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Roles of your police psychiatrist in an essay

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Roles of a Law enforcement officials Psychologist in an Investigation

The following paper describes the roles played by a police psychologist in an exploration of a circumstance in which a previous police officer continues to be killed. Law enforcement force continuously takes hazards to save the lives and belongings of the people that they serve. This force is famous for its bravery and bravery but when a predicament involves the homicide of any former part of their own group, they are facing extra difficulties as their very own safety turns into a concern for these people. In addition to that, the pressure coming from media exacerbates the problem for the police power. In this case, the police force needs psychological support which is directed at them with a police psychiatrist.


Authorities offers deal with severe tension in their daily routine. That they risk their lives and their families to be able to fulfill the obligation assigned to them. Their bravery is tested each day, but on an occasion, wherever an ex-police officer is definitely murdered, the bravery from the police officers is definitely tested to its restrictions. The murder of the gran, who was an ex-policeman, additional exacerbates the specific situation as the mayor is actually a public figure plus the story will be televised many times. This pressure of press also has a result on the police. Keeping in mind the amount of stress a police officer is definitely faced with, the authorities psychologist includes a critical function in assisting the police officers in this analysis. (Mayhew, 2001)

Roles enjoyed by a Police Psychologist

A few of the roles played out by the psychiatrist in this form of investigation are:

1 . Ensure that the police force in recovering from the post-traumatic tension.

2 . Help the police officers in regaining the sense of security in their jobs.

3. Conducting a psychological autopsy. (Scrivner, 1994)

A police psychiatrist is required in a situation which gives a shock to the police force. The first function of the psychiatrist is to strive to make the cops feel typical again. While the killing of one of their own officers is a shock to them, the police officers might feel a bit insecure regarding the security of themselves and the family members. The authorities officers could get PSTD resulting from this episode and thus the police psychiatrist has to intervene using incident debriefing. This method utilizes a group treatment of those representatives who are influenced by the event. These officers might be demonstrating signs of stress, and thus they are really helped by police psychologist. The police psychologist plays a vital role here because the police representatives who will be faced with stress, may also abuse or harm the police force and thus the psychologist’s help is very important in this article. (Scrivner, 1994) (Mitchell, and. d. )

In addition to helping the authorities officers with stress, law enforcement psychologist also has to help law enforcement officers in regaining their particular confidence back. As the case involves the homicide of your public figure, who was previously a police officer, the police officers are likely to lose self confidence in their jobs. The thought of all their and their family’s security obviously overcomes their very own effort to regulate themselves and continue with their jobs normally. In some extreme cases, this kind of thought triggers the notion of changing their careers. This behavior is not normal as law enforcement officers are normally perceived as getting brave. The regular psychological training of the law enforcement officers is overcome by these fears. The psychologist’s obligation here is to make certain that instead of surrendering to their fears, the police officials should battle their way to avoid it of them. The psychologist may advise the police officers and may also use joy as an instrument to fend off the fear which has prevailed in them. The police psychologist could also use some traditions to strengthen the resolve from the police officers. (Scrivner, 1994)

Another role from the psychologist is to perform a psychological autopsy. A psychological autopsy becomes extremely important when investigating the murder of a public figure. In the mayor’s case, there may be several reasons that might cause the witnesses to give fake information. The info given by the witnesses as well as the statements from the medical reviewer, evaluator have an immediate impact on things like insurance, mass media perception and the overall trustworthiness of the creciente and the police department. (Scrivner, 1994)

Purpose and Utilization of a Internal Autopsy

Mental autopsy can be quite a useful help in determining what causes the loss of life of a person in detail. The psychological autopsy can be used to ensure that the medical examiner to attract medical assertions about a committing suicide and even a homicide which is ambiguous. The investigator can then use this autopsy to check if the witnesses will be giving the right information or not. The autopsy is definitely carried out by the psychologist, as well as the results are inlayed with the outcomes of the medical practitioner. In this way, the physical facts are linked with the behavior of the person and it can therefore be deduced whether the data given is consistent with the tendencies of the person or certainly not. The information within the behavior in the person is definitely gathered by psychiatrist by simply interviewing friends and family, relatives and close friends. Further information can be gathered by critiquing the files and public interviews in the deceased. (CR, 2010)

Features of a Mental Autopsy

Psychological autopsies can be of critical importance in determining the reason for death. As stated earlier, it can also help the practitioner in identifying the quality of the details that this individual has received from your witnesses. This kind of help will accelerate the process of the investigation. This kind of acceleration will serve as a fantastic advantage of emotional autopsy while the instances with advertising coverage needs to be closed as quickly as possible. Failure to wrap up the case usually causes speculation of media which usually eventually brings about unrest when it comes to. (CR, 2010)

This unrest has an negative effect on the tension levels of the police officers involved in the analysis of the case. As mentioned earlier, law enforcement officers are actually subject to severe stress, the media rumours deteriorates the psychological current condition of the police officials. Psychologically unfit police officers after that make the exploration process reduced, and the overall problem is amplified. (CR, 2010)

Another advantage of psychological autopsy is that the those people who are close to the victim are asked questions and as a result they can discrete their feelings and reduce their tension somehow. Normally a sudden loss of life of a person leaves his close kinds in dejection and gloominess. Psychological autopsies serve as coaching sessions that help the relatives and friends of the dearly departed, the creciente in this case, to recoup from their tension and misery. It also shows the relatives desire that the analysis will be performed using the appropriate information, and therefore an accurate result will be sucked from the analysis. (CR, 2010)

Steps in Conducting a Mental Autopsy

This steps will be taken by the psychologist the moment conducting an autopsy:

1 . Obtaining each of the relevant information from family and good friends.

2 . Sketching a hypothesis of situations that took place.

3. Promoting the speculation with relevant evidence.

some. Rejecting virtually any hypothesis which can be wrong.

your five. Giving a drafted report. (CR, 2010)

The psychologist begins with collecting the information from your people who are close to the deceased. They can talk to the family, family members and close friends of the creciente in this case collecting information about the mayor’s behavior. The psychologists may also ask end of trading relatives and family regarding any disorder that the mayor was suffering through before the event. The next step requires the psychiatrist to draw a hypothesis of the occasions that have took place before and during the episode. This requires the psychologist to draw hypotheses about incidents that happened before or during the murder. In the third step, the psychologist facilitates his hypothesis with relevant evidence and rules out any other hypotheses. Finally, a written statement is produced by him that have information about the event in detail. (CR, 2010)

Info Presented inside the Written Record

The final report consists of the results with the autopsy and just how the psychologist reached that result. This kind of report has to be very exact as the report will probably be consulted by medical evaluator in order to identify the function and source of death. The medical practitioner will even refer to the report to check whether the details given to him is like behavior from the deceased or not. This all information will then be inscribed for the official fatality certificate. After the death qualification is made, it is extremely hard to reopen the situation and argue on the method of death. The accuracy of this report provides a high impact on the image from the mayor. (CR, 2010)

Significance of the Created Report

This kind of report may be significant in making the image with the deceased. As the gran is a public figure, his manner of death can greatly impact his graphic in public. Method of death may trigger additional media supposition

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