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Romeo and juliet and the theme of managing the

Romeo and Juliet, Teenage Like

Teenage love is hard to handle, you don’t think right and you may do anything to be in his campany your true love. Juliets parents, Lady Capulet and Head of the family Capulet, are in fault for their daughter’s fatality and her lover’s. Parents usually get in the way of love and in addition they did through this story of Romeo and Juliet by simply starting arguements with the Montagues, killing the Montagues and other people, and lastly, pushing Juliet into getting married to Paris.

The Capulets, Lady, Master, and Tybalt, start the fights inside the story of Romeo and Juliet. Initially, Tybalt forces the Montagues to fight with him, helping to make the Royal prince mad and that adds to the because of the Capulets. Later on inside the play, Tybalt wants to combat the Montagues again, nonetheless they did not desire to fight but finished up fighting and Tybalt kills Mercutio. The Capulets later on blame Romeo for the death of both Tybalt and Mercutio when Romeo only wiped out Tybalt intended for killing Mercutio. Also to show that Tybalt is at fault he says, “That you hast done me, therefore turn and draw” (3. 1 ) 65). This shows that Tybalt was asking for the battle, and also intended for something he did not expect, his death. The Capulets always start the arguements with the Montegues, which kills themselves ultimately.

The killing of most people is carried out by the Capulets in the roads of Verona, Italy. They will killed Mercutio (which I mentioned earlier) which manufactured Romeo eliminate Tybalt. They wanted to kill Romeo for killing their very own beloved Tybalt, but were unsatisfied by the Princes decision of banishing him rather. Finally, they basically slain Juliet because she was being pushed in marrying Paris, france, which kept her by her love and made her drink a potion, producing Romeo kill himself as a result, Juliet got her lifestyle for him. As Female Capulet said, “Romeo slew Tybalt, Romeo must not live. “(3. 1 ) 178) This kind of shows that Female Capulet only wants to “solve” this problem with killing Romeo. All the Capulets want to to do is definitely kill to reduce their challenges which in fact start even more problems.

In addition , Juliets parents maintain pushing her into marrying Paris, yet Juliet adores Romeo therefore she will not want to be with Paris. At first, Juliet’s parents wanted to hold out two more summers on her behalf to marry to Paris, but then Tybalt died and changed anything. Her Daddy is mostly responsible, proven by him expressing, “She shall marry this kind of noble earl. “(3. 5. 21) This kind of shows that Head of the family Capulet desires Juliet to marry Rome, in which will not turn into a very good decision. Simply by pushing Juliet into marrying Paris, the Capulets drop the most important issue, their just daughter and child.

In conclusion, father and mother always affect their kids life, particularly if they’re teens just like with this story of Romeo and Juliet. Father and mother should just allow their kids be who they wish to be and love who have they want to like instead of starting fights, eradicating people they will know, or perhaps taking control of all their childs your life.

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