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Pride and misjudgment mr collins proposes

Mr Collins proposes to both Elizabeth and Charlotte now but their reactions are very distinct. What does the behavior of all three characters during chapters 19, 20 & 22 inform us about the different attitudes to marriage in the early nineteenth century?

Throughout the book Take great pride in & Bias, there are many different opinions towards matrimony expressed. For example , Elizabeth Bennet wishes to marry pertaining to love while Charlotte Lucas doesn’t mind marrying someone she does not love simply for the security of marriage. Mr Collins, however, wants to get married to to set an example as the vicar, and on the suggestions from Woman Catherine de Bough.

These behaviour are different from mine today in that women today don’t require the security of marriage and rarely marry without even choice their potential partner.

In chapter 6, Elizabeth implies that she simply wishes to marry pertaining to love rather than for money or security. When ever Charlotte explains to Lizzie her advice, that you need to know as low as possible with regards to your partner ahead of you get married to them, Lizzie says “You make me have a good laugh Charlotte¦you would never act by doing this yourself!  This implies that Lizzie will not agree with this kind of view of marriage and finds it a bit ridiculous.

This is comparable to our frame of mind to marriage today for the reason that, like women today, Lizzie wants to understand her partner properly, contrary to Charlotte, and love them just before she seamlessly puts together them.

Mister Collins suggests to Lizzie in phase 19, but Lizzie declines because the girl does not take pleasure in or even just like him. This is very admirable of her several women in her scenario would have recognized purely intended for the security of being able to stay in her family house. However Mister Collins perseveres in his proposal, convinced the girl with only kidding when the girl refuses him, and the girl becomes even more adamant, expressing “I was perfectly severe in my refusal ” you might not cause me to feel happy, and i also am persuaded that I was the last female in the world who have could make you so.  This reveals she is headstrong and will simply ever get married to for love.

Her mom Mrs Bennet wants Lizzie to marry Mr Collins so that Lizzie will be monetary security and also stay by Longbourn. On the other hand Mr Bennet doesn’t desire her to marry Mister Collins because he knows the lady doesn’t like him and wants her to be happy, likewise he will not want her to have a relationship like his and Mrs Bennet’s since they did not marry pertaining to love.

When Charlotte tells Lizzie this lady has accepted Mister Collins’ pitch, Lizzie is extremely surprised. States “Engaged to Mr Collins! My dear Charlotte ” impossible!  which shows that she are not able to believe her friend would get engaged to him so soon after the girl herself declined him. This kind of tells us that her attitude to matrimony is very not the same as her friend’s and that the lady can’t consider Charlotte marrying Mr Collins even though the lady does not just like him

In chapter 15, Mr Collins’ attitude to marriage can be described. This individual has chose to marry now because he includes a good residence and a very sufficient cash flow, therefore he has a better chance of acquiring a wife when he can offer economical security. He chooses among the Bennet ladies to make make amends with the relatives as he is usually to inherit Longbourn. This is not reasonable for marrying. He originally wanted to suggest to Her, however Mrs Bennet shows Mr Collins that Jane is ‘soon to be engaged’, so he changes his mind to Lizzie instead. This implies that his ‘love’ for Lizzie cannot be accurate because she is his ‘second choice’. Plus it tell us that he is desperate to get married therefore won’t surrender that quickly.

When he proposes to Lizzie he states his reasons for marrying bushed the wrong order. He mentions that “I think this a right issue for every chef in easy circumstances (such myself) to set the sort of matrimony in the parish and “I am convinced it will add significantly to my happiness most before he mentions virtually any love for Lizzie. When ever Lizzie turns him straight down he are not able to understand why and thinks she’s joking. He says “¦it is usual with young ladies to reject the addresses with the man who have they privately mean to accept¦I was therefore don’t ever discouraged.  This shows he is extremely arrogant and thinks extremely highly of himself. Also, the fact that he would anticipate to marry women who does not really like him tells us that he is desperate to get a wise and that he won’t want to displease Female Catherine para Bough and has recommended him to marry.

He proposes to Charlotte merely three times after Lizzie refuses him. This lets us know that his ‘love’ for Lizzie was false when he moved on thus fast. Likewise, if he had loved Lizzie his love for Charlotte now could not have been completely true as he would not have got gotten more than Lizzie.

In chapter 6 Charlotte foretells Lizzie regarding her views on marriage. She says to Lizzie “Happiness in marriage is usually entirely and matter of opportunity.  This kind of tells us that she will not mind in the event she déconfit someone your woman doesn’t take pleasure in, because it is an issue of probability if she’s happy or perhaps not. This is different to the attitude to marriage today as customers marry for love , nor share Charlotte’s views that happiness is a matter of chance.

She allows Mr Collins’ proposal as they has a very good house and income and may offer her financial secureness. It is not amazing that the lady accepts since she is close to becoming a well used maid and her sights of marriage show that she would not want to marry to get love but for security. This changes my opinion of her in that the girl with not as headstrong as Lizzie because the girl with so in need of the security of marriage that she is very happy to marry Mr Collins, whom she does not love. However , she adopted her own advice by previous chapters and twigs to her views, which is remarkable.

Elizabeth’s attitude to relationship is best to our views today; she believes in marrying for like and not for security like her good friend Charlotte. Charlotte’s views reveal early nineteenth century behaviour to matrimony. She believes in marrying simply for the safety of marriage, and money. She accepts Mr Collins’ proposal as they can offer her financial secureness and a great home, which supports the views your woman expressed in earlier chapters.

Mr Collins come to Longbourn to find a wife on the advice of Lady Catherine de Bough, whom this individual idolizes, also because he considers it will set a good example in his parish. His attitude is quite not the same as today, since people today help to make their own options about relationship and do not need to set a good example in your daily course and job by being hitched.

I agree many with Lizzie’s views on marital life because I do believe to be happy in marriage you must marry pertaining to love and never money or security. I really do not agree with the early nineteenth century views on marriage mainly because nowadays do not need to get married to for money or perhaps for a very good home.


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