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Scared monologue anne of green gables essay

Why am i not here? I actually didnt whatever it takes. It was them. Have they dispatched me in this article? Ill cause them to become pay. Theyll pay for this kind of. All of them. Im or her alone, simply no wait Sharon!

Ann: Lucy let me fall, Im likely to fall off!

Sharon: No you wont, dont be silly Ann, occur trust me you wont fall off.

Ann: Lucy please I actually m afraid, let me come down, I wanna go home today, its really dark

Sharon: please Ann we do not have any fun, lets only stay for any little while for a longer time then I assure we can go home, ok?

Ann: no Sharon, I want to go home, you never understand, you will discover things right now there, I can find them, Im scared can we please go home, please lucy, I never want to experience any more. I want to go home, make sure you, Im afraid, please. (sobbing now)

Sharon (annoyed): God Ann, has stopped being such child, theres nothing at all there. Dont tell me youre scared of the dark today. Sheesh, what is there to get scared of, see theres nothing at all there, stop acting like a baby, and lets perform for a little while longer.

(Shadows are suddenly behind Ann, whispering to her)

Ann (in a scary and various voice, according to the words silently and slowly): theres a lot to be scared of Lucy, you didnt when you go home would you, then pay for the mistake

Sharon (scared now): Ann what is wrong, why are you chatting like this, alright, if you want to go house then let us go, My spouse and i dont brain, I don’t want to learn anymore. Well go home. Okay?

Ann (in the same tone of voice as before): its inside its final stages now, you wouldnt get when you needs to have gone, its far way too late at this point, youll need to pay for your mistake, everyone does. Bye, We wont help you again. Not for a long time. (Suddenly lunges forwards, grabs Lucy by the throat and strangles her. )

Ann (screaming, sobbing, begging): help, someone killed my own sister, help, please someone, please support. I saw all of them, they strangled her and ran apart, please help, please. You should, please somebody, please.

Ann (looks toward the audience) they did this, I know they were doing, everything was fine just before they arrived, we were cheerful, me, mother, dad and (sob) Sharon. We were cheerful, but they arrived and wrecked everything. Shadows appear, when ever parents are discussing Lucys death, she reveals in unusual voice once again Dont fault me for what happened, I actually warned her, but she wouldnt pay attention to me, see what happened, the all her fault, she should have paid attention to me. And today youre blaming me as well, dont pin the consequence on me to get Lucys errors, Ill allow you to pay, Sick make you most pay for this kind of.

She is planning to lunge ahead and strangle them just like she would with Lucy, but all of a sudden she stalls, shakes her head, looks confused, appears around her sees her parents, together with the shadows ready right behind these people, screams and runs out of our home, shadows adhere to behind her, parents can be heard shouting Ann return, their voices become isolated till that they fade away. Leaving her on her behalf own, soaking in the middle of the stage, rocking back and forth and starts talking. )

That they killed her, I 1st saw these people when I was 10, then they kept approaching wouldnt leave me only, its been 13 years since my personal sister was murdered. Also lucy, fairly sweet lucy, I am sorry, apologies about what took place. They desired to kill dad and mom, but I actually didnt be sure to let them, I didnt, I made sure they didnt. It was all of them, they came like a tormenta and caused destruction in every our lives. They were doing it, it was them I am aware it was, I am so my apologies. Miss you loads.

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