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Salinger t d the catcher in the rye dissertation

Holden Caulfield, the key character in J. Deb. Salingers The Catcher

in the Rye, is what In my opinion to be one of the most well-developed

characters that we have learned about.

He has many characteristics that are

all his own, such as the way he views the earth, his close friends and his

family. One of the main things that characterizes Holden, is that method

that he believes the entire world is definitely phony.

Holdens view of the world as artificial is a very strong one, and

typically, is correct. Holden thinks that almost all the

people in the world are donning some sort associated with an act to impress or

befriend people.

In ways, Holden might be correct in thinking that

most of the people this individual came in contact with are phony, such as his

bunkmate at Pencey, Ward Stradlater. In one occasion, Holden identifies

Stradlater as a top secret slob. This individual describes how Stradlater usually tries

to be neat and tidy on the outside so as to impress people, but how he

is certainly not when you get acquainted with him. Inside the scene in which Holden and

Stradlater are in the can, and Stradlater gets ready for to start a date

Holden describes Stradlaters razor while rusty while hell and full of lather

and hair and crap.

Another of Holdens run-ins with phonies, reached him when he

was in New York City. He was depressed and looking for somebody to keep him

organization, so he calls a girl named Hope Cavendish. He was told regarding

Trust by a good friend of his who attended Princeton, Eddie Birdsell. When he

calls Faith, she has no desire to talk to him whatsoever, and she makes

that quite clear, until Holden drops the term of Eddie, and the girl

immediately perks up at the thought that Holden might be an important


She requests Holden exactly where hes contacting from, and he response a mobile phone

presentation area, and he tells her that he has no funds, and the girl then explains to Holden

that this lady has no time. The wat that Faith improvements her mind so quickly

the moment she discovers that Holden has no funds is a prime example of the

phonies Holden incurs.

One more general sort of what Holden thinks can be phony is actors. He

discusses how D.

B. had taken Phoebe and him to determine Hamlet, and he talks

about Sir Laurence Olivier, and exactly how the perform would have recently been good

except that Olivier knew having been good, which spoils that. Holden says

just how he can’t go to a play and pay focus on what the acting professional is saying

because he must keep considering whether hes going to do

something artificial every minute.

Holden has one other incident with phonies when he invites Sally Hayes on

a date.

Holden takes her to a perform, which this individual considers phony as it is

but then in intermission, Sally meets a male who she hasnt found for

years, and they began a big phony act. Holden says

Youve even though that they hadnt seen one another for twenty years they

probably even hugged and kissed investigations and all. This can be a kind of

behavior that Holden obviously never had in the past, isnt utilized to, and

doesnt like. Through his experiences in New York City, wonderful many flings with

phony women, Holden develops to believe that everyone in phony in some way.

He considers that the whole world can be phony, and its not likely that

everyone in the world is definitely corrupted or perhaps phony, so is it possible that

every one of the characters in the novel are typical really normal and Holden is

really the only artificial one?

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