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Ppt about forbidden city composition

1 Advantages The Not allowed City, also known as the Palace Museum, which has been the real palace through the Ming and Qing lignage. The Not allowed City was built from 1406 to 1420 by the Yongle Emperor who had been the third chief of the Ming Dynasty. The English name of the Not allowed City is actually a translation of its Oriental name Zijin Cheng, meaning that the Not allowed City may be the residence with the emperor fantastic family, without one could enter into or leave the structure without the emperor’s approval.

The Not allowed City is known as a rectangle 961 metres coming from north to south and 753 metre distances from east to western. Besides, that consists of 980 surviving properties with almost 8, 886 bays of bedrooms. It is naturally the largest building around the world. As the home of 24 emperors, 12 with the Ming Dynasty, and 15 of the Qing Dynasty, the palace was your political hub of Chinese suppliers for more than 500 years, which is one of the explanations why we interested in this theme. In the subsequent sections, we all will bring in the Banned City’s three main accès, The Corridor of Mental Cultivation, the famous emperors as well as the stories of the palace, well-known music about the Forbidden City, online virtual Not allowed City, and the best time to travel.

2 Information 2-1 Three main admission There are three halls stand on top of a three-tiered light marble terrace of the square of the building. They contain the Hall of Supreme A harmonious relationship (Chinese: 太和殿), the Lounge of Central Harmony(Chinese: 中和殿), and the Hall of Conserving Harmony (Chinese: 保和殿). The Hall of Supreme A harmonious relationship is the largest and highest level area of the Not allowed City. Every emperor’s coronation, birthday ceremony, wedding ceremony, and other important events or politics affairs acquired taken place with this hall.

The Hall of Central Tranquility is a smaller sized and square hall, used by the Emperor to rehearse and snooze before and through ceremonies. In back of the Area of Central Harmony, the Hall of Preserving Tranquility, it was utilized by the emperor to fête the nobility on every Chinese Eve, or perhaps other important festivals. In Qing Dynasty, the emperor had taken the most important real examinations, Dian Shi (Chinese: 殿試) in this hall. 2-2 The Corridor of Mental Cultivation

Exactly why we expose this lounge separately is usually that the Hall of Mental Cultivation is a specifically significant building of the Forbidden City of Qing Dynasty seeing that 1722. The Hall of Mental Farming is famous for the Yongzheng Chief, who was the 5th emperor of the Qing Dynasty, and son in the Kangxi Emperor. He reigned over the Chinese language Empire coming from 1722 to 1735. During his lording it over time, the emperor lived in this hall. After his death, various other emperors lived in this area continually, thus the area had been some of the dominate center of the China Empire by 1722 to 1911, the ruin from the Qing Empire.

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