


What is the research hypothesis? When it is not

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