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Promotional practice report goals of the

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Promotional Practice Report

Objectives of the plan

Promotional equipment

Media found in the advertising campaign

Promotional Plan

Communication is just as the verse of communications from the supply, who is the sender, for the target that is the receiver. The fernsehsender encodes the data into signs which are understandable by the receiver thus permitting decoding of the original message and giving of feedback. These symbols in order to convey thoughts, and the necessary meaning between sender and recipient plus they include photographs, words and music. In marketing communication theory, the rationale behind marketing communication is a use of diverse modes to communicate. Every single mode used has relevance in recording the recipient’s attention. Be aware that, each person has a unique mode by which to get information of a certain item. Therefore , the sender transmits the same concept via numerous routes with the explanation that, through these types of dissimilar paths, the meaning from the message will be implicit ( Portugal, 2012, p. 212-234).

Costa Espresso is a multinational coffeehouse firm with its head office in Dunstable, United Kingdom. It’s the biggest espresso house in the UK and second-largest in the world after Starbucks, by having one particular, 375 outlets in the United Kingdom and 800 shops overseas. This report is about a promotional campaign by Costa Coffee promoting the Costa Caffeine Christmas beverages and foods. This advertising campaign aimed at endorsing only seven Christmas refreshments where a client would buy any Centro Christmas beverage and get one for free. The seven drinks in the selection were Salted Caramel Latte, Praline Cream Latte, Gingerbread Latte, Creme Brulee Latte, Brackforest Warm Chocolate, Frosted Mint Popular Chocolate and Honeycomb Delicious chocolate.

Objectives in the campaign

For the successful advertising campaign, crystal clear objectives should be set to explain on the expected results. They need to also be particular, measurable, accurate, realistic and time destined. Costa Caffeine Christmas refreshments and foodstuff promotion plan had set several goals. Firstly, this aimed at increasing awareness of Bahía Coffee products among its prospective customers. Secondly, the campaign aimed at extending the business’ customer base by simply reaching more people who can be prospective customers of the drinks. Thirdly, the campaign geared towards encouraging it is customers to reinvest all their dividend funds by buying more shares through the company. Finally, the plan aimed at elevating sales by having a wide consumer bottom.

Target Audience

Playa Coffee Christmas drinks and foods targeted students in universities, persons in transfer interchanges and workers and patients in hospitals. The reason behind this was these kinds of areas are always occupied, and so they provide a extensive market to get the refreshments. Also, these areas mainly the transfer interchanges and universities possess new people in some intervals. This allows Costa Caffeine to be able to raise the awareness of its products.

Promotional tools

Advertising, for instance , consumer advocation

Sales advertising, for example , make use of coupons

Pr and promotion, for example , use of feature content

Personal offering, for example , live interactions

Immediate marketing, for example , use of the direct mail and emails

Press used in the campaign

Printing media, for example , newspapers, journals

Broadcast mass media, for example , tv and a radio station

Display multimedia, for example , billboards and indicators

Electronic media, for example , net, videotapes, audiotapes

In the Bahía Coffee Holiday drinks and foods promotional campaign, a lot of promotional equipment and mass media were accustomed to communicate with customers. Sales promo was a marketing tool that was largely used by Puerto Coffee. This can be a process that persuades potential clients to buy a certain product. Product sales promotion includes several methods, for example , discount coupons in which customers make use of coupons that enable them to buy the item at a lower price. Competition is another example of sales campaign where if the customers acquire a product, that they get a probability to participate in a chance to get a award. Another sort of sales promotion is the use of free gifts in which a customer gets a free product on buying another product. In the Bahía Coffee Holiday drinks and foods marketing campaign, sales promotion utilized through the providing money off discount coupons and freebies. Vouchers had been available on the internet, and a customer might use it to buy a drink and get one free. This therefore brought about giving of gift in which a customer acquired a free drink on purchasing one. The appropriateness of this promotional tool is the fact, it captivated many clients who would not afford two drinks and so there was a rise in sales through the Christmas time of year (Grau, 3 years ago, p. 69-91).

The second marketing tool employed was ad. It is a method of conversation in advertising that is aimed at persuading clients to buy a certain product. Adverts are through print media, broadcast multimedia using television set and a radio station commercials, display media and electronic media. It is a suited promotional skill because it reaches a wide pool area of consumers who also are geographically dispersed at a lower cost. Advertising has the appropriateness of, the message may be repeated a couple of times. This enables customers to understand the message and give feedback either by purchasing the product or perhaps by overlooking it. Puerto Coffee applied advertisements to promote its campaign. Television ads were shown through transmitted media billboards were build, and advertisements were added to the business’s website.

The third marketing tool employed by Costa Espresso was personal selling. This is a marketing tool accustomed to sell an item by conference face-to-face together with the customer. Rather where house, and organization premises transport of the item are done. The firms use people to sell their product into a range of customers. The appropriateness of this technique is due to the benefits that, there exists high customer attention because the seller is definitely communicating face-to-face. Also, there exists high persuasive impact which leads to an increased opportunity of closing the deal. An additional of personal providing is there becoming potential of developing a romantic relationship between the business and customers. Costa Coffee used personal selling in promoting its marketing campaign for the Christmas beverages and foods. Delivery people passed the message to the potential buyers in homes and business premises. Therefore , as a result of many people having wide knowledge of the campaign, the sales increased.

The fourth promotional tool used was direct marketing. Immediate marketing comes with use of immediate mails, magazine inserts, telesales and e-mail. It establishes an individual romance between the buyer and the business offering the product. This advertising tool uses the past, and current information on potential customers, which are in mailing databases, which enables the company to send promotional messages to the potential customers. The suitability of the method is the business is targeted on the most potential customers and with development of relationships a long-lasting market is produced. Costa Coffee used immediate marketing to market its marketing campaign where direct mails had been sent to the customers. It focused on one of the most prospective customers, which will lead to a better turn out, leading to an increase in revenue of the Christmas drinks.

The final promotional tool used by Puerto Coffe was public relations or publicity. Public relations is a tool used by businesses to enhance the and status. It is by the public relations section in the business. Pr present businesses in the many favourable approach, an action that creates an image pertaining to the business among its clientele. An image can be significant as it allows the business to jump out among the competition in the same industry. Pr through positive publicity is vital because it boosts the company’s product sales. Public relations uses tools like news launches through the transmitted media, ezines sent to the shoppers and looks at general public occasions just like trade festivals. Costa Coffee successfully used public relations like a promotional application in its campaign by mailing newsletters to potential buyers of its refreshments. As a result of it is good standing as the very best coffee home in United Kingdom, many clients responded to the campaign and came out in large numbers to purchase its beverages. This triggered a boost in the sales throughout the Christmas season.

Costa Coffee used media in promoting the campaign of Costa Espresso Christmas refreshments and foods. The trusted media were broadcast media. It employed the television sets and radios to speak to the audience of its drinks. The suitability of this media is the fact, it gets to a wide range of buyers. This is due to a large number of citizens’ capability to purchase a television set or a car radio. Also, homebuyers get the meaning even when they are at work or perhaps driving when the information is through a a radio station. When a extensive customer base is done, there is even more turn out which leads to increase in sales. Consequently , by using this mass media, Costa Caffeine was able to reach many would-be who replied by buying the drinks ultimately causing increased sales. The other media utilized was display media. This kind of uses billboards, posters and signs. These are generally masted and stuck in the streets where there are many potential buyers in the product. Billboard captures the attention of people because of use of famous people

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