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September eleven response analysis paper

Attack, Airport Security, Travel company, Domestic Terrorism

Excerpt from Research Conventional paper:

terrorist attacks of September eleventh 2001 as well as several prior acts of domestic and international terrorism sparked replies from practically every civic firm in the United States. Each and every agency over the nation was called to action both equally immediately with temporary adjustments and in the long-term with fundamental legal and insurance plan actions that are believed to promote future response to disasters of both the man-made kind and natural (Glendening, 2002, g. 21). Maryland is poised in a position in which challenges are inherent due in part to its close proximity to Washington DC, with Baltimore surrounding two thirds of Washington DC, and because of a few of the fundamentally high risk target sites within that, such as a nuclear facility and its particular own Wtc in Baltimore, long and sparsely manipulated coastlines, only to name some (21). “Maryland is home to a large number of important federal installations, which include Camp David, the National Security Company, Fort Meade, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, the Patuxent River Naval Atmosphere Station, the usa Naval Senior high, and several government laboratory exploration institutions, such as the National Acadamies of Health” (22). Maryland also skilled a tragic series of incidents in the quick aftermath from the 9/11 tragedies that called the state to action, such as the actions of the DC sniper attacks (2002) as well as the Anthrax mail assault (2001) both these styles which handled and shaped Maryland supplying the state cause to put in effect recently gained skills and procedures that are meant to respond to such situations.

In line with the then chief of the servants Parris Glendening the challenges have been various and may become more acute pertaining to Maryland than other states since it could potentially become a staging floor or a focus on in itself. The former governor cell phone calls the content September eleventh governance an attempt to balance and achieve a new express of normalcy. Some of the things he noted in 2002 include reliability reviews of several likely targets, the implementation of change in policy and preparing in those locations as well as others which can be seen from a local and national point of view as possible objectives or locations of possible staging. The challenges of making a new express of normal that involves challenging a tradition that has and certain will always be comparatively open and free with regards to travel, relationship, speech and action will be huge as seen over time as more and more from the immediate and in many cases long-term plan and reliability measures have been completely challenged or perhaps abandoned as both apathy as well as efficiency of this kind of measures began to redirect the actions of people and organizations.

Immediately following the attacks of September 11th Maryland was directly affected as the state government entered almost full shutdown, eliminating those employees and firms directly responding to the attacks. There are because the former texas chief states a large number of Marylanders that work at the Government, the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania crashed very close to the Maryland line and the governess office was also alerted to a potential target in Maryland on its own. Additionally , Maryland’s proximity to the attacks developed situation exactly where Maryland National Guard troops as well

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