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Rhetorical analysis of how to tame a wild tongue

Being pleased with one’s lifestyle and vocabulary is often times lost when immigrating to a new region. Although belittled and bitten for her traditions, Gloria Anzaldua describes in “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” that your woman refuses to let others pressure her to reject her culture for the sake of belonging and informs People in america and Latinos attempting to curb Chicano tradition specifically that she will keep working at it through the hardship to keep her identity with your life and thriving. Anzaldua cell phone calls her readers to understand that the Chicano vocabulary and heritage should be acknowledged and that they be identified as a definite people; that they can be more than practically nothing.

Anzaldua begins with participating the reader by giving a personal experience of when she was delivered to the corner of the classroom intended for “talking back” to her educator when her intention was just to tell the educator how to enunciate her identity (374). In her second section “Overcoming the Custom of Silence” (374), Anzaldua adds internal incite for the culture from the Chicano plus the barriers of her language, supporting her credibility and supporting cast with one more personal accounts.

She shows these diverse scenarios coming from her point of view, showing her target audience what it is like to live through these circumstances as a Chicano. Switching from English to Spanish, Anzaldua cleverly uses this form of diction to determine ethos with all the reader. Your woman puts someone somewhat in her sneakers when growing up in America, not knowing every single English term she was read or heard. That makes the audience feel somewhat awkward or perhaps embarrassed for not knowing what the Spanish phrases mean. An additional form of diathesis is present when she claims, “If you want to harm me, discuss badly regarding my language” (378).

Anzaldua uses ethos again to show that what individuals value extremely, their vocabulary, is what the lady values seriously, claiming “I am my personal language” (378). Anzaldua establishes logos by simply enlightening us as to why Chicano Spanish is different from Common Spanish, outlining that the significant differences in the Spanish Chicanos speak designed after two hundred fifty years of Spanish/Anglo colonization (376). The girl again uses logic in determining that even though right at the end of this 100 years Spanish audio system will incorporate the largest group group in the U. S i9000, English will be the mother tongue of Chicanos and Latinos because of the fierce impact of the destruction of the usage of Spanish (378).

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