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Self esteem and religion powerpoint term

Excerpt from Term Paper:

Religious Engagement Is Associated with Self-Esteem


Locus of Control

The gender chart? Locus of Control is a sense penalized in control

Research shows that Locus of Control is related to Self-pride

Studies also show that praying can easily improve Locus of Control, probably because praying makes people think powerful and it might as well help people think that they are running along quite well things pertaining to other people.

Locus of Control is area of the definition of self-esteem (Benson Spika, 1973).

Trusting in a deity might help improve one’s Positionnement of Control because Goodness is perceived of as powerful

Sociable Self-Esteem (Belongingness and Usefulness)

In many ethnicities, being part of a religious organization is something which is highly respected, even expected.

Therefore , like a member of a spiritual organization can improve one’s sense of belonging within a community.

Belonging in a community can improve self-esteem, something that has been proven in the literature by Gebauer, Sedikides Neberich (2011)

– Being portion of the religious group might help people to feel respected, and therefore increases their self-pride.

– In case the society can be secular, then being faith based will not be since closely linked with self-esteem mainly because religion is definitely not highly valued in individuals societies.

Sociable Aspects of Religious Participation Is More Important than Personal Beliefs


– Belief in God is definitely not as important while membership inside the religious community.

– Research on African-American communities demonstrate that personal self-esteem is definitely connected with involvement in the faith based organization.

– However , those self same studies about African-Americans present that they absence self-efficacy, which means they do not think that their function is respected in the culture.

– Therefore , the experiences of discrimination and poverty might cause low self-efficacy even among people who have substantial self-esteem.

– Religion has nothing to do with self-efficacy, but it really does have connected with the cultural self-esteem contained in belonging to a community.

Belief in God is Not Related to Self-Esteem

– In a study of medical home citizens who were nearing death

Commerford Reznikoff (1995) found that prayer got no bearing on major depression levels or perhaps self-esteem.

– However , the nursing home residents that participated in public religious activities did statement higher self-esteem

– Even participating in the religious actions did not decrease depression

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