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Puritans dbq essay

Inside the 1600’s, the Puritans migrated to the Americas using their even more Christian and traditional ideals to influence the inexpensive, political, and social progress the New England colonies. The Puritans traveled out of any desire to produce a more “pure” and more Christian society, not really of mostly economic interests. The Puritan’s idea of what God’s indication of a ideal humanity made a lasting impression on Fresh England. The region’s economical success was second to religious philosophy. New Britain originally existed as a planting of Religion, not only a plantation of Trade.

(Doc J).

The Puritans presumed that riches was a signal of The lord’s favor, and in addition they worked hard to make sure that these people were at the “top of the hill”. They became merchants and took part in the commercial trading centers in the New World. The Puritan’s need for being The lord’s favorite illustrates the development of Fresh England’s economic system. Politically, the Puritans inspired the progress of New England by improving their rigid moral code, morality succeeded all other worries.

The use of values and religion in national politics led to uprisings. An example of this is certainly Roger Williams “Plea for Religious Liberty, ” asking authority. (Doc F). Nathanial Ward states that liberty, conscience and moral laws have to be in balance to ensure the “fiddle to be in touch, ” and society to succeed. (Doc G). The Puritan’s beliefs in community and education caused New Britain to have bigger families and a better education. Puritan’s believed in educating new members of the “elite, ” to see new followers of their perception. Harvard College or university was created to train Puritan ways. They wished for a great advance in learning. (Doc E). The Puritans were a really close community. They celebrated and mourned together. (Doc A).

This kind of steered for the development of villages and towns. In addition , the Puritans traveled to the new globe in family members, not individuals. This causes the region to possess a balanced people ratio. All in all, the Puritan’s motivation for establishing a pure Christian society inspired the financial, political, and social advancement New England. Economically, that they made a center of mercantilism in the favor of God. Politically, the Puritans used their moral philosophy to create a simple political framework for New England. Socially, they formed neighborhoods with a well-balanced male and female population.


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