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Relatives health evaluation essay

Conducting a family overall health assessment using a functional wellness patterns analysis is the very first step in the nursing process to create health care plans intended for the individual or perhaps family. A thorough assessment lays the foot work to promote family members health. (Mandle, 2010, p. 175)The aim of this daily news is to take a look at one households view with their health and develop two well being nursing diagnostic category. The author produced several concerns relating to every single of Gordon’s eleven functional health habits to use in the family interview.

The family chosen for this assignment is composed of a grandmother 5 decades of age and her grandson age thirteen and granddaughter age 15. The relatives resides in a rural establishing in Arizona ( az ). The granny has had guardianship of her grandchildren for twelve years. Health perception and management focuses on the individuals recognized health and wellbeing, and on well being maintenance procedures. (Koshar, and. d. ) The friends and family perceives their particular overall health to be good. The grandmother studies no long-term health conditions and considers himself to be in good health on her age.

The kids are healthy and have not experienced virtually any serious illness or injuries thus far. All loved ones are current on immunizations, receive twelve-monthly age ideal health screens and dental exams and cleanings. The grandmother beverages alcohol socially on occasion but is not to excessive. She has been tobacco cost-free for two years. The grandchildren both express they have certainly not experimented with medicines, alcohol or perhaps cigarettes. They will state they may be aware of the dangers and side effects of drug, alcohol and tobacco mistreatment. The grandma and children take an age suitable vitamin supplement daily.

Over the counter remedies for small illness including colds and flu are used when needed. Nutrition and Metabolic rate focuses on how the family consumes food and fluid in relation to metabolic want. (Koshar, in. d. ) The grandmother tries to encourage healthy diet plan. Whole grains, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, low fat dairy food and hard working liver are served on a regular basis. Milk, water, juices and herbal iced tea are drinks drank in your home. Soda can be bought on occasion as a exceptional treat. Many evening foods are ingested in the home. The family usually eats away once a week.

Your children are both at a healthy excess weight and are thought to be of typical height and weight for his or her age. The grandmother can be slightly overweight. All family appear very well nourished and hydrated. Removal focuses on excretory patterns to feature bowel, urinary and pores and skin. (Koshar, in. d. )The children statement no problems with elimination. The grandmother says she from time to time has trouble with obstipation and will beverage prune juice to help alleviate constipation. The girl states your woman does not be afflicted by incontinence or perhaps bladder retention.

Activity and exercise targets the activities of daily living which includes exercise and leisure actions. (Koshar, d. d. )The family likes a wide variety of physical exercises. Physical activity can be tolerated well. The relatives rides all their horses many times weekly. The grandmother and granddaughter clip or barrel race on the competitive level two to three times monthly. The youngsters are active in 4-H and FFA. The son plays basketball during the school year. The grandmother wish to join a health club to exercise on a more regular basis but does not feel she gets the time to do so.

Cognition and Perception concentrates on one’s capability to comprehend and utilize data and on the sensory features. (Koshar, in. d. ) Both children do well in school. They do not have any learning disabilities. Hearing and eye-sight are good. The grandma uses spectacles for studying only and have some other sensory loss. Sleep and rest is targeted on an individual’s rest, rest and relaxation patterns. The children common eight to nine hours sleep nighttime. Both kids state they will feel very well rested and are also not fatigued during the day.

The grandmother naps five to six several hours a night throughout the work week. She states she has difficulty occasionally falling asleep at night. The grandmother sometimes feels worn out during the day. To unwind the grandma likes to browse and spend time outdoors. The youngsters read and watch TV to relax. Self-perception and self-concept targets how an individual perceives all their identity, body image and self-worth. (Koshar, and. d. ) The children both expressed that they saw themselves as “normal teenagers. That they stated they are happy managing their granny and experience loved and cared for.

The granddaughter sees herself because an attractive person and is happy with the way the lady looks. She sees their self as “popular at university and states she has a large number of friends. She believes she could do better in school, in the event she tried out harder but states the girl with too active with her horses and friends. The grandson views himself while average. This individual states he’d like to “work out more, to build even more muscle. He said this individual gets along well for school, although sometimes seems shy around people this individual does not find out. He is incredibly proud that he made excessive honor move all four sectors this past year at school.

The grandmother recognizes herself like a good qualified person. She actually is happy with her life and feels blessed that she’s able to look after her grandchildren. She is nervous about being overweight but normally considers their self to be an attractive person. Roles and Associations focuses on the individuals part in the world and exactly how one pertains with other folks. (Koshar, in. d. ) The granny as the main caregiver meets the role of parent in the relatives. The little one’s natural parents live out of state. The kids visit these people in the summer a few months and vacations are usually spent together in the grandmothers residence.

Although there continues to be role reversal between the grandparent and parents the family interacts well collectively and contains a close supporting loving relationship. Libido and processing focuses on the individuals pleasure or unhappiness with libido and processing functions(Koshar, n. d. ) The grandma is post-menopausal. She is certainly not sexually energetic at the present time. The kids are not sexually active. They may be aware of secure sex methods to prevent pregnant state and sexually transmitted diseases. The grandson states he’s not really enthusiastic about girls yet.

He is merely beginning to have got to developmental adjustments of puberty. The granddaughter is well toned for her age group and commenced menstruating at twelve years old. Coping and stress threshold focuses on the individuals look at of stress and dealing strategies. The primary stressful issue in the home is trying to stability work, school and cultural activities in a single parent residence. The grandma in addition to working regular as a REGISTERED NURSE is now attending school online full time. She gets over whelmed at times trying to find the time and recourses to find the children for their various interpersonal activities.

She has started to count more on friends to assist with transport needs. The youngsters have been encouraging and have started out helping out even more with home chores. The family relies upon one another, friends and expanded family members for support. Values and idea. The grandmother has a solid work ethic and believes in the cost of a good education. Your woman believes it is crucial to be a productive member of world. She promotes her grandchildren to think on their own and be well intentioned and kind to others.

The family does not go to church regularly, however they do consider themselves Christian. The initial wellness breastfeeding diagnosis selected for the family is Openness for increased activity-exercise pattern(Weber, 2005) as a result of grandmother and grandson both equally expressing any in elevating their work out and desiring to me even more physical in shape. The second medical diagnosis selected is definitely Caregiver role strain(Weber) relevant to the grandmother experiencing pressure trying to harmony work, university, and increasing grandchildren within a parent role.

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