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Polygamy real world issues below literature review

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Excerpt coming from ‘Literature Review’ chapter:

What this practice actually meant, nevertheless, was that a simlar amount of cash flow was today expected to support two Nnaife, both of his wives, and all sorts of their children, and particularly when the household wasn’t operating as a single unit, this kind of caused a lot of hardship, anxiety, and discrepancy. In addition , it caused emotional and internal grief pertaining to Nnu Spirit, who had to hear Nnaife consummating his fresh marriage just feet from where your woman lay aiming to fall asleep. Genuinely nothing was hers after this marriage – not even his passion of her husband.

The ladies of Nigeria

This is not truly the first time that Nnu Spirit experiences the hardships of polygamy inside the novel. Your woman had previously been committed to another gentleman, and after a short time of her failing to be pregnant by simply him this individual took a fresh wife, and Nnu Ego had to operate the discipline and in the end care for the newest wife’s kid. After exhibiting true attachment to the child by nursing it while it was starving, however , Nnu Ego is usually beaten and decides to leave that marriage. There is really very little that she may do, yet , until her father locates her one more husband – Nnaife. This kind of illustrates quite clearly that degree where women in Nnu Ego’s culture were essentially the house of the guys in their lives.

At the same time, the hardships that women must put up with due to the inconsistencies and prevalence of polygamy in this culture have created a kind of independence and a unique brand of what might be termed feminist thought, in which women require the right to operate and earn income because people would genuinely crumble and become destroyed with out this cash flow (Ogundipe-Leslie 1994). This is definately not an ideal system, of course , but unlike the oppression of girls in Western cultures that was viewed solely like a weakening and limiting push, this subjugation in Nigeria and other locations has the effect of empowering females to some degree, and showing the resolve and determination that they can possessed (Ogundipe-Leslie 1994). Polygamy, in a sense, provided women more latitude and economic liberty due to the fact that the economic challenges and improved independence in the system demanded it.

This could also be seen at work in the novel, in which both the great and the unfavorable aspects of this kind of “empowerment” of ladies in the polygamous societies of Nigeria is available. Nnu Ego is pleased to be able to help support her husband and child by selling matchsticks on the side of the street at first, although later on – especially following death of her initial child after which the entrance of Nnaife’s new partner – this kind of work turns into oppressive to her, and a mark that there is no real support system in place intended for wives that are more or less discarded by their husbands in favor of new ones. This kind of, too, is a bastardization of Islamic laws and regulations and classic customs allowing polygamy, wherever all wives or girlfriends must be taken care of equally in addition to even some rules regarding the hierarchy of wives based on the order of their marriage, and in the story could also symbolize the manner through which Western culture is interrupting the way of existence in Nigeria (Mashour 2005). The money and jobs that Westerners bring cannot be counted on, tend to be depended on, creating more unbalances and complications, and this is usually exacerbating the issues caused by polygamy (Mashour 2006; Ogundipe-Leslie 1994).


Polygamy is just among the list of ways that humans have located by which to oppress the other person. Though this product was by no means fair, nevertheless , it has become significantly worse for women in the modern era. Emecheta’s the thrill of Motherhood illustrates a number of the many conditions that occur for ladies living with the institution of polygamy in the modern era.


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Mashour, a. (2005). Islamic Regulation and Sexuality Equality: May There become a Common Floor?: A Study of Divorce and Polygamy in Sharia Legislation and Modern-day Legislation in Tunisia and Egypt. Individual Rights Quarterly 27(2): 562-596.

Ogundipe-Leslie, M. (1994).

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