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Robert frost treats several themes in his term

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Robert Frost treats several styles in his brief lyrical composition, “The Street Not Used. ” Initially, Frost targets the notion of choice and decision: the narrator is faced with a hand in the road and must choose which in turn path to have. He momentarily wishes that he may travel the two paths simultaneously and still become “one traveller, ” (line 3). Following hemming and hawing, the narrator decides the path significantly less trodden. So why the narrator made this decision is not really made totally clear, although Frost shows that the tourist almost required pity on the road: “it was grassy and wanted use, ” (line 8). However , he notices that though he thought that the 1 path appeared less put on, that equally were “really about the same, inches (line 10). Finally, the next stanza of Frost’s composition “The Highway Not Taken” explicates the most important theme of the poem: that of regret. This theme pervades the poem and lends it the title. The narrator sighs and magic if he shall ever before be able to check out the road not taken; he ceases to relish the moment and becomes lost in the past as well as the future. The narrator of “The Highway Not Taken” does not explain the path, but instead, how this individual felt regarding leaving the other route behind. Frost’s tone through “The Highway Not Taken” is wistful. He amazing things where the various other path would have led, doubting that he will probably ever have the ability to find out. Yet , Frost’s sculpt is not melancholy. Through lively rhythm and pacing, Frost combines hope and curiosity with all the central concept of the regret. The poem ends on an open note, in the same way it began. What exactly “the difference” his choice made is not clear, but throughout the poet’s diction, it is very clear that the narrator is not really disappointed with the path this individual took as he is curious about the path this individual didn’t take. With his lyrical poem “The Road Not Taken, ” Frost uses various fictional devises to make a dual perception of interest and feel dissapointed in the visitor.

One of the crucial literary devices used by Frost in the composition “The Highway Not Taken” is careful diction. As the poem is merely comprised of four five-line stanzas, Frost must make deliberate and effective word choices. Therefore , Frost’s decision to start six lines with all the conjunction “and” is significant. Beginning a line with the word “and” helps the poet supply a rambling narrative, reflecting the wistful disposition of the narrator. Significantly, Ice does not use many adjectives in the composition “The Highway Not Moved. ” In the first line the poet describes the “yellow wood, ” yet besides the “grassy” path that “wanted put on, ” Frost does not explain scenery (lines 1; 8). Instead, he focuses on the mood of the narrator and the general styles of the poem. This is not a poem describing “the highway not considered. ” Frost’s economy of words permits him to target more in mood than on sensory description.

Feeling in “The Road Not Taken” is also carried simply by rhythm and rhyme strategies. To keep the rhythm and pacing from the poem energetic, Frost

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